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Milblog of the week

MilBlog of this week is Combat Medic In Iraq, the online accounts of Josh Spano, a 19-year-old Army combat medic spending a year in Mosul, Iraq. Josh (good lord, he's HALF my age -- I feel so old) has some amazing stories -- such as meeting the brother of a man killed for running a US checkpoint in a truck, his involvement in Operation Steel Curtain, and how he and a bunch of his buddies decided they needed a change in their diet.

In the piece about Operation Iron Curtain, Josh says something that stands out to me:

This whole country isn't worth a single American life to me, we are simply here for the guy to our left and right.

Yeah, that flies in the face of a lot of what I've said and believe. And it's hard for me to question someone who's actually over there, doing what I have said is necessary is very challenging.

But that, to me, is irrelevant. Reading the rest of his postings, that stands out as an exception to the tone of the rest of his blog. Most importantly, Josh is serving honorably and willingly, and as such deserves our support. Go on over there and give him some of your wishes in this incredibly slow week.

And those of you so inclined, include Josh and his brothers and sisters in arms in your prayers.

I am always accepting nominations for MilBlog Of The Week. Just e-mail them to jaytea (at) wizbangblog.com, or TempoMan49 (at) yahoo.com.


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Comments (6)

Good to know that General P... (Below threshold)
RM3 Frisker:

Good to know that General Patton's War Winning Philosophy is still at work "This whole country isn’t worth a single American life to me, we are simply here for the guy to our left and right."

BTW, this will only mean something to those who have seen the movie about Patton starring George C Scott


half your age the soldier m... (Below threshold)

half your age the soldier may be, honorable and brave he certainly is; however, at 19 there are few that understand the history, politics and agendas at issue and in play for our continued existence. i was utterly clueless while serving during desert storm, which i do not even attempt to compare to the current war that is being waged. god bless them all! "Headline: district court judge rules public well wishes of u.s. military personnel, embracing a single religion, unconstitutional, and threatens 'appropriate measures' to enforce injunction!"

I'm glad to see that soldie... (Below threshold)

I'm glad to see that soldiers who are more skeptical about our presence in Iraq are being included in your milblogs. I don't doubt that most of the soldiers in Iraq believe in the mission, but I'm also sure that there are more than a few who feel as Josh does.

What's really interesting is tim's reaction. How many times do I read on this and other blogs that the soldiers believe in the mission, and anyone who questions the mission is undermining the soldiers? Now we hear from one soldier who doesn't fit that mold, and the first response is how young and naive he is. My my.

I don't believe that Josh represents the majority of soldiers. But I also agree with tim. The beliefs of the soldiers on the ground shouldn't be the determinant for foreign policy. There's a reason the civilian government controls the military. The attitude of the soldiers towards the mission is presented as one of the prime arguments for continuing it. I'm with tim that this shouldn't be a prime consideration.

Folks...every time I served... (Below threshold)
Ben Bauman:

Folks...every time I served in combat all I was concerned about was those I served with. I was aware of the big picture too, but tsurviving is always the bottom line. He is just stating the obvious to anyone who has served or even thinks a bit behond the surface. Yes....the big picture matters, but trying to survive matters too, this young kid is willingly doing his duty and I praise him for that.

For God and Country,

Ben Bauman
Commander, VFW Post 9949

As a vet, I'll corroborate ... (Below threshold)
Rob Thompson:

As a vet, I'll corroborate Mr. Bauman's statements and add that these guys are trained that way.

You don't need those big moral questions when the bullets are flyin'. His attitude is exactly correct for his situation.

Thanks for all the comments... (Below threshold)

Thanks for all the comments fellas! Much appreciated! -josh






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