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Bad Doggie update

The good people of Boston can rest easily this day, as Brian Schwab and his pit bull, Gabrielle, are back in custody. The two were caught yesterday. In a stunning example of brilliance, Mr. Schwab took Gabrielle to the state house in search of a sympathetic lawmaker to lift Gabby's death sentence.

And in an "only in Massachusetts" angle, they were caught AFTER they tried to get into the state house, were denied entrance, and walked off unhindered.

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The dog bit the officer/s a... (Below threshold)

The dog bit the officer/s after being commanded to do so by the creepy owner, from what the article says. Now the dog's facing euthanasia for viscious behavior but it seems the dog's doing what it's being asked to do by a viscious owner.

I think in cases like this, dogs should be given at least some opportunity to display willingness to act on other commands that aren't viscious, and be separated (d'oh) from people who command them to do these acts. Because, quite literally, you can instruct most dogs to do anything you want them to, with adequate training. I really hate reading about "obedient" dogs being euthanised, when what they've done is "the right thing" as per a command.

Note that the dog's owner w... (Below threshold)

Note that the dog's owner was seen by the officer/s to be "stabbing the kitchen floor with a screwdriver" out of 'frustration' or anger or whatever...crazy guy commands obedient dog to do crazy acts seems to define a crazy guy/owner, not a crazy dog.

Where is PETA? Nevermind, I... (Below threshold)
Dan S:

Where is PETA? Nevermind, I don't want to know.

Just prosecute the man for assaulting a law officer with a deadly weapon. Now. Put him away before he kills someone.

Dan S, PETA isn't intereste... (Below threshold)

Dan S, PETA isn't interested in the fate of animals. Living near their HQ has taught me that. They are only interested in performing publicity stunts in order to raise money to pay themselves to....go out and make publicity stunts.

The ONLY thing they routinely do with animals is kill them. They are the second largest killer of animals in the state. Now, for the most part it is for euthanizing sick or dying animals, but they don't actually care. As evidenced by the recent arrest of two of their employees they are just as happy collecting perfectly healthy pets and killing them too....then dumping their bodies in a dumpster. Virginia Beach/Norfolk is a Navy town and many people drop their pets off at PETA when they leave or get re-deployed thinking PETA will help place the animals with other families. In reality, those animals are dead with 24 hours of being dropped off.

PETA is one of the biggest scams out there. The SPCA is far more deserving organization for people who actually care about animals.

I don't know where you all ... (Below threshold)

I don't know where you all get your information... but he did not command that dog to bite the officers. The dog bit after they grabbed him! There is no doubt the dog is nuts, but she was protecting her owner like she should!

By the way regrding this is... (Below threshold)

By the way regrding this issue of"stabbing the floor with a screwdriver, that comment was taken out of context. The person that stabbed the floor with the screwdriver was not Brian it was the person who owned the home where Brian was living. This was done in frustration. The dog would eat the wood on the door jams as the home owner was fixing up his home. The newspaper interviewed the family, and took our comments and "TWISTED them"

Michele McPhee of the Boston Herald quoted ME as saying that Brian said, "I have Gabrielle back". What was really said "Brain, DID they (BostonCourt System)give
the dog back to you? Please, people be aware do NOT beleive everything you read.

The newspaper BOSTON HERALD by Michele McPhee, called me personally, I know what I SAID.

Remember, you could be next!!!

Hi Christine,This is... (Below threshold)

Hi Christine,
This is from your mom, please don't listen to these people, they have nothing better to do. We KNOW what really happened. If, it happened like the officers say it did, why haven't they produced ALL of the evidence. We both know that this story is not told out of concern for either, the dog, Brian or the officers, it's being told for SENSATIONALISM, to entertain our next door neighbor. Meanwhile, people like you and I have to live it!
S- is obviously blind deaf and dumb and has NOT LIFE to be on this board!!

HEY -S, show us who you are!! You have a lot to say. Let's hear it. I'll match you word for word. YOU are very viscious with your posts.

I hope that you only get what is coming to you! I'd like to tell you face to face but you are a coward.







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