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The Tsunami Videos - One Year Later

I was looking back through Wizbang's video posts from the weeks after December 26, 2004 at the collection of tsunami videos we published. It's perhaps not surprising that many of the sites that hosted videos are no longer active (or even available). Wizbang's collection is still there, without a broken link (to my knowledge) in the bunch.

It's hard to believe that nearly one year ago a quarter million people died in a matter of hours. A look through the Wizbang Tsunami Archive is all it takes to refresh your memory to the horror of that day.

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I put some tsunami videos o... (Below threshold)

I put some tsunami videos on my website back when
the first appeared and everybody was trying to see them.
Once the link got out, my monthly bandwidth (25 GB) was
consumed in 16 hours. Naturally, I took them down.
To this date one year later, I still get hits looking for
those videos.






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