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Idiots in Napa Flood AGAIN

The people of the Napa Valley are just stupid. Who would live in a place that floods every few years?

If you've watched any cable news you know that Napa is flooding. Again. Just as it did in 1984, 1986, 1996 and 1997. Authorities are worried that people who live in the flood plain AND REFUSED TO MOVE will get flooded again.

This time a levee broke adding to the damage. What moron lives in a place where they need levees to stop flooding? Why don't these people move?

It's not like they didn't know these floods were coming. They are right in the middle of building a flood control project to try to stop mother nature.

Think of where these idiots live. In Napa VALLEY. When it rains in the mountains where does the water go? To the Valley! These people are surrounded by mountains; they live in a bowl, of course they will flood again. That's why they should move.

We will just have to accept that we'll have to pay $4 per gallon for grape juice. Or we can leave the grapes in place then bus people in to work the crops.

And why didn't more of these people evacuate when they saw it raining? They are all living in multimillion dollar homes, its not like they couldn't afford cars!

And lastly, what about personal responsibility??? Why didn't these people get out there themselves on nights and weekends and build better levees themselves? They waited for a government handout to build their levees. If they had taken any personal responsibility for the levees they would not have flooded.

Rather than spending another tax payer dollar protecting an area WE KNOW will flood, let's just abandon Napa Valley and move the people to higher ground.

Update Sigh: When I wrote this, I was (Duh!) joking about the metal ability of people from Napa. After reading the comments, now I think I might have been closer to the mark in my humor than I thought. Please if you are from Napa, read what this is filed under and read the comments.


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Paul, I didn't blog about i... (Below threshold)

Paul, I didn't blog about it at the time, but California was quite worried about their own water-works after Katrina. That's one of the reasons I advocated in my blog that the country needs a national Advisory Committee on Levee Safety.

On the other hand, Florida still has the "it-can't-happen-here" mentality, which is really nutso because water-works royally messed up the Everglades. Some people don't live and learn.

>That's one of the reasons ... (Below threshold)

>That's one of the reasons I advocated in my blog that the country needs a national Advisory Committee on Levee Safety.


I obviously have no clue who or what build the levees or when in Cali... But having said that, having ANOTHER levee break makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I suspect it will be investigated more toughly than it would have been 6 mos ago.

If it is a Corps levee (which is likely) then some people are going to start asking some questions.

I almost never agree with -another- Advisory Committee but somebody somewhere might want to take this more seriously. The thought that we could kill another thousand people (or more) ain't a good one.

(Unlike many people...) I'm waiting till we learn more about it. Right now it is troubling.

BTW- Since you are followin... (Below threshold)

BTW- Since you are following this stuff, FoxNews seems to have the best coverage when I was watching. One of their guys lives out there and knows the situation. -P

Let 'em drink wine.... (Below threshold)

Let 'em drink wine.

you suck. i live in napa. w... (Below threshold)

you suck. i live in napa. we're not all rich, and the whole place doesn't flood, just certain parts. and that levee didn't break, the water crested over the top, which has never happened before. also you don't get your grape juice from here, you'd have to look at the san joaquin valley for that. how sad for you that you have to be so critical of other's misfortunes just so you can wax pomposity over our misfortune. every geographical area has their downfalls! our valley is so beautiful and most of us are blue collars, not rich people. get your facts straight before you speak out of your uptight, pompous ass.

What part of Utopia do you ... (Below threshold)

What part of Utopia do you live in? Never had a natural disaster where you live? You will. Maybe it won't hit you personally. But it will get someone in your family or circle of friends.

Natural disasters can happen anywhere. The folks that are flooded in Napa, for the most part, are NOT the rich people you think of when you picture Napa. They are the working class; and that is where they can afford to live, in this over-priced location. It is affordable, for one reason, because it is in the flood plain. Perhaps they are second or third generation Napans living where their family has always lived; and they can't afford to move anywhere else. FYI: a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house around here costs easily $650,000. Rent in a similar house can be over $2000 per month. Less near the river.

People stay where they are, in times like these, to protect what they have; what they work hard for. There were a lot of people out last night putting up sandbags; working hard to protect what they have.

Get over yourself. I hope that when it hits the fan for you, people around you are more compassionate than you.

Jim - thanks for backing up... (Below threshold)

Jim - thanks for backing up the rest of us napans! It's all so sad here right now, but the other thing they don't know is we Napkans band together and take care of each other. The rest of you should take a lesson from us! I hope you did okay.

Jim and Pat... They do have... (Below threshold)

Jim and Pat... They do have satire in Napa don't they?

>What part of Utopia do you live in? Never had a natural disaster where you live?

Yeah.... It's called Katrina.

Everything I've said about Napa has been said about New Orleans 15 times over. Perhaps now you know how silly those comments are when made about New Orleans.

Check what this is filed under guys.

Guys, Paul put this post un... (Below threshold)

Guys, Paul put this post under two categories, the second of which is not "saltire," which refers to a diagonal cross such as that on the Alabama state flag.

Missed it by that mu... (Below threshold)

Missed it by that much.

[/Maxwell Smart]

Rather than spendi... (Below threshold)
Mark A. Flacy:
Rather than spending another tax payer dollar protecting an area WE KNOW will flood, let's just abandon Napa Valley and move the people to higher ground.

Hey, as long as New Orleans is part of that deal, go right ahead.

Don't ya just love it when ... (Below threshold)

Don't ya just love it when people fail to read the word "SATIRE" at the bottom of the piece?

Where do you live Mark?... (Below threshold)

Where do you live Mark?

Rather than spending an... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Davis:

Rather than spending another tax payer dollar protecting an area WE KNOW will flood, let's just abandon Napa Valley and move the people to higher ground.

I really don't care whether or not people in Napa Valley move to higher ground. I just don't want to subsidize the ones dumb enough to live in a 100 year flood plain.

I'm well aware this is sati... (Below threshold)

I'm well aware this is satire, but I'm sorry, you're a fucking idiot. I live in Napa, and I'm dry - only parts of the valley are flooded (downtown napa and parts of the north valley). And, by the way, levees didn't break. It's called a flash flood... ya see... it rained 5-10 inches in different areas last night. Also, while the flooding has affected tourist areas, it has mainly screwed over lower and middle class residential areas.

The difference is that in a... (Below threshold)

The difference is that in a week Napa will be dry. Now, how long did it take for the flood waters to recede in New Orleans? Count me as one person who still says that we don't need to spend billions of dollars re-building a city that is a constant disaster waiting to happen.

we do see the word "satire"... (Below threshold)

we do see the word "satire", but we who have just gone through this flood fail to appreciate the satirical side of your comments. perhaps you fail to understand the human condition enough to have boundaries. while you can type your words under the guise of satire, it's patently obvious your underlying truth - you think we're all fatcats who are idiots for living where we live and you capitalized on our tragedy.

any way you look at it, your comments are inappropriate and insensitive.

Pat Paulsen had the good se... (Below threshold)

Pat Paulsen had the good sense to grow his grapes in Sonoma, where folks could understand that his tactics of using outright lies, double talk and unfounded attacks in his presidential bids were indeed satire. Seems like there's at least two folks in Napa who still wouldn't get him either.

One of the most entertaining nights I spent as a fly on the wall was at the bar at Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen in St. Helena. The rich and wannabe rich were out in force and it was better than watching Falcon Crest. While Jim and Pat claim not to be in the same tax bracket, not many can afford the prices of homes or rent their unless they are, or lived there all their lives...

Very true, it is a satire, ... (Below threshold)

Very true, it is a satire, however it misses the mark. Satires are typically true to point and this is not. Yeah, maybe us "idiots" who live here should move, and maybe people shouldn't live on the coast, or for that matter in the gulf, or on hills, or anywhere else. With people like you... maybe we all should drown. But what's the fun in that. I like Napa, I liked waking up early this morning and walking two blocks to see Lincoln flooded... I like the beauty and awe of mother nature even when she's being a real bitc#. And if you think I'm an idiot for that, then I pity your in-ability to enjoy life good or bad. By the way, "grape juice" doesn't come by the gallon. But don't worry, I won't blame you for your stupidity... I'll just blame the mass media. Satire, I've written better satires on the toliet. I give your "Satire" two flushes down.

oh and by the way, you aren... (Below threshold)

oh and by the way, you aren't "subsidizing us." we would have to be insured for floods for that, and most of us aren't technically in a flood plain - even though some of us got hit hard by a creek, not the river! but oh , you're being satirical - riiiiight. the bottom line is you guys who don't live here don't know jack about what you're saying.

Hmmm.Personally wh... (Below threshold)


Personally what I think is really needed is a national water system. We've got a national power grid. National highway system. National rail network. So basically we can move just about anything anywhere *except* water unless it's in small tanker cars.

A system of regional reservoirs, cache basins and trunk pipes to connect local, state and regional water systems into a national network would cost billions of dollars to build but then it would save billions of dollars in use.

Isn't it ironic that some areas of America are literally drowning in water while other areas are begging for water? The single most important resource for growth, and yet the most difficult to obtain at times, is water.

Hmmm.In case some ... (Below threshold)


In case some of you visitors from Napa are unaware of this Paul has survived Katrina. I.e. he lives, lived?, in New Orleans. The reason why this is listed under "satire" is that the same stuff he wrote was written about people living in New Orleans.

It's, you know, ironicy and stuff.

i own my own place by mysel... (Below threshold)

i own my own place by myself, raised a son by myself, i work for a community based non-profit. but i don't hate on a whole class of people just because they're rich - who cares, really? i don't make much money yet i'm proud to have done it all by myself, and your satire disrespects my life.

underlying all the satircal comments is a common thread, getting off on other's misfortunes and having an avenue for slamming people who make more money than yourself. we are a unique valley whose upper class supports the programs that provide services to the less fortunate. leave us alone, move onto another target. we will never fit your profile for satire.

We already pay $4 a gallon,... (Below threshold)

We already pay $4 a gallon, or more, for grape juice, without a levee break. So, what's your beef?

I suspect the point of this... (Below threshold)

I suspect the point of this satire is that the nasty things said about Paul and NOLA folks post Katrina hurt - and unless you spoke out against such utterences then, you are subject to the jibes Paul has amazingly playfully set in your direction, oh Napa Valley omphalo-gazers. Your thin skin and disdain for the satire places you at more risk for ridicule. Beware.

>perhaps you fail to unders... (Below threshold)

>perhaps you fail to understand the human condition...

Pat you fucking idiot, I'm from New Orleans. Tell me all about the human condition.

>By the way, "grape juice" ... (Below threshold)

>By the way, "grape juice" doesn't come by the gallon.

They must not have Sams and Costco in Napa?

Personally, I don't care wh... (Below threshold)

Personally, I don't care where someone chooses to live. If someone wants to live on the top of Mt. St. Helens, go for it. Don't care.

Me? I'll live where hurricanes don't happen, earthquakes don't happen and tornadoes only happen every so often and, when they do, aren't very serious.

I don't think, however, that my tax dollars should pay for the priviledge of living on the South Florida coast or the flood plain of the Mississippi, etc. That's what charities are for. I'll donate my hard-earned money if given the chance but I don't see much point when it's taken from me forcefully to begin with.

Do I have a problem with paying taxes to finance our federal government? Nope. I do have a problem with being taxed for things that aren't the federal government's responsibility.

That being said, I hope everyone in storm-wrecked places across the country is doing okay.

Pat Pat Pat Pat I'll... (Below threshold)

Pat Pat Pat Pat I'll spell it out for you.

ReRead the piece... Every time you read Napa, replace it with "New Orleans." Every time you read "grapejuice" think gasoline.

Every time you read mountain think "water."

Then read all the comments including my previous comments and epadors at 8:55.

Now imagine you read all this crap after a your city was destroyed and 1000 people killed -not because of a natural diaster- but because the Corps of Engineers flooded your town.

Then when you've done all that, consider your next reply carefully.

even after you explain it t... (Below threshold)

even after you explain it to them, the Cali nuts don't get it. he is not making fun of you!!!!!! he is merely applying the same words used about N.O. to the Napa Valley to illustrate how insensitive and mean spirited they were when first said. man, California needs to get a clue!

and furthermore Brian... Ho... (Below threshold)

and furthermore Brian... How the same words can be said about every region of the country at some point or another.

--Other than that you nailed it.

Pat, let us know when your ... (Below threshold)

Pat, let us know when your hand gets sore slappin' your back congratulatin' yourself on such a good job you're doing working for a 'non-profit' and not hatin' the rich folk down in wine country, k? (Especially since they basically support the community non-profit who gives you your paycheck.) I do congratulate you on doing things yourself, that is an accomplishment lost in this day and age. It's always amusing to hear someone stating with pride that their paycheck is better than someone else's because they EARN it at a non-profit, rather than some small business or corporation. Leave your ego at the door, Pat. Really. You'll have more credibility when you're more humble. (And ya just might not be so thin-skinned when it comes to being disrespected, even when you weren't bein' disrespected in the first place...)

Obviously, Paul was not 'wax pomposity'...(?!? what is that anyways? English? Note: now that was being disrespectful) over the misfotunes of those in Napa.. he was using it as an allegory. Made specifically to those who criticized the intellectual capabilities of residents in NO after Katrina for living there in the first place. I figure since he lost his home, he can rag on those folk criticizing better than me, since he's lived thru it. I mean, he's not making fun of Lorenzo Lamas in Napa, is he? Since we all think everyone in Napa is like on Falcon Crest, ya know? Right.

Oh, btw, flood insurance lesson... you don't need to be in a flood plain to purchase it, and, since the program IS run by the federal govt, I'd say we ALL subsidize that program, no matter what state you reside in. Just because you have to purchase the flood policy to receive any benefits from it doesn't mean that it isn't being subsidized by the taxpayers by having the program in the first place...

I smell a troll...... (Below threshold)

I smell a troll...

Paul,I started my po... (Below threshold)

I started my post before you posted, but you did say it much more concisely... ;)

>I figure since he lost his... (Below threshold)

>I figure since he lost his home

I actually didn't lose my home... though I couldn't even try to put a number on how many people I call family and friends who did.

(huh- I never even thought about trying to count until just now.. dozens to be sure.)

I had a fair amount of damage but small potatoes compared to most.

BTW- In fairness to Pat... We are listed in google news. He probably had not heard of Wizbang before this afternoon and it is doubtful he has read my dozens of posts about Katrina much less my oft used satire.

That excuses him for the first round of comments.

After 7:48 pm he was on his own.

PaulKeep posting t... (Below threshold)


Keep posting this type of satire, I find it highly entertaining. Having lived through the '93 Mississippi River flood in St Louis & indured the same comments.

Of course, I live in the Desert now, what could possibly go wrong here! ;)

I think there are a few people that shouldn't be driving tonight posting on this thread.

>Of course, I live in the D... (Below threshold)

>Of course, I live in the Desert now, what could possibly go wrong here! ;)

I dunno taz... I read Reno flooded too. ;-)

Hmmm.On another no... (Below threshold)


On another note; Who the hell drinks a gallon of grape juice at a time? I love those warehouse stores like Costco but some of the quantities is just plain crazy.

Where do you live ... (Below threshold)
Mark A. Flacy:
Where do you live Mark?

Dallas, now. So what? If you want to live in New Orleans, fine by me. Buy your own flood insurance, just like I have to buy hail insurance and fire insurance.

Ed"On another note... (Below threshold)


"On another note; Who the hell drinks a gallon of grape juice at a time? I love those warehouse stores like Costco but some of the quantities is just plain crazy."

Larry King likes grape juice..I heard the radio commercial!

hello i live in napa and i ... (Below threshold)

hello i live in napa and i went through the 1993 st. louis flood. also the leevey didn't break. the water went over the leevey. it was really offencive when u called every body in napa idiots, morons and other offensive names. Yes, the flood plains arent the safest places to live, but why does it matter to u? And were i live, and the whole area arond me is dry! And many many other areas in napa r dry too!
I love napa, and its so beautiful, and that flood project is really helping, although it doesn't seem so.

I live in Napa. I lived in ... (Below threshold)

I live in Napa. I lived in France, Alaska and Switzerland next to truely dangerous flood areas. In corupted places, you will get the wrong buildings at the wrong place and stupid infrastructures. Everywhere I witnessed many people cheating insurances thanks to disasters and political leverage. Napa is just another place with dishonest people (greatest concentration I ever saw, also by far the most ugly ones).
Nevertheless, I wish well to victims, even from Napa.

wow - give a guy a break. w... (Below threshold)

wow - give a guy a break. we are on edge here and to read this crap makes a lot of us proud to be who we are and live where we do, and whether or not this is just some word game it's a nasty game some of you play at other's expense. all of napa isn't a flood plain, all of napa isn't rich and napa takes care of its own. but you keep writing because really where else would you get to say these things without looking us in the eyes? to the others who understand, thanks - napkans, one more time tomorrow... thoughts are with you.

The original author overrea... (Below threshold)
Big D:

The original author overreacted without checking any facts but the sky is falling.

I lived in two different places in Napa. It is not a bowl. It is in a valley. Downtown is always threatened with flooding. However, they have been making numerous improvements and are about 50% complete. But the (US and Cal) government stretched it out from finishing in 2007 to completing in 2011.

If you want stupid, check out the Russian River folks.

For one thing most of the p... (Below threshold)

For one thing most of the people that live in Napa like myself have pointed out that napa doesn't flood the entire city like katrina, 2nd they pointed out that where it flooded, yes it hit some of the million dollar homes, but the ones that were hit the hardest were those downtown of the blue collar workers in the middle class. myself i live in a fairly safe place, yet this storm surprised even us with waters rising faster than any of the floods you mentioned, including 1986. The flood project will be under inspection as of if it really does do the job it is intended to do. There will be 2 answers to that, 1. it did nothing to help and was a waste of money, 2. if it was never done who knows what kind of damage would've happened, could have been 3 times worse. AND FOR THE LEVY THAT BROKE... that was in novato, which is about 40min out side of napa near santa rosa.

Napa will dry out, the city draws together to help others in need, if you lived in napa and listened to our radio station, you would've heard those calling in asking where they are needed to save people trapped by the water, those who needed to fill sand bags and those who were openning their home for those who were forced to leave their home.

Before people judge our region we choose to live in please get all the facts straight, yes we knew it was coming, and people were preparing. Next to any place simular mold of low points will flood when you have 5-7" fall within 12 hours.

Napa is a beautiful place to live in, which thrives on tourism which will mean after sunday nights last of 4 ... yes FOUR major storm systems finally pass through we will clean up and repair what was damaged and go on with our lives.

These people are r... (Below threshold)

These people are re-god-damn-diculous..

Imagine the howls if it had... (Below threshold)

Imagine the howls if it had been Malibu, Hollywood or otehr parts of Cali? What you just heard from the outraged Napan's (and yes, there were couple reasonable ones) is just a taste of Babs S and the entertainment crowd would be howling.

I think this just goes to p... (Below threshold)

I think this just goes to prove that at least a mojo-rity of the Napans who post here:

•Have no sense of humor or irony
•Take everything they see written literally and react emotionally to it
•Don't read what they see critically, but have no problem being critical about whatever they read, Roseanna Roseannadanna-style [minus the "Never Mind...]
•Continue to re-inforce the joy I experienced when leaving California and pity for the few sane folks left there

Paul,I understand ... (Below threshold)


I understand where you're coming from. We on the Mississippi Gulf Coast have also been called stupid and moronic for living where we do. It's also been said that most of the homes destroyed by Katrina were millionaires homes. While some may have been, the vast majority were middle and lower income homes. Think $30,000.00 to $150,000.00 homes. It's also been said that those whose homes were destroyed should have had flood insurance. The majority did not have flood insurance because they were not even in areas on the 100 year flood plains maps.

Your satire hits the nail on the head. Here's hoping that your city can start rebuilding in earnest this coming year. I started counting the number I know personally in Mississippi whose homes have been destroyed, 30 is what I come up. I can add at least 5 that I know of from New Orleans. This doesn't even count the number of business owners I know in New Orleans and Mississippi that lost everything.

G-d bless and take care.

I'm not even going to read ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I'm not even going to read the threads above, but I'm going to guess that most missed Paul's tongue firmly implanted in his cheek.

Ok, Paul was trying to make... (Below threshold)

Ok, Paul was trying to make a point, however 99 percent of Napa county didn't flood, and the vast majority who felt that N.O. was a disaster waiting to happen felt the same way every time someone wanted to build in the flood plain in Napa. A few areas of downtown Napa were under a few feet of water, N.O. was under up to 20 feet from the reports I've heard, there are also a good number of homes that have been raised above flood levels in the last few years locally, so the residents simply leave and come back when the water goes away.

I believe you have seen one too many news reports, the vast majority of affected napans just blow it off, clean up, and move on with life without crying to anyone, but that dosn't make good news so the media seeks out the cry babies that can be found in any city and displays them for the world to see.

"Natural disasters can happ... (Below threshold)

"Natural disasters can happen anywhere."

Yup, but they probably won't. Have we Americans become irretrievably innumerate and non-rational? There is this here new fangled mathy type thingy called 'sta-tis-tics'.

Look around you. Think hard. You stay, you pay.

understand this is satire, ... (Below threshold)

understand this is satire, but considering that all of this happening to these people as we speak it might be a little early for satire.

As has already been pointed out, Napa is not a bowl as the lower end of the valley empties into the north end of SF Bay. It's also worth pointing out that there is a flood control project that has been under construction in Napa, scheduled to be completed next year, by the Corps and funded in part by a local sales tax. This project will restore natural waterways, flood planes, and marsh areas, as well as traditional flood control measures like levees and dredging. They are also moving homes, commercial buildings, and warehouses from areas prone to flooding.

Also pointed out in an earlier comment, it would be fair game to call those folks on the Russian River crazy, that's pretty much a sure thing to flood every winter. I think if I lived up there every possesion I had would be considered disposable.

I have no problem with peop... (Below threshold)

I have no problem with people living in a flood zone. I might do so myself, if I could be convinced it was safe.

Just make sure the cost of catastrophe is born through the private sector, and private insurance.

That is the key.

Maybe Paul had tongue in ch... (Below threshold)

Maybe Paul had tongue in cheek when he wrote his little artical, he should have some of the facts right.
We do not have mountians in Napa! We have hills.
The levee that broke was not in Napa, but in Fairfield which is about 15 miles East of Napa, and on the other side of the some hills.
I live on a hill so I must not be one of the Napa Idiots you spoke of.
I will say one thing, your satire got a good response, and I am sure that's what you wanted.
By the way we do not make Grape juice in Napa, we make only WINE, some of the best in the world.....But then again I don't think you would know the difference between wine and grape juice.
One of the smarter ones..

What a load this is. You p... (Below threshold)

What a load this is. You people keep hiding behind the word "satire", which is defined as "Irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity."

Your pretense that "this is only satire", "substitute New Orleans for Napa" is B.S. Sarcasm really comes from true feelings.

We all live where we live. I live in Napa, and mostly always have. I've also spent time in Rhode Island, France, and Arizona. Bad things happen in all these places. I'm sorry Katrina did what it did to your area. I sent some money there to help out; though I figured people who live in a city that, by rights should be under water, would have their own insurance and expect this disaster to eventually happen. I sent what I could afford to you anyway...and didn't give you any crap about living where you do.

Have a heart. Get over yourselves. Forget about satire. If you want the truth, speak the truth, and stop hiding behind satire and sarcasm.

Sorry Jim, I ... (Below threshold)

Sorry Jim,
I guess America is suffering from Napa Valley Flooding fatique.

Lou,First of all, if... (Below threshold)

First of all, if you lived in NO, you probably would think that the hills north of Frisco were actually mountains... probably a lot of people from the mid west would think likewise, does that make them less factual? Maybe they look at things differently than you do...

Frankly, from the response on here, I think there is more WHINE than wine in Napa. Try Washington wines... some great small wineries along the Columbia these days. Without all the pretension.

Of course, the huge differe... (Below threshold)
Mixed Fruit:

Of course, the huge difference Paul won't address is that New Orleans is on a disappearing river delta that gives up the acreage of two football fields every 45 minutes, or 25 square miles a year.

What is causing the massive die-off of the delta marshlands? The levee system of Louisiana , which jets the silt that replentishes the delta directly into the Gulf.

So the choice is simple: waste billions of dollars to save a city that is slitting it's own throat by building levees that destroy the very marshland that protects it, or move the city to a more intelligent site.

In any event, the present New Orleans will be under the Gulf of Mexico within 50 years, no matter what we do.

Napa will still be high and relatively dry.

I challenge anyone to find a reputable scientist that will say otherwise.

Waiting for a handout??? Th... (Below threshold)

Waiting for a handout??? Thats funny isn't it our hard earned TAX PAYERS dollors that is paying for the flood project??? I guess tax payers shouldn't FINALLY receive something from our hard earned money that would better the town...and since you are so bright and have all the answers, "Abandoning Napa and moving people to higher ground"...Well smarty are you gonna put the money where your mouth is in order to move these people and pay for them to live in a better area because, lets face it many of the homes near the flood areas are lower income housing...

As far as "what moron lives in an area that floods"? Yes there is that known possibility...So I guess since we are such morons to live in this possible flood area I guess people that live in areas that are known for possible hurricanes, tornadoes and all other acts of mother nature are also morons and we need to evacuate all those other areas and all be as smart as you and live in one safe place where theres no chance of any disasters.....

As far as getting out and building better levees on our time??? Come on GET SERIOUS!!!!

Nothing like kicking people when there already down!!!! I guess its safe to assume that you have a GREAT adittude about the people who are moving back to New Orleans!!! I guess we should just shut down New Orleans and abandon that too!!!!

Hey keep up the good work, you really have a great way of trying to kick people when there already down...But Thank Goodness for the most part the people of Napa don't have the unsupportive and nasty adittude like you...

Maybe you could give mother nature a call and tell her how to do her job too Im sure she would love to hear from ya!!!!!!!!!!!

>I've read most of Wizbang ... (Below threshold)

>I've read most of Wizbang for a while now and I haven't seen a lot (actually, haven't seen any) comments that ridiculed or satirized the suffering from and in the New Orleans area.

You've made them you drug abusing dimwit. I've asked you many times. Please don't comment on my posts until you're thru rehab..

LouYou are wrong I... (Below threshold)


You are wrong I am right. You live there I don't. It doesn't matter. I'm right and you're an idiot. (follow me Lou)

I live in New Orleans and for months I've had to hear from "experts" how much more they knew about the area than me. So now it is your turn.

You're an idiot and I am all knowing.

In case you don't get the humor... read this.

Oh and welcome to my world. ;-)

>Sorry Jim,>I guess ... (Below threshold)

>Sorry Jim,
>I guess America is suffering from Napa Valley Flooding fatique.



>In any event, the present New Orleans will be under the Gulf of Mexico within 50 years, no matter what we do.

>I challenge anyone to find a reputable scientist that will say otherwise.

You are a complete and total dumbass.

Reputable D. Scientist


Congrats Gloria... Not only did you not figure out it was satire but you didn't bother read the comments that explained it.

Clueless Dimwit.

Whoever wrote this has N... (Below threshold)

Whoever wrote this has NO idea what they are talking about....okay? so it floods ever few years here, that doesnt mean we are moron's and we should all move if we have common sense!! if u are saying that about us then why dont you go ahead and say everyone living in Flordia should move because there are hurricanes and people who live in Kansas should move cause there are Tornadoes!! So how about u shut it...your the moron!

>your the moron!An... (Below threshold)

>your the moron!

Another intelligent Napaian. (or is it a Napoleon?)

Hello im from napa. and i r... (Below threshold)

Hello im from napa. and i really found it offending when u called napains all those horrible names. And this was called a flash flod we didn't know it was coming. And leaving wouldn't do anything to help our homes or businesses. Where im at its completely dry. Also were not the only people who flooded so don't just be writting about us okay. were not even the worst city that flooded. so it makes no sence just to write about us in the letter okay. oh and also were not MULTI MILLIONARES all the people in the mountines are the real MULTI MILLIONARES. I think I've proved my point as being a lawer.

Hello im from napa. and i r... (Below threshold)

Hello im from napa. and i really found it offending when u called napains all those horrible names. And this was called a flash flod we didn't know it was coming. And leaving wouldn't do anything to help our homes or businesses. Where im at its completely dry. Also were not the only people who flooded so don't just be writting about us okay. were not even the worst city that flooded. so it makes no sence just to write about us in the letter okay. oh and also were not MULTI MILLIONARES all the people in the mountines are the real MULTI MILLIONARES. I think I've proved my point as being a lawer.

Sigh,It is always un... (Below threshold)

It is always unfortunate when the most ignorant of any community is the most vocal. On behalf of intelligent Napans I apologize. This site came up when I googled "Napa flood" when I initially read it out of context I was very confused. When I looked at the context I realized that it of course has absolutely nothing to do with Napa. To say that people shouldn't live in Napa is absurd and that was exactly the authors point. This piece is a reaction to Katrina, to the media blaming the victims.

I was just an innocent byst... (Below threshold)

I was just an innocent bystander as I read this story, and thru all the comments above.

My judgment is that the 'satire' is too early, and way too strong. Both sides have their points, and both areas have their share of faults in devising their own protection. As I look at the 'equivalency' point of this my mind but wanders back to something I saw on C-Span this week. In front of a Congressional Committee (absent the slimy dems), with grandstanding inclusion of one Cynthia Kinney (of Bush knew about 9/11 fame) was questioning black leaders. They continued to speak in terms of conspiracy theories projecting that the government blew up the levees in New Orleans. From that moment on the wallet is closed for all the ungrateful bastards in New Orleans and your 'satirical' write up rings completely hollow as a member of that corrupt community. Envy is not satire...being pissed off at your lot in life is a liberal's dream.

Sam, OH THANK GOD, I was be... (Below threshold)

Sam, OH THANK GOD, I was beginning to think that everyone who lived in Napa couldn't read, or more precisely couldn't *understand* what they're reading. At least there's *one* person residing there who has reading comprehension. lol

What is it about folks from... (Below threshold)

What is it about folks from Napa (Napans/Napkins/Napians/Napoleons) that makes them forget the use of the shift button?

I know the schools in the Bay Area have been struggling, but Cheeze and Rice Almighty, folks - a little bit of proper grammar and punctuation would enhance your posts greatly.

One other thing would help the folks from Napa as well in this regard - removal of the poles from their arses. Every city in America is subject to some form of "disaster." The true, ugly fact of Life In America is that it normally does not become a "disaster" until it happens in your town or to those you love.

What has occurred in Napa and Fairfield and (to a small extent) in Metro Sacramento is small potatoes compared to NOLA and the Gulf Coast, yet the press is running about yipping about the "Impact!" this will have on peoples' lives, with the requisite woe-is-me interviews on the tube. Well, folks, the best "Impact!" this could have in your lives is to get y'all to sit up, scratch your nuts, and suck it up for a change. I saw Gulfport - what Napa is going through is a minor bump in the road.

All Paul did was take the same buzzwords being bandied about by the press for the NorCal flooding, substitute some natural terrain features to suit the Napa Valley, and the Napkins took it in, hook line and sinker - like the true NorCal Liberal Nimrods that they are.

Sam! Quick, move here to O... (Below threshold)

Sam! Quick, move here to Oregon. We have our own brand of Moonbats here, much more interesting than those of Napa or Monterey. You only have to worry about tsunami, volcanoes, earthquakes, forest fires, mud slides, moss growing on everything, and the occasional floods. And other than Oregonmuse, I don't think anyone else here reads Wizbang...

Besides, all its gonna take is one big shake, and everything along I-80 from Vallejo to Sacramento is gonna liquefy and disappear, Napa will be either an Island or on a Very Long Penninsula, and when all their internet connectivity goes, they'll be wandering the streets in confusion...

As far as i was concerned i... (Below threshold)

As far as i was concerned it was just natural flooding and nothting assocaited with a Levee.

Yes this will happen with a valley but its like saying.

1 - Dont live in Haiwai because of vulcanic activity
2 - Dont live midwest because of tornoradoes

The post doesnt make much sesnse the people effected were not the rich and not much notice was given before the river burst its banks.

As this website has a high google ranking i put this to the people of napa.

1 - Why did the new flood defence ONLY protect new business / housing areas.

The new shopping area was saved and even Copia however the other local busineeses there were destroyed.

The river horseshoes around near there so really that should be removed but it hasnt..

Just food for thought.

I'm northern Imola however i was spending my day helping to clean a community centre that had been damaged.


What is this Metal Ability ... (Below threshold)

What is this Metal Ability which you speak of?

Ha! I'm from CA and I notic... (Below threshold)

Ha! I'm from CA and I noticed that this was a NO-inspired satire.

All that aside, I TRY not to live where it floods, or right directly over a huge earthquake fault. It's not actually that difficult to bear this stuff in mind. I make no claim to infallibility, but at least I've tried, however pathetically. I am so paranoid I can't IMAGINE living right in the shadow of a levee which just happens to be the only thing keeping gazillions of tons of water from squashing me flat.

The sort of mindset that allows contentment under such circumstances is incomprehensible to me. I would be a gibbering nervous wreck. I would go anywhere, no matter how poor I was, to get away from that obviously terrifying threat. Am I so weird???

Different strokes, I guess...though I don't mean the backstroke.

The one thing I find amusing about all these recent Napa floods is simply that this is the ONE time anyone will be able (let alone inclined) to say "Vallejo is a better place to live than Napa" and no one will really be able to argue with that statement. Valley-ho's a grubby town, but at least most of it is a little drier these days than some of our more upscale neighbors.

Oh yeah...some guy in the comments above made two statements that definitely gave me pause. Referring to Napa and its inhabitants, "Jim" said first:

"They can't afford to move anywhere else."

Then he added:

"FYI: a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house around here costs easily $650,000."

He then went on to explain how it can cost over $2000 a month just to rent in Napa.


If I owned a house which'd sell for $650,000 or more, I could EASILY afford to live most anywhere else in these here United States. I would just SELL the soggy abode in Napa. Derrr.

And if I were paying $2000 a month or more to rent in Napa, well, surely I could afford to rent almost anywhere else, because almost ANYWHERE else would be...duh...CHEAPER!!!

Does this guy listen to himself, I wonder???

Just FYI: anyone wishing to indulge in some truly colossal self-pitying NoCal uber-therapized navel-gazing, be sure to browse some of the many, many accounts STILL being written to this day of the '91 Oakland Hills fire.

I feel profoundly sorry for anyone who undergoes such a horrific, traumatic experience. NEEDLESS to say.

But there is such a thing as...perspective.

Seems to me that, fire or no fire, floods, earthquakes, blah blah et cetera, we are STILL some of the most privileged and freaking lucky people on the face of the earth.

I'm sure many folks in, say, Pakistan...or Indonesia...would trade places with an Oakland Hills fire survivor in a hot (no joke intended) minute.

Just food for thought.

Happy New Year!!! and good luck to you ALL in this lovely and dangerous world.

Seriously, is Paul going to... (Below threshold)

Seriously, is Paul going to jump on every natural diaster to give N.O. the "well, since they do it, we should, too" excuse?

Dumb people live in dangerous places all over the country. I'll tell them, too!

There...your hackneyed straw man of a bomb is now officially diffused.

Maybe Paul should get his own cool and witty disaster blog. If people want to look over his tired (and basically identical) posts, they can have at it....one trick pony style...

Something tells me.....no......

I see Paul still has plenty... (Below threshold)
Mixed Fruit:

I see Paul still has plenty of time to spread blame, but not enough time to find a scientist who will say that rebuilding New Orleans is anything other than a mistake...

Easy to pick on others.

Too much of a coward to realize his own mistakes and learn from it...

Sam THANK YOU... </p... (Below threshold)


For a second I thought the whole town was suffering from some sort of chronic mental retardation. You ABSOLUTELY nailed it SQUARELY on the head. The post isn't even about Napa.

You must be new there huh? ;-)

DickD- Your name is appropriate. First you have the Congress woman's name wrong. Second they were not NOLA pols on the stand but people off the street.

You are completely uninformed yet you want me to place value in your opinion.


JD I'm laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. thanks


Mixed Fruit, you're a clueless moron.

Thanks for making my point ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for making my point J

My post was of course not about Napa it was about assholes who will say things about New Orleans they would never say about a rich part of California.

All that was missing was an asshole to make my point for me.

Thanks for being that asshole.

Mixed Fruit, We ... (Below threshold)

Mixed Fruit,
We have scientists with solutions! You are not hearing that in the news, are you. The dutch have been very helpful in this respect. We need surge gates at the entrance of the lake and at the entrance of the canals. There is also a swing gate design gate for the entrance of the river. What happened to American can do spirit? If you wimp out, you will protect your wallet but at what cost to world opinion. No matter how small New Orleans is, it is a world city. We have received help from all over the world, esp. the dreaded Europeans. The message will be that America is a paper tiger, it can't even protect its own cities. The people that hate America will be gloating and with reason.
I had to laugh to myself when I read your post. I had that same feeling when I visited Seattle. Looking up at that huge volcano hanging over the city gave me the willies. LOL! My sister lives just north of Napa Valley in Lake County. MESSAGE TO NAPA CITIZENS!!!!! This thread has NOTHING to do with Napa flooding. My heart truly goes out to you. The citizens of Louisiana understand better than anyone the hurt of reading the words of Paul's post and believing they are genuine. I understand your reaction. When I first got power and internet back three weeks after Katrina struck, the first thing I did was google "Katrina". I was starved for news and pictures. The first post I hit was a journal with a person saying he was so tired of hearing news about Katrina on NPR. I lost it and popped off in the comments section. I replied that he was tired of hearing it and I was tired of LIVING it. It turned out that he was a sweet college kid at Texas A&M. I felt terrible. Take this post by Paul in the spirit in which it was meant. It is all about the reaction of many Americans deserting their fellow Americans in their time of greatest need.

doctorj.. one thing is abou... (Below threshold)

doctorj.. one thing is about us Washingtonians, is you do gotta have balls to live here.... volcanoes, floods, forest fires, earthquakes.. and unlike epador down in birkinstock land (Oregon), we have to pump our own gas! ;)

Be very afraid of our mountains.... heh.

It must be frustrating for ... (Below threshold)

It must be frustrating for you to have all this negative feedback from the people of Napa. Sometimes people speak before they know all the facts.

However, I would like to shed some perspective on a Napan P.O.V....

On New Year's Eve I Googled "Napa Flood" under the NEWS search. This was the second site that came up. At first, I was highly offended. I didn't immediatly pick up on the satire aspet of your post. Not because I'm stupid or ignorant, but because I was not paying attention to details such as what you post was filed under. I really was just looking for information on our status.

As unrefined as we may come off right now, please do not be to quick to judge. We may be quick to react to your post, but we were also quick to react with our support to other disaster areas.

I hope this year brings better fortune to everyone who's suffered thru a disaster this year.

I mentioned that (google ne... (Below threshold)

I mentioned that (google news) over 12 hours ago.

I know I caught some people off guard... but geeze... at least they could read the whole thing thru.

thanks for taking the time.

hello im from napa and this... (Below threshold)

hello im from napa and this article has nothing to do with napa. it flooded in other citys. and i think this article shuld be renames [email protected]#%& in katrina hurricance again.

Do you people in Napa speak... (Below threshold)

Do you people in Napa speak freaking english?

Kayla, you should find your... (Below threshold)

Kayla, you should find your 3rd grade teacher and slap the shit out of her.

OK folks the train wreck is... (Below threshold)

OK folks the train wreck is over.






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