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New year, new laws

A couple of my fellow Cow Hampshirites run a rather entertaining blog over at Weekend Pundit. They live up in the Lakes Region, a particularly lovely part of New Hampshire that is way, way out of my price range, but I forgive them for that. They have a great way of capturing some of the essence of what makes New Hampshire such a great place to live -- for two photographic examples, check out their pictures here and here.

They also reminded me that January 1st is a tradtional time for new laws to take effect, and pointed to this article that summed up some of the more significant changes. And they bring up a great point -- the vast majority of these laws are not busybody measures, set up by do-gooders eager to justify their continued public service. Nearly all of them are simple common-sense measures, designed to push people into being a bit more responsible for themselves, as opposed to trying to regulate every single aspect of their lives (as often seems the case in our neighbors to the south).

I think that it is no coincidence that Massachusetts has full-time lawmakers, who earn about $50,000 per year, while New Hampshire pays its legislators $100 a year. I suspect that in Massachusetts, they see their job is to be a lawmaker, so they try to earn their pay by making laws. In New Hampshire, public service is a burden, and mostly taken up by those who see it as a duty. As such, they simply don't meddle anywhere near as much. Besides, most of them have other jobs or activities that keep them in closer touch with the people who have to live with the laws they pass.

There's a reason why our motto is "Live Free Or Die."

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How much progress are the F... (Below threshold)

How much progress are the Freepers actually making there?

I'm kind of hoping the succeed. Not Necessarily because I think it would be good for N.H. (sorry Jay Tea) but because It would probably put the subject of federalism on the radar in a way it hasn't been the Federalist Papers were written. And that would be good for all of us.

Hmmm.Having grown ... (Below threshold)


Having grown up in New Hampshire I can say that I love the state, love the people, love my family members still living there but I'm going to wait for some more Global Warming before relocating there.

Great place to live but it's too damn cold and way too much snow. And quite frankly I've had enough cold weather and snow to last me twenty lifetimes.

Live Free O rDie! from Newm... (Below threshold)

Live Free O rDie! from Newmarket.

Just wish people would stop moving here from the blue states and bringing the idiot culture with them.

Hmmm.Yeah well tha... (Below threshold)


Yeah well that's because they hate the culture they left behind, but then they miss it so they try to change everything to the way they're used to.

Fairly bizzare.

I never thought I'd see the... (Below threshold)

I never thought I'd see the day when I'd ASK from something from the north to be brought down here, but would you mind sending some of your NH legislators down here to North Carolina? Our legislators and governor ("Tax-hike" Mike Easley) just socked us with an increased in the state gas tax... on top of our state sales tax AND state income tax. Sigh...






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