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2005 Picture Of The Year

I've finally finished the 2005 - The Year In Pictures collection. It's 26 pictures about 52 weeks, and some not safe for work (NSFW). Go have a look.

In my search through our old images if there's one image that perfectly captures the year's biggest US story (Hurricane Katrina), it's this one.


A fleet of New Orleans school buses sit underwater, unused in evacuation efforts...

Update: I meant to clarify my choice earlier in the day, but somehow I lost the text. The buses, to my mind, are a metaphor for the whole evacuation and post flooding chaos. Pictorially they remind us that response at the local, state, and federal levels was often bungled due to poor planning and resource allocation problems.

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Nearly a thousand of the wo... (Below threshold)

Nearly a thousand of the would-be riders of those busus now lie six feet under the ground, tsk, tsk.

buses... (Below threshold)


Palmateer the media blew th... (Below threshold)

Palmateer the media blew that WAY out of proportion.

Basically everyone who wanted a ride out of NO could have gotten one. I blogged the NYT piece if you search for it.

So Paul, Wouldn't it be way... (Below threshold)

So Paul, Wouldn't it be way out of proportion to pick this as picture of the year?


although this is a good one... (Below threshold)
Drew Edmondson:

although this is a good one...c'mon it's gotta be Bush with his heck of job "Brownie" photo doesn't it?

Mark I thought about that a... (Below threshold)

Mark I thought about that as I posted my comment...

I decided it made my brain hurt... At the time it was a BIG news event but wit the benefit of hindsight it was not that big a deal.....

Well it was not as big a deal BEFORE the storm. Having access to them AFTER the storm however would have been important.

I dunno, like I said, it makes my brian hurt.

In the end I don;t think one blogger naming it pic of the year means much.

Hmmm.Sorry folks b... (Below threshold)


Sorry folks but all I got from that gallery is an incredible urge to travel to Germany, drink some beer and ogle some barmaids.

No idea why.

Michael Yon's <a href="http... (Below threshold)

Michael Yon's photo of the soldier cradling a dying girl ought to be in any collection of "photos of the year."

Didn't the Panthers' cheerl... (Below threshold)

Didn't the Panthers' cheerleaders cause the biggest spike in traffic to Wizbang? Shouldn't that be the story of the year?

I liked the photo-shoped ve... (Below threshold)

I liked the photo-shoped version of the buses parked into letters that spell "WTF"

this photo makes me think of that everytime.

I can only second Russ' com... (Below threshold)
Bat One:

I can only second Russ' comment above. I have looked for Michael Yon's breathtakingly poignant photo at each such collection, and I am disappointed not to find it here. I would not quibble with the "Buses" photo, except for my fervant belief that anything that focuses attention on the nobility and honor displayed by our military men and women serving in Iraq must, perforce, take precedent.

They're story is far, far more important than some big-ass thunderstorm.

Hey Paul,As a pers... (Below threshold)

Hey Paul,

As a person named Brian I resemble this statement...

I dunno, like I said, it makes my brian hurt.

Oh, and Brian is Capitalized :)

ROFLMAO-I TOLD you... (Below threshold)


I TOLD you it made my brain hurt!






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