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Please come with me, sir; I believe you know the way...

I gotta agree with the Boston Herald on this one. Some guy violating his bail and getting re-arrested is nothing new. But this moron from Framingham has to have set the record for not wasting time in doing so...


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While the guy is an idiot f... (Below threshold)

While the guy is an idiot for messing with a cop as he's being released (and probably was an idiot for getting there in the first place, though I believe there's a special place in hell for car dealers, and I wouldn't be quick to believe anything out of their mouths), from the article it sounds like the cop is abusing his power.

I know it's not popular to bash cops post-9/11, but let's face it - it's a profession with a dichotomy of personality types. There are a heck of a lot of good people trying to make the world a better place working as police officers (and my apologies to them for what follows). Despite that, I would argue that it is a profession that attracts a lot of people with ego problems for whom the ability to carry a gun and wield state-granted power over others is the much needed balm for said ego.

Unless the guy was trying to smash the cop's hand intentionally, this cop is abusing that power becuase of his personal feelings and inability to let an insult from an idiot slide. The legal definition of asssault and battery are easy to fulfill; you could come out of the subway with 100 lawsuits if you took those definitions literally. Justice relies on individuals to exercise judgment as to what really warrants a complaint. This cop, like many before him, are relying on the letter, rather than the spirit, of the law, and should know better. This is the guy you don't want behind a gun - petty vindictiveness and bullets don't mix (and may explain why he's holding the door in the station...). I hope in the future that fragile "hurt feelings" don't enter into a "shoot/no shoot" decision, because he's shown an inability to rise above them.

Wow Shooty. I read it 180 d... (Below threshold)

Wow Shooty. I read it 180 degrees opposite. Including the part where the guy said "tough guy". I've met a lot of 20 somethings with the attitude and high self esteem that makes them think they are above everyone else. This guy seems to fit the profile.

As for the comment about the cop having to hold a door...what a way to read something into the story that isn't there. Ever been to a court house? Cops have to go in an out all the time to testify to various cases. He could have been there for a million different reasons and I've never been to a courthouse where they had a cop act as a doorman.

Cop abusing his power? Perhaps, or even more likely the kid with the attitude (remember he was wasn't there for selling girl scout cookies) was trying to hit the cop in the face with the door and only got his hand.

That's pretty weak. A door... (Below threshold)

That's pretty weak. A door bumped him in the hand so he arrested the guy? Give me a break. The cop is stooping to Fish's level and being a jerk.

Fiath+1, I think my post le... (Below threshold)

Fiath+1, I think my post left me "outs" for most of your reply (for instance, I freely admit the kid is an idiot and said that my argument was based on the assumption that the kid didn't mean to hit the cop's hand). In rereading my post, however, I want to clarify that I don't condone anything this kid did.

It's just that, absent something more egregious, being a jackass is not against the law. Last time I checked, speech was still free and no one should be jailed for the words "tough guy". Perhaps there was more, but the article is too vague to parse out anything criminal, and it certainly appears that the cop was relying on the letter of the law to stick it to a smartass. Maybe the kid will learn a lesson and say "thanks sir" next time, but I doubt it, and now the law has been perverted to teach the unlearned lesson.

I'm all for law and order and respect for authority, but only where appropriate and deserved.






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