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Ted Kennedy And "Youthful Indiscretion"

Words I never thought I'd hear come out of Ted Kennedy's fat face, (paraphrasing) "you can't chalk it up as some youthful indiscretion."

Kennedy, the new children's book author, who fondly remembers the Goldwater administration, couldn't be bothered to learn the pronunciation of Alito's name, repeatedly calling him, 'Judge Ali -OH -t -OH;' though he did do a better job than he did with Senator Osama bin Obama.

Was he talking about some crime?


The man who left Mary Jo Kopechne to die is worried about Alito's membership in Princton's Concerned Alumni of Princeton group.

Kennedy's line about how horrible the economy was drew a chuckle from the bloggers assembled at the RNC Blogger Forum, as at nearly the same moment the Dow Jones Industrial Average passed 11,000 - a level not seen since June 2001.

Mary Katharine Ham at HughHewitt.com has a roundup of other attendees at the RNC Blogger Forum, including Captain Ed and Michelle Malkin.


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Comments (19)

Homer sez, "D-OH, it... (Below threshold)

Homer sez, "D-OH, it's Ali-tOH."

Rumor has it that Ted named... (Below threshold)

Rumor has it that Ted named his dog 'Splash' for his splashes of vermouth BEFORE his Bug splashed.

I have pictures of Ted's fi... (Below threshold)

I have pictures of Ted's first two books here and here. Heh.

I was sure Kennedy book wou... (Below threshold)

I was sure Kennedy book would be a Driver's Ed textbook. ;-)

Having Ted Kennedy, John Ke... (Below threshold)
Borg Queen:

Having Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, etc etc etc blah blah blah, in the Senate is proof positive that we're living in Bizarro World.

That "man" makes me want to pound my head against a brick wall.

Kennedy's gaff is in today'... (Below threshold)

Kennedy's gaff is in today's Wizbang Podcast. Give it a listen if you have a few minutes.

Having that fat [email protected] talk a... (Below threshold)
John S:

Having that fat [email protected] talk about the poor economy is rich. Kennedy hasn't worked a day in his useless life. If he didn't have a $250 million trust fund, he'd be drinking Mad Dog out of a paper bag on Beacon Street.

That wasn't Teddy that puke... (Below threshold)

That wasn't Teddy that puked on my shoes over the weekend?!?

Why would anyone listen to ... (Below threshold)

Why would anyone listen to a Drunken Murderer?

"the Dow Jones Industrial A... (Below threshold)
Just John:

"the Dow Jones Industrial Average passed 11,000 - a level not seen since June 2001"

What does that say about the last four years? Color me unimpressed.

Since this man is so obviou... (Below threshold)

Since this man is so obviously morally handicapped and integrity challenged, is it really appropriate to make fun of this cripple? I doubt he neither knows better nor worse... ...meybe we can divert him to the next Special Olympics or something?

Just John wrote:"W... (Below threshold)

Just John wrote:

"What does that say about the last four years? Color me unimpressed."

it means that the market has gained ~3725~ points since the low of 7286 on Oct 9, 2002.
that means over 1000 points a year for the last three.
that's pretty f'in good considering the hit the economy took after 9/11!

Bullwinkle,I heard... (Below threshold)


I heard that Teddy's book is really called, "Mommy, Why is My Head So Big?"

bullwinkle...verra... (Below threshold)


verra funny...


The unfortunate Mary Jo ... (Below threshold)

The unfortunate Mary Jo was the daughter of Mr. Kopechne. I remember a wonderful photo of a floating VW Beetle with the caption "If Teddy had been driving one of these, he'd be president!"

Hmmm.Teddy's head ... (Below threshold)


Teddy's head is pretty damn big. What the heck is that all about anyways? Is it the drinking? A genetic condition? A disease?

That can't be natural. If it is then the Theory of Evolution is a crock because I can't imagine any situation where having a huge melon-sized head is an advantage.

Big head..what about those ... (Below threshold)

Big head..what about those ears..what the hell is going on with those things? And that nose...omg...how can they vote for someone who would scare the monsters in the closet? Of course it probably all feeds his total lack of self esteem. I almost feel sorry for the guy allowing himself to be used as the democratic windbag. The worst of them just have to stand next to him to look better..or speak after him to sound more reasonable.

Whenever I turn on the TV a... (Below threshold)

Whenever I turn on the TV and see "Senator" Kennedy talking about anyone or anything I get chills up and down my spine. Guess what Teddy boy - you're still a murderer. . . why should we care what you have to say about anything?

regarding the comment made ... (Below threshold)

regarding the comment made about Teddy Kennedy entering the Special Olympics:

Look at it this way; he'd be a shoo-in because his sister Eunice is in charge of it.


PS: Also, according to the National Enquirer, he has a 21-year-old love child. Should be interesting...hope he doesn't have that giant head.






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