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She'll Never Live This One Down

The top of the hour news break on the local talk radio station had a story on the miners trapped in West Virginia. It's a horrible story that hardly lends itself to humor - but the female news reader managed to inadvertently crack everyone at the station up as she read her copy:

Officials are worried about air quality tests from the coal mine in West Vagina -er- West Virginia where 13 miners are trapped.

It makes you wonder what she reads in her off time.


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Comments (8)

She associates air quality ... (Below threshold)
Dan S:

She associates air quality with vagina and you had to go down that, um, alley...

And whether she reads it al... (Below threshold)

And whether she reads it aloud...

One also has to wonder wher... (Below threshold)

One also has to wonder where she learned phonics. "Virginia" doesn't even look close to the mistake she made - I think her mind must have been, er, elsewhere.

She must never have seen <i... (Below threshold)

She must never have seen The Virginia Monologues.

Hell with the flashlight, h... (Below threshold)

Hell with the flashlight, help me find the car keys & we'll drive out

(very old punchline to a very weird joke)

Yes Vagina there are Chroni... (Below threshold)
jim b:

Yes Vagina there are Chronicles

At least she didn't call it... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

At least she didn't call it "Wet Vagina" as I have often heard before.

I've made a few on-air slip... (Below threshold)

I've made a few on-air slip-ups, but the most obvious vocal one was when I was promo-ing our Black Friday traffic coverage...

"Stay tuned to WDBO for around-the-c*ck airborne traffic coverage"

I didn't notice it until the producer got on the IFB and said "did you just say 'around the c*ck'?"

Unfortunately, I don't have it on tape. But I do have on tape me blowing my nose on the air during the morning show... and when I blow, it sounds like a tugboat horn.






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