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I'm ready for my closeup...

Yesterday, I mentioned my brief appearance on a Boston talk show, being hosted temporarily by Radio Equalizer Brian Maloney.

Brian has invited me back, this time not as a caller, but a guest for at least one segment Monday morning.

I have finally made it, folks. I am being featured on a talk show on New England's biggest talk station.

Of course, it's the day after Christmas. At 6 in the morning. Monday. And with a guest host, not the regular guy.

I refuse to be discouraged. It's still a great honor and opportunity.

And anyone who'd like to listen, they stream the show live here and the call-in numbers are 1-617-266-6868 or 1-877-469-4322. They've promised me one segment (which will be maybe 5 minutes), but I'll stay on as long as they'll have me.

And no, I have no idea what he'll want to talk about, but I've worked out a couple of answers for likely questions.

Um... anyone know how to record streaming audio?

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"Um... anyone know how to r... (Below threshold)

"Um... anyone know how to record streaming audio?"

This might help:


I've been using Total Recor... (Below threshold)

I've been using Total Recorder to capture streaming audio for several years. I only costs $11.95 and has a ton of features. http://www.highcriteria.com/
(geez this sounds like a commercial)

If he asks about the NSA sc... (Below threshold)
retired military:

If he asks about the NSA scandal ask him this.

If OBL uses his cell phone calls a number in the US which we dont have previous authorization to monitor from a judge does he think we should be allowed to monitor the call since it would be impossible to get prior authorization from a judge?

If he says yes then congratulate him for following the Bush doctrine on spying on American citizens.

If he says no then advise him that there is truly no hope for the left.

Jay,Here is a free... (Below threshold)


Here is a free recorder you might want to try.


Merry Christmas,

I use audacity available fo... (Below threshold)

I use audacity available for free from http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

>And no, I have no idea wha... (Below threshold)

>And no, I have no idea what he'll want to talk about, but I've worked out a couple of answers for likely questions.

Jay as someone who did radio for years, don't bother.

You can never guess which way the ball will bounce. A caller will mention one word and everything you thought you were going to talk about is out the window.

Your best bet for show prep is to read the headlines right before you leave home and (believe it or not) listen to the station's news break right before you go on.

I can't tell you the number of times I've had people say something that was either contradicted by or at least modified by the news at the top of the hour.

Remember that (well if not for the 6AM thing) the bulk of your listeners just listened to that news. If you say something that is "old" you look like an idiot even if that news is only 5 minutes old.

Most talk show people chat in the studio while the guy in the newsroom is yapping. If you can, sneak a listen.

Of course that is from my chair. I did afternoon drive... By the time I went on the air people had been listening to news talk for 8 hours... They pretty much knew what happened that day.

Mornings are easier, just have to wake up early enough to have read what your listeners have not. ;-)

Good Luck dude.

6AM is Morning Drive in rad... (Below threshold)

6AM is Morning Drive in radio, the biggest listenership all day. Have fun.

retired military: if he sa... (Below threshold)

retired military: if he says, "yes," congratulate him on respecting the Constitutional rights of the President of the United States for protecting Americans from all threats, foreign and domestic.

Because, who is to say that OBL calls (cell phone or otherwise) "American citizens" (who you suggest are then 'spied upon') -- he can and undoubtedly has called a lot of people in the U.S. and elsewhere, but just because his incoming is to a destination in the U.S. doesn't bestow "American citizenship" upon that destination.

JAY TEA: congratulations...let's hope they have you return for more air time.

Yeah, 6:00 A.M., don't unde... (Below threshold)

Yeah, 6:00 A.M., don't underestimate the listeners/audience at that hour of the day...I know I'm nearly always 'up' at that time, and it's often even the afternoon of my working hours.

Isn't retired military guy'... (Below threshold)

Isn't retired military guy's question moot? That is, some idiot wrote an NYT article a while back about how we were tracking OBL through his cell phone calls, so he very craftily stopped using a cell phone. Nice going, idiot.

I was listening for a littl... (Below threshold)

I was listening for a little while around 8:45 - What time were you on?






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