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Underneath Wonkette's Robes

It's a man, baby!

Peter Lattman of The Wall Street Journal's new Law Blog, opens with an explosive piece of blog gossip.

Queen of the blogosphere Ana Marie Cox is said to be handing over the reins at her spicy political blog Wonkette. David Lat, the federal prosecutor who revealed himself to the New Yorker magazine in November as the author of the popular "Underneath Their Robes" judicial blog, is expected to start blogging for the site. Lockhart Steele, managing editor of Gawker Media, which owns Wonkette, declined to comment. We hear that Lat will have a co-editor.

... Cox's first book, Dog Days, a roman a clef about Washington society and politics, will be published this Thursday, when she'll embark on a national book tour.

So Wonkette, which is nominally written by Greg Beato (a former employee of Cox's at Suck) is now getting another male writer who will write as a female. That's just so gender confused, which is perhaps what they're aiming for. It does bring to mind another dynamic duo...


So I'll be the first to dub the new Wonkettes as The Ambiguously Gay Duo.

As for Cox hanging it up (as opposed to that extended post election hiatus); that might be an ill advised plan. Check out the initial review for Dog Days:

Cox aims for a light comedy of Washington power, halfway between Primary Colors and Sex and the City. Her powers of plot construction, though, don't match her political savvy: emotions are predictable, plot twists few. Fans of Wonkette's wit will find themselves better served by her blog -- unless they want to revisit August 2004 as seen from the Kerry campaign, which few real Washingtonians (and even fewer Democrats) want to do.
Speaking of Sex and the City, HBO has acquired the rights to Jessica Cutler's book Washingtonienne, and Sarah Jessica Parker has signed on as co-producer.

Hollywood picked the winner in the Cutler/Cox book battle before Ana Marie's book even hit the shelves...


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Comments (7)

Awww.Don't you jus... (Below threshold)


Don't you just feel for Cox...?

She's been jealous of "headmobile" Jessica Cutler since she first outed her.

Maybe Ana should learn from Jessica that some girls really can sleep their way to the top...that is, if they have the looks AND two firing brain cells (which Ana has the boobs, but not much else)


Kevin:Is 'Greg Bea... (Below threshold)


Is 'Greg Beato' a nom de plume or a nom de blume as in the bloomers of the Ambi-Boys above? Funny thing - my ghost writer, Gaspar Freundengeist, wanted to have a fresh New Year's start as a female and now types as the washed-up neuroscientist, Dr. Amy G. Dulles (Amygdala). So, go figure. There's obviously some funny vapors floating in the blogosphere.

if they have the looks</... (Below threshold)

if they have the looks

Have you seen Miss Cutler?

Beato has been signing stuf... (Below threshold)

Beato has been signing stuff as "G. Beato" for at least a decade, although his Suck.com stuff usually appeared as by "St. Huck".

Hmmm.Frankly I fin... (Below threshold)


Frankly I find Wonkette et. al. unimaginably turgid, boring and utterly irrelevant.

I would view a movie or tv show with as much enthusiasm as I would a modern remake of "Miracle on 34th Street" but with a gay/masochistic theme involving leather harnesses, jingle bells and a cross-dressing dominatrix to punish the "bad boys".

i.e. not at all. Though I'm certain such an idiotic movie would receive critical acclaim.

Will either of them be call... (Below threshold)

Will either of them be calling CPAC webloggers "nerds" this year?

Greg Beato is his real name... (Below threshold)

Greg Beato is his real name.

("St. Huck" = "Suck" with a lisp. Get it? Sthuck.)

Speaking of which, whatever happened to Carl Steadman, founder of Suck? He was six times sharp than Cox (who is pretty sharp) but seems to have disappeared.






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