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Not just the booze talking

Yesterday, I reported about a 14-year-old New Hampshire girl who nearly died from an alcohol and drug overdose, saved only by hypothermia.

Well, Destiny Foose is recovering nicely in a Boston hospital, and she's given an interview to New Hampshire's Union Leader newspaper. She says the right things, and just might be able to turn her life around.

I see a lot of offers for TV appearance in her future, as Oprah, Montel, and the like beat down her door to get her story out. If she's very lucky, she'll be able to avoid it and just quietly work on being a normal, healthy kid for a while.

But, sadly, I don't see that happening.

(Update: Crud, wrong link posted. Link to actual story given. Thanks, Marcus.)

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<a href="http://news.yahoo.... (Below threshold)
Jay's right. She says all t... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Jay's right. She says all the right things, and talks all the right remorseful talk. But having had my sister go down the the exact same drug/alcohol/near death path at 14 (and again at 16), I've heard that before, too. I can assure everyone that even though Destiny is going into rehab, she's got a long way to go to conquer her problems. Same can be said for her family, who seem to have been in denial over their child's problems for quite some time.

Hopefully it scared the f-ing daylights out of her; enough to get the most out of her 28 days in rehab. I wish them all the best, they're going to need it.

(Jay, I don't think the link is working properly.) I found the story here.

Elmo, I heard a number twic... (Below threshold)

Elmo, I heard a number twice as high (14%) this morning on the radio.

Just goes to show that 3.14159265% of statistics are made up.

I just noticed this, but th... (Below threshold)

I just noticed this, but the link Jay gives (at the time of this comment post) leads to the Wizbang story. Did you mean to do that, Jay?

In case someone else is looking for the interview, it is on the web.

Now if she can just manufac... (Below threshold)

Now if she can just manufacture a story about how she beat down a bunch of cops, got gang raped in jail, taught her pet mouse how to read and then cleaned up her life -- she may just be able to give James Frey a run for his money.

The freshman said she di... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

The freshman said she did not think she had a problem with drugs or alcohol.

I know this comment is a lie. A close family member to her, that I know was concerned last fall, because she was drinking and drugs had been found in her possession by her family on several occassions.

Hopefully this will be a wake up call for her, and she will get her act together, and get off the drugs and alcohol-but she is going to need a lot of support from home to do it.

Not to worry Marcus, we cov... (Below threshold)

Not to worry Marcus, we cover the whole field.


I am forever amazed at how ... (Below threshold)

I am forever amazed at how easily we cast our judgements and with very few "facts". The supposed facts in this case are coming mostly from the media, and those facts have changed daily. Does anyone recall your parents saying to you "don't believe everything that you read"?
It's all speculation. The only person who knows the facts in full is Destiny. What a wonderful world it would become if we simply wished her the very best, to gain some experiential learning from this and leave her to heal with love, support and a really good therapist.
For those who choose to jump on her parents back, let me ask you this..."Do you know where your children are and what they are doing?" If not check in, because you maybe amazed at what you will find.






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