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Quote Of The Day - CBS New Math Edition

"[Y]ou know, they're talking about giving Katie Couric $20 million. I say take that $20 million you could buy 40 reporters, 40 new reporters. You could give them each $250,000."
Andy Rooney of CBS's 60 Minutes, on Larry King Live, talking about the CBS anchor position. While they're at it they could take the left over $10 million and hire someone for 60 Minutes who wasn't alive when television was invented...

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Heck, I'd settle for someon... (Below threshold)

Heck, I'd settle for someone who wasn't alive when radio was invented.

To be fair, you've got to f... (Below threshold)

To be fair, you've got to factor in the cost of facilities, taxes, and benefits when you've got to consider the cost of an employee. (I've had to explain this to co-workers, but now our company makes the benefits and taxes costs explicit to us.) I wouldn't be surprised if a $250K/year reporter really costs CBS $500K/each.

The question is, though, is a TV reporter really worth that much? I would think not. But hey, neither is Couric worth $20 million, I would say.

One word:hairstyli... (Below threshold)

One word:


That other $10 million is o... (Below threshold)

That other $10 million is obviously earmarked for sales tax. Unless, y'know, you buy those reporters on a sales-tax holiday.

What I want to know is, can I get that hot French anchorbabe? Is there a mail-in rebate?

Maybe part of that left-ove... (Below threshold)

Maybe part of that left-over $10 million could be used to buy Andy Rooney a calculator. Obviously math isn't his forte. Then again, what is his forte?

Andy Rooney couldn't use a ... (Below threshold)

Andy Rooney couldn't use a ruler, not to mention a calculator...which along with his arithmetic skills, goes a long way in proving that reporters are paid fair value.

I wonder if they will still showcase Katie's only real asset, her legs, if she becomes an anchor?






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