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God protects fools, drunks, and children...

And Destiny Foose, 14, of Londonderry, NH, managed to hit the trifecta last week.

Here's a wake-up call for her parents, school, and peers.

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From the article:"... (Below threshold)

From the article:

"Lisa Foose said tests revealed her daughter had smoked marijuana, and her blood alcohol content was .387, more than 19 times the legal limit for a minor in the state of New Hampshire."

Just what IS the legal limit for a minor?


Lunacy, purely by the math,... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Lunacy, purely by the math, I suspect it's .02. And that sounds about right to me, as I recall hearing it being discussed.


What is it for an adult?</p... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Davis:

What is it for an adult?

The Blood Alcohol Content h... (Below threshold)

The Blood Alcohol Content here in Arizona is 0.08% for an adult. 0.02% is correct for a minor. I don't know anything about alcoholic beverages, so I'm assume that allow a whole family to drink wine, children included, with a meal, without the parents being hauled off to jail.

Reading the story, I thought, "I hope she learned a life-changing lesson from this." Then I read where her mother thinks Destiny took nothing from it. It's rather sad.

How much parental guidance ... (Below threshold)

How much parental guidance does it take to have a drinking problem at age 14?

Where are the kids getting ... (Below threshold)

Where are the kids getting scotch and rum? If her blood alcohol was .387, she already had a high tolerance for alcohol. Her parents need to get her into a intervention program and fast.

'Foose said the students co... (Below threshold)

'Foose said the students consumed scotch and rum'


'How much parental guidance does it take to have a drinking problem at age 14?'

At first I thought it was ridiculous that they were looking for a teen rehab but considering her parents are most likely complete idiots maybe it's for the best.

This from the girls mother:... (Below threshold)

This from the girls mother:

"She said administrators should have kept a closer eye on the wooded areas behind the school, where she claims they knew drinking had gone on before."

Kind of explains why the girl has problems, don't it?

Jay Tea, I was being sarcas... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, I was being sarcastic. I'd have to assume that there -0- is the LEGAL amount of alchohol for a minor.

I'm a missing something here?


Jeff the Baptist hits the n... (Below threshold)

Jeff the Baptist hits the nail on the head.
The mother blames the school for not keeping an eye on Destiny when she isn't on school grounds. She should be on her hands and knees in praise of the school officer who ran into the woods to save the girl. This is what happens when you abdicate your own responsibilities to the state.

Unfortunately, unless the parents get a clue and take a more active and personal responsibility for their child (being a parent I know that's not always easy, but it comes with the territory)then I am afraid that Destiny's destiny is nothing to look forward to.

Right on, Jeff the Baptist,... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Right on, Jeff the Baptist, that leapt out at me, too. Classic deflection on the part of the parents: It's the school's fault for not monitoring the woods 200 yards OFF campus!

There's only one way to sum this up. From "Parenthood":

"You know, Mrs. Buckman, you need a license to buy a dog, to drive a car - hell, you even need a license to catch a fish. But they'll let any butt-reaming asshole be a parent."

I know some people related ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I know some people related to the girl (closely related-to the point that they were very concerned about the girl a few months ago and the fact that she wasn't getting any help)-the girl's mom is too busy drinking and doing drugs herself to be all that concerned with what her daughter is doing.

I also think the mom is seeking to blame the wrong people here-granted it would be wise for the school to check out the wooded areas around the school-it is hardly the schools responsibility to make sure under age kids aren't drinking and doing drugs.

i happen to know destiny pe... (Below threshold)

i happen to know destiny personally, until about 6 months ago we were practically inseperable. well let me tell you, i was not one bit surprised to hear about this. shes been doing stupid stuff for attention for years, whether its cutting her arms, writing suicide notes, telling anyone who will listen about how her dad, who happens to be a very nice man, beats her. this girl is just screwed up, and im sure she's pleased she's finally getting the attention she's so desperately craved.

I really love all this misi... (Below threshold)
Bob Foose:

I really love all this misinformation and screwed up commentary here from people who know absolutely zero about Destiny or her family - Iris who DOES know Destiny and my son.

No, JT, .02 is not the figure. So tell us, where are you getting your information - or maybe where you got it is not legal to post here ? Not accurate - FACT !

No Seawitch, the doctors said she survived the BA content due the hypothermia.

"Just me" - you might want to think about getting a lawyer. What's the term... Defamation of Character or is it Slander.

Ah, yes, then there's the Baptist comments... ain't it.

I'm sure all you self-proclaimed experts and wannabe family / parenting counselors here meet your children when they arrive home from school... Want to take a poll how many of you commenting here on my family have latch-key kids - Mommie and Daddy must have their careers don'tcha know -and not a clue about what they're doing during the day at school, much less on the Net. Go out and take a look at MySpace.com... I got an education, you might too. Until just recently this was a lunchtime/study hall activity for some students at LHS !

IRIS - thank you for coming forward here. You KNOW my son, Lisa. and Destiny. As I recall you also know the circumstances at the school.

How many uninformed, ill-informed, speculating morons does it take to make a blog...?

Please feel free to email me if you want facts. Otherwise, well, I'll leave it at that.

Mr. Foose:All my i... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Mr. Foose:

All my information came from the account in the Union Leader, which I linked to above.

Lisa Foose said tests revealed her daughter had smoked marijuana, and her blood alcohol content was .387, more than 19 times the legal limit for a minor in the state of New Hampshire.

.387 divided by 19 is a smidgen over .02.

Sir, as I said, I hope this is a wake-up call for all concerned. If not, I foresee a funeral in the near future. No judgment, no condemning, so blaming, just a simple prediction based on preceding facts.


Thank You Bob, You... (Below threshold)
Marty Pelletier:

Thank You Bob,
Your son and his wife are good people. They love Destiny very much. They both have been working very hard at trying to help Destiny. There is only so much a mom and dad can do. If everone know there was a problem why did'nt they try and help. Even the Local PD has not done much in the way of help. I'm not takling about just Destiny. There is a lot of kids down there that need help. Just like Bob said, LOOK on MYSPACE.com
I bet your kidds are on there too. It is not a good site. I just can't belive that there is a lot of you out there that think you have a perfect child.
Like I said before Destiny is a good kid, she just needs help. Her parents are great people trust me I know.
Bob you should know who this is.
I stand beside the Foose's in Helping Destiny and other kids.

Hey i sit next to destiny i... (Below threshold)

Hey i sit next to destiny in school and she is a really nice girl and im not surprised that she did this and i consider her a friend of mine and i pray to her parents for the best

"Like I said before Dest... (Below threshold)
Chuck Latanowich:

"Like I said before Destiny is a good kid, she just needs help. Her parents are great people trust me I know."

Hear hear Marty!

The speculation and such displayed here and elsewhere is horrible.

I love you destiny good luc... (Below threshold)

I love you destiny good luck come back to school soon Mtizzle

Not to try and revive a dea... (Below threshold)

Not to try and revive a dead subject but I know destiny too and she is a very good kid. She has some issues but I think that if anything, this should be looked into further...not her in particular but other kids.

Just yesterday at lunch I was next to a kid that was going to sell someone adderall [sp?]

Kids are messed up, parents, teach your kids about being Straight Edge. IT IS THE MOST SAFE ANSWER TO BEING A TEEN.






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