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When you embrace diversity, diversity also embraces you -- and may cop a feel

The Massachusetts Department of Corrections' Director of Diversity is a Muslim chaplain named Ibrahim Rahim. He also moonlights as an "awake counselor" at a state-funded teen shelter. And it is at that night job of his where he is accused of raping a teenage girl.

IT is important to remember that an accusation is not a conviction, and false accusations from troubled teens are not exactly unknown. But if it is true, I suppose it could be considered that even rapists are a part of our community, and deserve representation...

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What an attention grabbing ... (Below threshold)
N. Shaheed:

What an attention grabbing headline..ha ha. Could the accuser be yearning for the same thing...attention? First sentence of second paragraph correctly reminds us all: an accusation is not a conviction. First instinct may be to embrace the teenage accuser, but one must keep in the forefront of his/her mind that this "youth", by her mom's own admission, has a history of troublesome behavior. It is imperative the investigators do not coddle this youth, but firmly and intensely question, re-question, probe and be on the look out for any inconsistencies. I am not advocating that she be unjustly dealt with, but a man's life hinges on objectivity versus subjectivity. I give the benefit of doubt to the accused unless irrefutable evidence (DNA, polygraph) proves otherwise. In this shelter did this youth have the fortune of having a room all to herself? Were there prolonged instances of absence in which the accused would be hard pressed explaining. Some men do possess morality, discipline and fear of God. Especially one knowing hell would be his abode if the Omnipotent knew he entertained such thoughts, let alone carried them out. I pray the young girl realizes the seriousness of such allegations and recants out of a sense of morality. This would neither be the first, nor will it be the last time a person, for whatever reason, puts forth, what I will call, a horrible attention-getting lie. "Bismillah tawakaltu 'ala Allah, la
hawla wa la quwata illaa bilLah"






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