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Simplifying matters

I've written a couple of times about Evandro Doirado, the man accused of kidnapping a mother and her two-year-old son, raping the mother repeatedly over the course of a couple of days, until the woman managed to plea for help and police rescued her. After his arrest, it came out that Mr. Doirado was not only most likely an illegal alien here from Brazil (committing the kidnappings and rapes that Americans don't want to do, as the saying goes), but he was also likely to be HIV-positive -- a detail his attorney doesn't think his alleged victim has a right to know.

Well, Mr. Doirado had his bail hearing recently, and the judge ruled that he posed a threat to the community and denied him bail. (It was flamingly obvious to anyone, but this IS Massachusetts here.) As part of the hearing, a police officer said that Mr. Doirado had given a very calm, matter-of-fact description of his whole crime spree.

Please, can't we haul this walking escapee from a cesspool into federal court, where he just might get the death penalty? What he did has to fall under the federal carjacking and kidnapping statutes...

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"(H)e was also likely to... (Below threshold)

"(H)e was also likely to be HIV-positive -- a detail his attorney doesn't think his alleged victim has a right to know."

I understand the concept of advocacy, from the perspective of a defense attorney: however, this is incomprehensible to me. The World Health Organization predicted that Brazil, at the turn of the century, would have a HIV+ rate of 50%. This lawyer knows these acts occurred, and will seek to attack the means by which the defendant was apprehended as a means of exonerating his client ... how does this extend to imperiling the health of this woman?

What he did has to... (Below threshold)
What he did has to fall under the federal carjacking and kidnapping statutes...

IANAL, but it is my understanding that federal kidnapping statutes can only be applied if the abductor crossed state lines with his victim(s). If that had happened, you can bet the FBI and US Attorney would have already taken over the investigation and prosecution.

kb -- how about merely the ... (Below threshold)

kb -- how about merely the use of interstate commerce, as in an Interstate Highway?? Remember, this same rationale has been used by Congress to extend Federal juriosdiction to such things as the spotted turtle.

Maybe we could have "The Incorrigible Dirtbag" declared an Endangered Species!

Car bomb? You see, the thin... (Below threshold)

Car bomb? You see, the thing is, igniting car bombs by using cell phone is quite easy these days. What should happen is the following: people install phone jamming devices in their buildings (or even carry them around) so that cell phones cannot function properly. Dont kow if this violates the first amendment to the US constitution: freedom of expression though. There is some interesting info on this particular topic here.

Normally the Brazilian pres... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Normally the Brazilian press are all over controversial cases of Brazilians involved with the justice system of the "first world", but this is one case so embarrassing to Brazil, that the press here are completely silent... a double standard?Unfortunately, heinous crimes like this are much more commonplace in Brazil. His real Brazilian name is probably Evandro Dourado? I'm sure Brazil won't want him back if the US wishes to extradite him after a few years incarceration. As lax as Jay feels MA.'s laws are, he is much more liable to be back on the streets in Brazil, in a couple of years, since kidnapping (unbelievably) for one, is not consider so serious a crime down here and the money acquired from traffickers often grease their early prison releases or escapes.






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