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New Year's Makeover

Shoe Lover is giving me a top to bottom makeover. I'm flattered, but for the record it's not tighty whities, and that Wonderbra of mens underwear just sound a little extreme for me.

I hear they're on Andrew Sullivan's Amazon wish list however...

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I thank the internet for ma... (Below threshold)

I thank the internet for making it possible for me to never have to explain (or spell) Manolo Blahnik again to anyone but SHOE LOVER has certainly made it a mission.

~Manolo love the shoe!~

I still have nightmares about Andrew Sullivan's exit posturing from last year or so on that television appearance, speaking of tighty whities.

I'm trying to grasp (um...uh...) the appeal for SHOE LOVER as to yer undies. Oh, forgot: d'oh.

Sorry, I meant earlier the ... (Below threshold)

Sorry, I meant earlier the Shoe Blog as to advancing the general awareness about Blahnik. Which blog Shoe Lover has so cleverly emulated. Verra clever.

While an inspiration, no on... (Below threshold)

While an inspiration, no one could really ever emulate Manolo the Shoe Blogger. He is, how you say, an original.........

If you want some really<... (Below threshold)

If you want some really uncomfortable undies, what about these?

(via The Spin Starts Here)

(sorry, that last link was ... (Below threshold)

(sorry, that last link was supposed to be this one)

And that should be "The Man... (Below threshold)

And that should be "The Manalo, he is, how you say, an original..." And super-fantastic.

"emulate" as in behave unde... (Below threshold)

"emulate" as in behave under the influence of, not replicate or replace.

Aaaeeeee. I wasn't referring to knock-offs, just influences.

And now, how do you say, WE... (Below threshold)

And now, how do you say, WE MUST DANCE!






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