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Something Is Missing Here...

It's January 2, 2006 and what are top weather stories today?

Fires Ravage Oklahoma City, Texas Towns

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Grassfires raged across the dry southern prairie Sunday, burning homes in Oklahoma City, destroying two small towns in Texas, and creating patchworks of flames as burning embers were blown by the gusting winds.

Dozens of fires burned across the dry Oklahoma landscape as the wind gusts reached 50 mph. In Texas, more than 20 fires sprang up, including a 22,400-acre blaze that threatened 200 homes near Carbon, about 125 miles west of Dallas.

Crews flying over northern and western Texas to assess the damage Sunday reported the tiny communities of Ringgold and Kokomo, together home to about 125 people, had essentially been wiped out by flames.

In New Mexico, just across the Texas line, two dozen elderly residents were moved out of a nursing home in Hobbs, and a casino and community college in the town of 29,000 were evacuated as firefighters battled grass fires that only began settling down as night fell and the winds eased.

2nd Storm Prompts California Evacuations
GUERNEVILLE, Calif. (AP) - The second major storm in two days washed across Northern California on Sunday, prolonging the threat of flooding as residents tried to clean up thick layers of mud and debris left behind as the first wave of floodwater receded.

Hundreds of homes and businesses across the region had been inundated Saturday as heavy rain sent the Napa and Russian rivers spilling over their banks.

In many areas, the rivers and creeks were back in their banks Sunday, though some towns remained flooded or they flooded again as the rain, heavy at times, came and went throughout the day Sunday. The Sonoma County town of Guerneville was among those still fighting floodwater amid pouring rain.

At least 2 more inches of rain was forecast across Northern California on Sunday, on top of the 4 to 9 inches that had already swamped the region, the National Weather Service said.

Tropical Storm Zeta Drifts Across Atlantic
MIAMI (AP) - Tropical Storm Zeta, the 27th named storm of a record-breaking hurricane season, maintained its strength as it drifted across the Atlantic on Sunday, but forecasters expected it to eventually weaken.
Aren't we supposed to be talking about some massive snow storm burying the Eastern seaboard in several feet of snow?

It's winter right?

It sure doesn't feel like it...


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Comments (10)

I KNOW! Now I know that I ... (Below threshold)

I KNOW! Now I know that I live in Florida and our winter is like...not really winter. Even so, the high in the area I live in was 81 degrees. That's unusual even for us at this time of year.

I just checked weather.com and we are supposed to swing the pendulum back by Friday, with a vengence.

I know what's missing...</p... (Below threshold)

I know what's missing...

Paul using this event as a take the heat off of Katrina "satire" moment.

I could probably write it for him if you want. Like MadLibs, you just fill in the blanks....

Most of the world seems to ... (Below threshold)

Most of the world seems to subscribe to the following threefold theory:

If it's unusually cold, it's due to climate change.
If it's unusually warm, it's due to climate change.
If it's close to normal, it's due to climate change.

Down here in Oklahoma, we know that anyone who thinks he can predict the weather more than a couple of hours in advance is trying to pull our chain.

I guess the tornado warning... (Below threshold)

I guess the tornado warning sirens going off this morning in St. Louis won't make national news. At five fifteen, we were at sixty-one degrees and facing severe thunderstorms with lots of rotation.

I'm going to modify CGHill'... (Below threshold)

I'm going to modify CGHill's three-fold theory to explain the weather stories you will find in the MSM:

If it's unusually warm, it's due to global warming.

If it's unusually cold, it's due to global warming.

If it's close to normal, it's due to global warming.

Just moved to Oklahoma from... (Below threshold)
Jim Price:

Just moved to Oklahoma from Arizona, in November. Yesterday it was dry, 75 degrees, with a 40 mph south wind blowing smoke from fires everywhere.

I'm afraid folks are ging to think this AZ boy brought the dry heat with him and run me out of town. :-)

What's missing? The MSM isn... (Below threshold)

What's missing? The MSM isn't playing the following themes: the fires are Bush's fault; the federal government is responding too slowly; blacks are disproptionately victimized. But it's not too late.

It is just one of the weird... (Below threshold)

It is just one of the weird years here in Florida. We have them every so often as I've more than once in my life caught a tan on the beach in December. It is a bit odder than normal in that we haven't really had a freeze at all yet. Of course, IIRC, everytime that it is very mild through December, Jan/Feb come out really cold.

How about that I live in Pa... (Below threshold)

How about that I live in Palmer,Alaska and have no snow. My yard still looks good though. Grass could use a mow.

I can take it one step furt... (Below threshold)

I can take it one step further: Blame it all on George W. Bush!







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