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2005 - The Year In Pictures

In a full year of posts at Wizbang we use more than our fair share of pictures. I've been fiddling around setting up the Wizbang Photo Gallery, so it seemed like a good excuse to make the first gallery:

Keep checking back over the New Year's weekend as I'll be dumping a ton of my favorite pictures from 2005 into the gallery.

Some are not safe for work, and a few never did manage to make it into publication at Wizbang...


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Comments (3)

More NSF, please........ (Below threshold)

More NSF, please.....

Putting up the hooter pics ... (Below threshold)

Putting up the hooter pics 1st, huh? I'm sure it's an accident, though. ;-)

Happy New Year!! :-)

(Click here to see something neat)


Hooters are always first</p... (Below threshold)

Hooters are always first






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