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Quote Of The Day - Barney Fife Edition

"This new technology has created a whole wave of crimes, and we're just trying to find ways to solve them."
Canton City (Ohio) Prosecutor Frank Forchione commenting on the felony arrest of Lake High School senior Michael Stone for encouraging others in a chat room to crash his schools server. What newfangled technology is Stone alleged to have employed? The F5 (Refresh) key. Via Slashdot, who have downed the school and the city of Canton's websites via an old fashion /.' ing.

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Is it ok if I go on another... (Below threshold)
Sippin on Gin and Amish:

Is it ok if I go on another anti-cop screed? I actually read the whole article this time. Eh, better not.

Im just waiting for a rap song about going "F5 on an undercover cop"

“Michael said it was a joke... (Below threshold)

“Michael said it was a joke,” Forchione said. “We showed him how we deal with this kind of joke.”

If he's an elected official he's demonstrating why he shouldn't be re-elected. I suppose a total lack of common sense is a prerequisite to hold office or to weilding any kind of *official* power there.

God help anyone convicted of something serious.






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