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Politics Are Thicker Than Blood

One of the top diaries at Daily Kos is this one:

The Republican Mine Disaster: Blood on their Hands

The author argues that it's all Bush's fault...


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Comments (18)

I find it fascinating that ... (Below threshold)

I find it fascinating that by breaking the safety rules the owners of the mine are not responsible. By not having tougher laws to FORCE the owners to make the changes, the Republicans are responsible.

I postulate that the Democrats, by knowing how eveil the Republicans are, how the Republicans endangered the miners, and by NOT STOPPING the evil Republicans....THE DEMOCRATS ARE TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR NOT SAVING ALL OF US FROM EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

The democrats will dance on... (Below threshold)

The democrats will dance on any grave in order to try to score political points - no matter how far fetched the argument may seem.

I'd like to know what Senat... (Below threshold)

I'd like to know what Senators Robert Byrd and Jay Rockefeller did about preventing this. It's their state. Let them explain.

I just burned my tongue on ... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

I just burned my tongue on hot coffee. Damn Bush!

As soon as the mine explosi... (Below threshold)

As soon as the mine explosion story broke I was waiting for liberals to find a way to blame Bush. They've become so predictable.

Nooo.. Never, never blame t... (Below threshold)
DDT,Until we know wh... (Below threshold)

Until we know what actually happened, how can we know if what could have prevented or mitigated the disaster?
Maybe that's why the rush to blame is so silly and pathetic.

Very good point Don. ... (Below threshold)

Very good point Don.
Anybody know a mine that has no violations? Seems to me that violations for the most part, are for someone to do busy work and collect a pay check.

Again, they're just as idio... (Below threshold)

Again, they're just as idiotic and reckless as the ones blaming the environmentalists. How 'bout we find out what happened before we blame anyone?

The discourse between (and within) the parties has now gone beyone absurd.

The only thing remotely spe... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

The only thing remotely specific he cites is a change at OSHA in 1994. I didn't realize the Rovian Mind Beam was at work on Clinton that far back.

I'm waiting for the monbats... (Below threshold)

I'm waiting for the monbats to say that the first call to the families was a roveian plot to get Abramoff off the front page.

The article is just scatter... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

The article is just scatterbrained nonsense. Even worse, what atrocious writing by PaulVA at Kos!

Grossly fragmented and clipped sentences that are, at best, lame attempts at "style" writing; comma splices up the wazoo; and then doozies like this:

"...something that is supposed to deter future incidents like that which caused the fine in the first place."

Huh? Me no speaky that language.

PaulVA, it's called "proofreading." For the love of your readers, practice it.

And we wonder why moonbats' brains are so scrambled.

I, for one, blame global wa... (Below threshold)

I, for one, blame global warming.

Yes mines without safety vi... (Below threshold)

Yes mines without safety violations are like restaurants without health code violations. The only ones without any are so new they haven't been inspected yet.

Half the Democrats say Bush... (Below threshold)

Half the Democrats say Bush thinks he's God - the other half seem to actually think he IS God. According to the Tin Foil Hat squad, I'm sure this was just another part of Bush's master plan to take the spotlight off the pooor victimes of the hurricane he caused along the Gulf Coast. Either that, or the Rovian Death Star misfired again.

As an aside - I find it interesting that the conservative side of the blogosphere spent the day in prayer and thoughtful commentary while the left side tripped over itself looking for someone to blame. Interesting. Not surprising.

What I find amazing is that... (Below threshold)

What I find amazing is that nobody here is trying to refute anything about what Cass Ballenger did to weaken health and safety laws in this country.

Not just that, but Bush's appointees to MSHA, all company men certainly do not help our image on this. There's being business friendly, and then there's overreaching and winding up with disasters like this.

Once again Dale, we don't k... (Below threshold)

Once again Dale, we don't know what happened yet. To claim that this disaster was caused by ANYTHING, is premature. Mining is a dangerous business, many things can go wrong and no amount of regulation or enforcement will make it 100% danger free. Until we know what happened, calling for peoples heads and assigning blame is counter productive. It only serves to distract and divert energies thad could/should be spent on finding the cause and determining corrective action. Once that is done, then let the finger pointing and punishment begin.

Parking ticket in Washingto... (Below threshold)

Parking ticket in Washington, DC - $100
Cruising at 7 miles over the speeding limit in New Jersey - $140.
Fine for building a shed one foot larger than required n Woodbridge, VA - $500
Failing to shore up a mine roof, after being cited for it numerous times - $60.

Being a coal company executive and knowing that the President put your lobbyist in charge of miners’ health and safety – PRICELESS.






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