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Sharon Suffers Life-Threatening Stroke

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a massive, life-threatening stroke Wednesday and doctors are not optimistic for a recovery.

Sharon fell ill at his ranch Wednesday evening and was rushed to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Doctors began emergency surgery about midnight that lasted throughout the night. Doctors said Thursday morning the operation would last several more hours. Surgery apparently had been complicated by blood thinners he had been given following a mild stroke on Dec. 18, and the medication may also have contributed to Wednesday's stroke.

Mor-Yosef said that after several hours of surgery, the bleeding had stopped but that Sharon was returned to the operating theater. "We are continuing with the same operation, and there are more areas that need to be treated," Mor-Yosef said, without elaborating.

Mor-Yosef did not address Sharon's prognosis, but neurosurgeons not involved in Sharon's treatment said a full recovery was not likely following such a massive stroke. They said it usually takes at least a day after the surgery to determine the extent of any damage.

The usual cast of idiots praised Allah for Sharon's fate, but even his more astute enemies realized that without Sharon the prospects for a any kind of "final deal" for a Palestinian state appear much less likely.


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Comments (2)

Sharon's genius is that he ... (Below threshold)

Sharon's genius is that he made the best of a bad hand. He gave the Palestinians the worst possible thing, hand them what they wanted, a proto-State at the least worst cost to Israel. They will either implode in a civil war and hollow themselves out ( a win for Israel) force Egypt and or Jordan to crack down hard, very hard on them ( see the story about them storming the Egyptian border crossing and killing 2 Egyptian soldiers)again a win for Israel.
Or becoming a real people instead of an anti-people and forming a real and civil State, a win for Israel.
Only time will tell, but Sharon may well be remembered not only as a great tank general but as an equally great statesman.

Nobody, including Sharon, w... (Below threshold)

Nobody, including Sharon, will ever be able to give the Palestinians what they want by giving them what they ask for. Those are two entirely different things. They want to keep on fighting, killing, and dying and giving them what they claim to want would put the burden on them of disproving what every sane person on the planet already believes, that that's all they are capable of. Why else would they break every cease fire and throw away every chance they've ever been given to stop fighting?






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