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Taking the "blind justice" notion a bit too literally...

Classically, justice is portrayed as a blindfolded woman holding scales, symbolizing the ideal that justice should be blind, judging matters regardless of outside considerations.

One New Hampshire judge, it seems, just might be mistaking that blindfold for a sleeping mask...

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My first reaction was to hu... (Below threshold)

My first reaction was to hum Alice's Restaurant and think of this as another example of American Blind(ed) Justice.

The next is less humorous and relates to me as the pain of Katrina relates to Paul: How predictable that a man accused of sexually related crimes, in a trial overseen by a woman, is treated so contemptably. Imagine the roles reversed: a male judge sleeping through a poor accused woman's trial - the MSM: AP, Reuters and NYT would be all over it for a week at least. A little more interest nationally then the Union Leader. And even that article doesn't carry any reference to why the man and his wife are protesting his innocence, or more specific review of the evidence or witnesses against him (maybe they were somniferous). So JT, can you fill us in on that dirt?

It appears this fellow may ... (Below threshold)

It appears this fellow may be a predator, with accusations in 2001 from Canada, then local accusations in 2004, but see what you and your ducky can turn up, I know the ol' innocent until proven guilty - he has been found guilty ;-) - but by a jury guided by a sleeping judge.

Well, yeaargghh, mistrial.<... (Below threshold)

Well, yeaargghh, mistrial.

I can't see how anyone can defend the justice sleeping on the bench during the trial otherwise.

Which is really wretched for society given the guy's crimes, unless some talented prosecutor can come up with something different than that.

Then there is the last para... (Below threshold)

Then there is the last paragraph from the linked story about what Coffey's husband has been up to. I wonder what these two discuss over supper at night when they ask each other what went on at work that day. Geesh.

I'm with DaveD.And... (Below threshold)

I'm with DaveD.

And epador brings a good point to the party, where is the evidence that the Judge actually missed something significant, something that would prevent her husband from being thrown in the slammer (to be exposed to a whole new kind of sexual assault....)?

First of all. I am Donald S... (Below threshold)
Melissa Spinner:

First of all. I am Donald Spinners wife, and I do not know where you get the information that he did anything in Canada... He has never even been to Canada. My husband had NO related (sexual) PRIORS> This was all about revenge. He left his ex-wife to be with me and 2 weeks later she told his sister, not the police not the child protective services HIS SISTER that he molested her daughter. We obtained a restraining order and one hour later she went to the police with all her lies. The police testified for us. The LIVE IN grandfather testified for us. There are a lot of details to this case that the public does not know. But I promise you he is innocent. Just as I told the media, I love my husband but I am not blinded be that love. I have 2 little girls ages 11 and 8 who call him dad. Reporting Coffey sleeping is not about trying to get out of his conviction. Its about being the RIGHT THING TO DO> I do not know anyone who could sleep on the job and not get fired. If I went before her for a speeding ticket I would be screaming just as loud. MY point is, the guilt or innocence or even the nature of the charges is not the issue at hand. It is about JUSTICE. We as the American Public are entitled to fair trials and a fair jury. What if it was you? Its bad enough to be wrongfully convicted but then to have the judge fall asleep and the jury make light of it. This is about holding people accountable. Another interesting thing in the jury poll is where one juror says and I quote "we had a lot of doubt about the guilt of the defendant" because there was NO physical or medical evidence.. HELLO> the jury was instructed "IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT YOU CAN NOT FIND THE DEFENDANT GUILTY" right down the line, NO-ONE did their job.The sleeping judge handed my husband a life sentence based on hearsay alone. If it was you or your loved one you would want the justice you are entitled to.

I would also like to add, t... (Below threshold)
Melissa Spinner:

I would also like to add, that the mother(ex-wife) of the alleged victim in this case made the same allegations in her first divorce. Ironically enough her first husband also left her for another woman. I have the divorce paper work to prove that she made the same false claims against the childs own father.
Melissa Spinner
A Voice for the Wrongfully Convicted~

Well let's see the jury fou... (Below threshold)
Michelle L.:

Well let's see the jury found him guilty not the judge. Were the jurors sleeping to? The judge did the sentencing. Maybe if she were awake she would have sentenced him to life. Ha, ha! Nobody in the trial called it into the record during the trial (this according to one website). When you say that he had no priors with "sexual" in quote are you suggesting to us that he's not a saint? Seems to me that we got a predator off of our streets. The fact that you have girls in your home would have scared the shit out of me. Even if my husband was linked to a crime of that nature would have made me think long and hard. Then again you really don't seem all that bright. Out of all of the men in the world you pick a molestor.
a voice for the woman who thinks with the left AND right side of our brains!!

No I ment exactly what I sa... (Below threshold)
melissa spinner:

No I ment exactly what I said, he has no priors for anything even related to this bogus charge. He has some disorderly conducts.. things like that. The Jury that found him guilty also said that they had a lot of doubt about the guilt of the defendant. Jurors are untrained laymen, they do not need to have a degree, they do not need to have even a basic concept of the law, they do not need even a certain iq.. Calling me stupid just shows you have no class. And convicting not only my husband but myself when you do not have all the hard facts of the case in front of you.. well that speaks for itself. My girls call him Dad. They love and miss him and they also no this is all bogus.
I feel sorry for your husband.

I was smart enough to obtai... (Below threshold)
Melissa Spinner:

I was smart enough to obtain the jury poll.
I was smart enough to know who to complain to.
I was smart enough to know that because the judge sits on the JCC committee that there would be a cover up..
I was smart enough to go to the media to ensure it did not get covered up.
I was smart enough to smell constitutional rights violations..
I was smart enough to contact the ACLU.
I was smart enough to contact private lawyers who have informed us that we stand to gain "monumental" damages from this judicial misconduct...
I am smart enough to tell that you do not have all the facts of the case and have formed a biased opinion..

P.s just to prove you dont ... (Below threshold)
Melissa Spinner:

P.s just to prove you dont have all your facts straight.. I did not "pick" him. I have known him for 20 years. He was my first love and I his.
He has been in and out of my life the entire time.His ex-wife was just keeping him warm for me.
He is not some stranger I just met like oh I dont know.. On the Internet and then moved him in with me.. 20 years is a long time. I know him inside and out.

Wife of convict you sound t... (Below threshold)

Wife of convict you sound to stupid to function. Don't have anymore kids.

Honduras is it? Who ... (Below threshold)
Melissa Spinner:

Honduras is it?
Who ever you are, You are entitled to your opinion, no matter how you came to that conclusion.
What I dont understand is your appearant dis-like for me, when you do not even know me. Or do you?
Really, such hostility. How come?
Seems a little odd to me.
I have not done anything wrong. My husband and I showed up for trial and we were very much awake.
All we are doing now is exercising our rights.
Seems strange to have upset you on such a personal level to the point where you would resort to something so juvenile as name calling.
:) you should try some anti-stress workshops to get that hostility out in a more productive fashion.
Best of luck to you.

Yes, she does have children... (Below threshold)

Yes, she does have children. Two girls that were taken from her because she violated the parol and kept this man in the house with them. What a mom!! Well some of us were there at the trial and we know that he DOES have a histoy of abuse but then again, you didn't find anything wrong with the fact that he beat his exgirlfriend, which was pregnant, with a baseball bat. You are just trailor trash at its best and that scum is right where he needs to be. I wonder how he likes it now that hes gone from the abuser to the abused? Im sure hes getting more than his share of private time with his cell buddies. But don't you worry, they are just keeping him warm for you! You truly are a pitiful woman and mom. What a role model for you children, they shouldn't even be allowed in your influence.

Those of you that are inter... (Below threshold)

Those of you that are interested in learning more on this person, check out this link. It will REALLY open your eyes.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum... (Below threshold)
Melissa Spinner:

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb,
Dont you have anything better to do?
Dont you worry about my husband, He is very big very strong man and he is doing just fine.
You guys never sign your name, yet I always know its you. Seriously, such cowards. Such sad miserable people. I feel sorry for you that your entire existance revolves around hating me. Its like a full time job huh? Must get exhausting.
try sewing, or painting, I hear that can very theraputic. Bla Bla Bla.. Its driving you crazy that sleeping judge has Nothing to do with you.
I encourage you to keep making slanderous comments.
P.S pay your child support, there are men in prison with my husband who owe less than you do.
Also stop having Rent Way contact my family to repossess your washer and dryer, that is just tacky.






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