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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Wafah Dufour, niece of Osama bin Laden, poses in an undated publicity photo released on December 22, 2005, taken during a photo session for the January 2006 issue of GQ Magazine. (Jeff Riedel/GQ Magazine/Handout/Reuters)

Winners will be announced Monday evening (due to the holiday).

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (102)

Uncle=Bad -- Niece=Nice!... (Below threshold)

Uncle=Bad -- Niece=Nice!

"Where has bin Laden been h... (Below threshold)

"Where has bin Laden been hiding?"

Why, right here.

Who I would spy on if I wer... (Below threshold)

Who I would spy on if I were the NSA.

The only bombshell the U.S.... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

The only bombshell the U.S. wants from Bin Laden.

Bill Clinton suddenly takes... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Bill Clinton suddenly takes charge in the search for Bin Laden.

Snorkeling, anyone?... (Below threshold)

Snorkeling, anyone?

Anybody who wants that hidd... (Below threshold)

Anybody who wants that hidden under a burqa has got to be insane.

After shaving off his beard... (Below threshold)

After shaving off his beard and years of hormone treatments Bin Laden comes out.

After debuting his new clea... (Below threshold)

After debuting his new clean-shaven look, it became obvious that Osama, when captured, was going to be very popular with the rest of the prison population....

There's a fatwa in my pants... (Below threshold)

There's a fatwa in my pants!

run for your life, quick, I... (Below threshold)

run for your life, quick, I just let loose a dirty bomb!

71 more to go...maybe this ... (Below threshold)

71 more to go...maybe this is heaven.

"I'm ready for my close-up,... (Below threshold)

"I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Bin Laden."

Uh-oh, uncle Osama feels an... (Below threshold)

Uh-oh, uncle Osama feels an "honor killing" coming on.

The bubbles floating upward... (Below threshold)
Ali Mentary:

The bubbles floating upwards along the back are fantastic, but once they're popped out of the water nobody likes them any more.

I wonder about the amount of farting needed for that amount of foam.

All the things I'd be think... (Below threshold)

All the things I'd be thinkin' I would be another Lincoln, If I only had a brain.

Damn, I wish this bathtub w... (Below threshold)

Damn, I wish this bathtub was installed facing east instead of south, this is so cramped bathing sideways.

I wonder if Aljazeer would ... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Aljazeer would show my video?...

Hey, Uncle? %&#$ you!... (Below threshold)

Hey, Uncle? %&#$ you!

Yo' Mama's been bathin'... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Yo' Mama's been bathin'

When asked about his niece,... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

When asked about his niece, Osama could only respond. "Well at least she's not a blogger."

OBL: "Looks like I picked t... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

OBL: "Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up issuing Fatwa's"

Oh-Momma Bin Laden!... (Below threshold)

Oh-Momma Bin Laden!

Bin Laden's niece proved to... (Below threshold)

Bin Laden's niece proved to be a better terrorist than her uncle. Upon seeing her, numerous men experienced explosions in their pants.

I'm gonna wash that man rig... (Below threshold)

I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair!

Hello, Mr Pizza Man. I'm s... (Below threshold)

Hello, Mr Pizza Man. I'm sorry, but you've caught me in the bath. If you'd like, I can call for my notorious uncle and he can pay you... or... *cheesy jazz riff begins to play*

(I know, not my best work)

"Oops, sorry, didn't know y... (Below threshold)

"Oops, sorry, didn't know you were bathing. Anyway, Ann Coulter is on the phone. She wants her legs back."

This one can knock down my ... (Below threshold)

This one can knock down my tower.

"It's hard being me, I bin ... (Below threshold)

"It's hard being me, I bin laden with these great legs, smokey eyes, perky...you know."

Has anyone seen my Clinton ... (Below threshold)

Has anyone seen my Clinton rubber duck?

trying out the new moslem '... (Below threshold)

trying out the new moslem 'butttub'

A new pamphlet distributed ... (Below threshold)

A new pamphlet distributed by the Al-Queda terrorist organization reads, "Terrorists Unite - 71 more await you !"

There once was a man named ... (Below threshold)

There once was a man named Osama,
who noted a skin pic of Wafah.
His reaction for us,
was to blow up a bus,
and crazy the nuts in Arabia.

trying out the new moslem '... (Below threshold)

trying out the new moslem 'butttub'

What the heck do you mean..... (Below threshold)

What the heck do you mean........Land Shark?

Yes, baby, it IS a little u... (Below threshold)

Yes, baby, it IS a little uncomfortable. But my Uncle says nothing as long as I am facing East.

Try the NEW Allahu Ak... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Try the NEW Allahu Akbar-soap, it will make your skin feel like the skin of 72 Virgins...
from the makers of Pages of Koran Toilet Paper , softer than a sheeps bottom, Imam should know.

Riyadh HS class of 1995<br ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Riyadh HS class of 1995
Voted most likely to give you a Riyadh...
(or just most likely to...)

Wahabis unbag their women a... (Below threshold)

Wahabis unbag their women and wash them with soapy water on the full moon, whether they smell bad or not. Then, it is back in the bag for another month.

An eternity with 72 inexper... (Below threshold)

An eternity with 72 inexperienced burka wearing virgins who haven't got a clue, or a lifetime with one experienced woman who likes to sit around naked? You make the call...

Kohler unveils their newest... (Below threshold)

Kohler unveils their newest line of custom bath suites -- "The Tora Bora Collection"

Eagle claw bathtub, $1,365 ... (Below threshold)

Eagle claw bathtub, $1,365 - Customed designed tiles on wall, $7,833 - Blowing away the bubbles, priceless.
For everything else, there's Allah!

This corroborates my theory... (Below threshold)

This corroborates my theory that al-Quaeda has ties to Baathists.

Talk about about a Bath Par... (Below threshold)

Talk about about a Bath Party!

Post-op, Bin Laden explaine... (Below threshold)

Post-op, Bin Laden explained "I'm much happier now."

I think I just had a Wizban... (Below threshold)
Dwight P:

I think I just had a Wizbang in my pants

"Whoa, so that's the North ... (Below threshold)

"Whoa, so that's the North Tower!"

Damn you, infidel! You mad... (Below threshold)

Damn you, infidel! You made me drop my submarine!

All that's missing: a six p... (Below threshold)

All that's missing: a six pack of Coors Light and a couple of Carolina Panthers' cheerleaders.

Not a caption, but ...... (Below threshold)

Not a caption, but ...

What is the daughter of Osama "We-kill-all-infidels-who-are-not-as-religious-and-pure-as-us" bin Laden doing posing for a GQ spread naked in a bathtub?

Weird, huh? You'd almost think the bin Laden's understand the appeal of the modern world...

------UGLY-----... (Below threshold)


The rarely issued twatwa</p... (Below threshold)

The rarely issued twatwa

Me thinks Al Qaeda has hire... (Below threshold)

Me thinks Al Qaeda has hired a new PR person and they are starting a "softer side of AQ" campaign.

The blood, the blood...it w... (Below threshold)

The blood, the blood...it won't wash off.

In preparation for her soon... (Below threshold)

In preparation for her soon-to-be honor killing, Osama's niece soaks in a tub of bubbling nitroglycerin.

WOWWW! Sheik Yerbouti!... (Below threshold)

WOWWW! Sheik Yerbouti!

The martyr who was disappoi... (Below threshold)

The martyr who was disappointed to find that the West's corrupting influences had infiltrated his own paradise was last heard saying "If you can't beat 'em, might as well join 'em" before pouring himself a glass of Crystal and putting on his rubber ducky thong.

Ad: Gitmo Girl says, "Come... (Below threshold)

Ad: Gitmo Girl says, "Come hither, bomber boy, I will be your torturer for today."

News: In a ploy to skirt new torture guidelines, the Bush administration hired 72 virgins as interrogators. Al Quaeda members scramble to vacation at Guantanamo Bay, thinking it is paradise.

"In other news, John Murtha... (Below threshold)

"In other news, John Murtha and Harry Reid have uncovered new evidence of horrible Bush Administration torture techniques. Parents, send your children from the room, these next pictures will shock you."

"Please don't hold my uncle... (Below threshold)

"Please don't hold my uncle against me, because that would be ... wrong."

"Bin there? Done that?"... (Below threshold)

"Bin there? Done that?"

What does a girl have to do... (Below threshold)

What does a girl have to do to get a little privacy around here? Live in a cave?!

"In a new torture scandal, ... (Below threshold)

"In a new torture scandal, the Washington Post provides clear evidence of inhmane treatment. Shown here is a relative of al Qaeda leader who has been forced to bathe."

Mommy, may I help you?... (Below threshold)

Mommy, may I help you?

"I'm not really a bad girl,... (Below threshold)

"I'm not really a bad girl, I'm just drawn that way."

Who needs bubble bath when ... (Below threshold)

Who needs bubble bath when you can just eat humus and babaganoush half an hour before hopping in the tub?

By the time she hits her la... (Below threshold)

By the time she hits her late thirties, you KNOW she's going to go the way of her kin and begin to resemble Hanan Ashrawi.

Not a people whose women age gracefully.

Do you wonder where my left... (Below threshold)

Do you wonder where my left hand is?

NYT Bestsellers List - Now ... (Below threshold)

NYT Bestsellers List - Now the sequel we've all been waiting for from Salman Rushdie -- Satanic Nieces

IT IS BECAUSE OF BUSH THAT ... (Below threshold)


" I'm forever blowing bub... (Below threshold)

" I'm forever blowing bubbles..."

Playmate Data Sheet -- W... (Below threshold)

Playmate Data Sheet -- Wafah Dufour

Turn-Ons: Ululating

Turn-Offs: Sharia Law, clitorecotmies

Favorite Sport: Buzkashi

Favorite Musician: Cat Stevens

My Man is: Tall and slender, but not dickless like Uncle OBL

Things I Love: Long walks with my pet camel, Hef

My Dream: A 3-way with Maureen Dowd and Chris Matthews

Further proof that the gras... (Below threshold)

Further proof that the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the burka.

"I'll bet you didn't know t... (Below threshold)

"I'll bet you didn't know that Al Gore invented this claw-foot bathtub. Well, he did!"

"Being related to OBL makes... (Below threshold)

"Being related to OBL makes me feel so, so dirty!"

"Hide in my cave. I just cl... (Below threshold)

"Hide in my cave. I just cleaned it."

"I am friendly, nice girl w... (Below threshold)

"I am friendly, nice girl with friendly, nice legs to choke your friendly, nice neck. Come in."

And in other news, Osama Bi... (Below threshold)

And in other news, Osama Bin Laden's Sister has adopted Salmon Rushdie...

Don't hate me because my un... (Below threshold)

Don't hate me because my uncle is an international terrorist...

I'm voting right now. I'll... (Below threshold)

I'm voting right now. I'll let you see my finger in a few minutes.

Rockin' the Casbah!... (Below threshold) "Is that an IED in your pan... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"Is that an IED in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?"

Osama bin Fappin... (Below threshold)

Osama bin Fappin

Strike my entry. I don't kn... (Below threshold)

Strike my entry. I don't know how to read!

Is making my little jihadi ... (Below threshold)

Is making my little jihadi stand up and salute!

bin Laden responding thru A... (Below threshold)

bin Laden responding thru Al Jazerra declared: "There is a black sheep in every 40-50 nieces or nephews. I remember Wafah as a young girl, we thought she was a little, ahhh, 'slow.' Her burka never quite fit right and she could never quite, ahhh, 'hit the target' during a tribal stoning. Well, at least Allah has blessed her with the bin Laden family full, pouty lips."

Hey soldier. How'd you like... (Below threshold)

Hey soldier. How'd you like to invade my fertile crescent?

According to the New York T... (Below threshold)
Charles V:

According to the New York Times the military is using sexual torture techniques with celebrity Moslum divas including relatives of Osama Bin Laden (neice pictured above)at the Guatanamo Bay prisoner facility. A spokesman for the administration condemned the revelation of the secret CIA run operation. Senator Hillary Clinton called the torture "obscene" not knowing her husband and former President Bill Clinton earlier had characterized the prison camp as a "government sanctioned pleasure facility" and "I am going down there to experience it myself" later elaborating that he "would leave no cave unexplored" in his "quest for booty errrr I mean the truth."

I am modeling a new way to ... (Below threshold)

I am modeling a new way to hide a Semtex belt.

Sorry, I can't think of any... (Below threshold)

Sorry, I can't think of anything funny to say about a guileless (and --- I suspect -- talentless) skank who would so transparently trade on the name of her (apparently quite) distant notorious relative purely for the publicity. The story linked above by Reidblog tells it all. The poor thing.

"You washa my back. We shoo... (Below threshold)
Lasting Magic:

"You washa my back. We shoota you in the back. You first."

Add if you add water, Smell... (Below threshold)

Add if you add water, Smelly Pirate Hooker makes her own gravy.

To find out where Wafah has hidden the soap, enter your credit card number now.

"Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend never had 22psi of water pressure."

"Uncle Osama never let me bathe. He said the proper way for a Muslim girl to bathe was for her uncle to lick her clean with his tongue."

The bathwater was later sold on eBay for $29.99 a pint.

"The advantage of the champagne bath is that you get drunk and clean, that's one better than Osama on any given day!"

Putting the bath back in Ba... (Below threshold)

Putting the bath back in Baathist...

Screw bin Laden.... (Below threshold)

Screw bin Laden.

Islamist Foot Fetish Pic!</... (Below threshold)

Islamist Foot Fetish Pic!

bill clinton groped me whil... (Below threshold)

bill clinton groped me while we were in the elevator. This is my 40th bath in 3 days, but nothing will ever stop me from feeling dirty.

The "profit motive" beats t... (Below threshold)

The "profit motive" beats the "prophet motive" every time.

Photographic proof Osama is... (Below threshold)

Photographic proof Osama is taking a dirt nap.

Osama celebrates his inner ... (Below threshold)

Osama celebrates his inner woman.

(speaking into sat phone di... (Below threshold)

(speaking into sat phone disquised as a cake of soap)
"Can you hear me now?"

To the tune of Maria Muldau... (Below threshold)

To the tune of Maria Muldaur's "Midnight at the Oasis":

Let's slip off to a bathroom,
real soon,
and kick up a little suds!

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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