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Best Live Reporting Ever

This reporter should win multiple awards for his live reporting during the height of Hurricane Katrina.

Amazing work. The link is spreading like wildfire in New Orleans so the server might be slow. I just hope the big name reporters are embarrased at who (or what) showed them up.

(It might not be safe for work or the kiddies)

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One of his less emotional p... (Below threshold)

One of his less emotional pieces at that. He usually gets more worked up about stuff.

(The Christmas segment is priceless...)

I was not formerly familiar... (Below threshold)

I was not formerly familiar with his work. I might have to change that.

Paul, That is g... (Below threshold)

That is great! Thanks for bringing a smile to my day. Sad when a cartoon squirrel makes more sense than our overpaid media.

Foamy's entire repertoire c... (Below threshold)

Foamy's entire repertoire can be found here...
Laugh your ass off funny!

OFN.This was out a... (Below threshold)


This was out about 3-4 days after the Hurricane passed, if memory serves.

Foamy!I have loved... (Below threshold)


I have loved Foamy since my sister first introduced me to his brilliance. His take on issues from "Fatkins" to "McDoodles" to Christmas just makes me feel good.

Foamy goodness, ahhhh!

'I just hope the big name r... (Below threshold)

'I just hope the big name reporters are embarrased at who (or what) showed them up. '

HA! I saw like 3 year end media reviews on Katrina as story of the year and there was not 1 word about media reporting being complete BS. That really hot liberal beyotch Nora O'Donnell droning on and on about 'Bush is in a bubble, he's out of touch'. I'm sorry 10,000 dead? Zombie cannibals, Superdome dead bodies stacked like cordwood, child rapes? You'd have to visit reality to be embarrassed by facts.

>This was out about 3-4 day... (Below threshold)

>This was out about 3-4 days after the Hurricane passed, if memory serves.

Dude, we were running for our lives then... We were lucky to have a roof over our head much less internet connections at that moment in time.

To us it is new.

This is brilliant!... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

This is brilliant!






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