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Starting the new year off properly

Getting drunk on New Year's Eve is an American tradition. In fact, it's called "amateur night" by many people, referring to how so many people drive drunk, when the rest of the year it's more the dedicated professional drunk drivers who are out and about.

Here in New Hampshire, though, I think we got an amateur who's looking for Rookie Of The Year...


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better 'mex' than 'paki' or... (Below threshold)
tim dog:

better 'mex' than 'paki' or 'turk' - check out 'europe'
can't get a job in a factory because some 'slav' will work twice as hard for half as much and never be off sick.
send all the money straight home to his girlfriend whereas i don't got no girl since i got no job = no money to go out and meet girls or treat them like they deserve.
Yet the 'Pole' can live in a box eating beans for a year or two knowing that when its done he can go home to live like a rich man there. government lets 'em in too - greedy men making money but when there's no natives left with any dollar to buy their stuff what then? employ slavs to bake cakes in your factory cos they're harder working and more dependable - but who do you sell them to? natives got no job, got no money + not buying your buns you b********.

That's one of the things I ... (Below threshold)

That's one of the things I love about NH - the road signs directing motorists to the nearest State Store directly off the highway. Afterwards, you're advised to look out for moose. Moose are big. And they're even more threatening when they come in double.

In Cleveland, we don't have these problems. It was reported that there were ZERO arrests for drunk driving in Cleveland on the Eve. I guess the automated ticket cameras provide the necessary revenue for the revenuers now-a-days.

Dear Jay Tea:Speak... (Below threshold)

Dear Jay Tea:

Speaking of dumb criminals and leading into tonight's Ohio State-Notre Dame smash fest, let us not forget our favorite armed robbery criminal in Ohio, Maurice Clarett, who's on the lam with his stolen cell phone and calling safe-houses in Columbus as we type.

I'm sure he'll have a different type of butt-patting in the pen with his new teammates.

Tim Dog, since the post doe... (Below threshold)

Tim Dog, since the post doesn't mention the ethnicity of the miscreant in question, I can only assume you made a point of looking for that information in order to introduce it in this thread.

There's a word for that.

Actually, several.






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