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Have These People Never Been to a Funeral?

The moonbat wing of the Democratic party is trying to make the case that Lindsey Graham made Mrs. Alito cry. They are hiding behind John Cole's skirt to do it. John misses the mark when he says:

But only the most patently dishonest person on the planet would claim that Mrs. Alito left after a Democratic attack. She left after REPUBLICAN Sen. Lindsey Graham was basically praising Alito, defending him and reciting some of the things that have been said about Alito.
Hello? Of course she left after the Dems attack. Not just rhetorically but chronologically. You can't say the Drudge headline is a lie unless she left before the attack. (OK call me a literalist.) [And to split a hair, if you watch the video, John has it slightly off. She starts crying before Lindsey Graham starts the apology so his point is moot anyway.]

But that completely misses the larger point. When a widow cries at her husband's eulogy is she crying because of the speaker or because her husband is dead?

Lindsey Graham no more made her cry than I did. The emotion of the whole thing got to her. Dare I say it that if your spouse when through that, you'd probably be in the same condition by the end of it.

Yes, at the snapshot in time that she started crying a Republican was starting to speak. If you think that absolves Dems for their irresponsible behavior then you're sorely mistaken. QED


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Comments (30)

Paul, If folks like... (Below threshold)

If folks like Kennedy and company were concerned with honesty, Mrs. Alito wouldn't be crying in the first place, so why is it a shock that they would play games with this too?

New Democratic Party Strate... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

New Democratic Party Strategy: See hole. Dig deeper. Jump in. Repeat as necessary.

You have the order wrong.</... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:

You have the order wrong.

1. See hole

2. Jump in

3. Dig deeper


You guys are upset when pol... (Below threshold)

You guys are upset when politics gets personal and upsets someone? Really? That's funny. Now drink another quaf of your kool-aid and repeat after me "Republicans have never behaved inappropriately or smeared/upset someone personally, let's all act outraged together." Or, better yet, let's all start acting like grown ups and elect and support adults who actually make mature decisions for the greater good instead of grand-standing for the cameras and the partisan base where the bribe du jour is coming from. And, yes, that goes for both sides. I'm tired of my country being dragged through the muck because all of us over-informed web enthusiasts can't pull our heads out of our collective asses long enough to make a positive difference. Whew...I feel better now.

Oh, please. After seeing wh... (Below threshold)

Oh, please. After seeing what her husband went through? We see news reports all the time where Senators are telling people they should be fired. This is just another example of how Republicans talk tough, but turn into pussies when the heat's on. Alito got this far in life and he can't take some sharp questions from Senators? And I suppose every Republican complaining about the CAP questions can be counted on to never mention Robert Byrd and the KKK again.

Wow, now we have the bright... (Below threshold)

Wow, now we have the brightest and newest confirmation strategy.

Imagine if John Robert's young son and daughters had burst into tears during his confirmation hearings?

Now that would be good theater!

This? Not so good, but no doubt a trailblazer for future nominees!

Yet, still a total yawner...

Oops, meant Robert's daught... (Below threshold)

Oops, meant Robert's daughter. I believe he has only one.

So, let me get some things ... (Below threshold)

So, let me get some things straight.....

1. Judge Alito "cannot take tough questions" ABOUT CASES which have, or may come before the court because he WOULD HAVE TO RECUSE HIMSELF from those cases, and he's "not able to take the heat".

2. Senator Feinstein does not know the meaning of the world "hypothetical" and she is "simply doing her job" by ASKING HIM TO COMMENT ON A CASE which would FORCE HIM to recuse himself later on.

3. To my memory, no GOP Senator has reduced a prospective SCOTUS Justice's spouse TO TEARS, but we are supposed to "get over it" and ALLOW the DNC (or their ilk) to BLAME IT ON THE GOP simply because a GOP Senator was STARTING to speak when Mrs. Alito began crying, and did not actually leave the room until later.

So, to recap, who is acting like children?

What a joke, comparing talk... (Below threshold)

What a joke, comparing talking about the hard fact Robert Byrd's KKK days with attempting to manufacture facts from fiction to smear Judge Alito is typical of the "everyone is else is responsible" motto they must beat through the thick skulls of those who sign up for moonbat school.

Get over it LOL... (Below threshold)

Get over it LOL

ChrisYou said “Alito... (Below threshold)

You said “Alito got this far in life and he can't take some sharp questions from Senators?”
It wasn’t the sharp questions about judicial philosophy most people have a hard time with. It the statement of personal attacks that most don’t like. Inferring that Alito is a racist bigot, liar as well as other unfounded qualities can upset many of his friends or family. Your family and friends may be different but not most of the people I know. Alito did not himself breakdown and in the end he is the candidate. It does have a chilling affect on those who want to serve in the courts for anything except those with selfish reason. Hopefully not to much though.

Graham caused her to cry. <... (Below threshold)

Graham caused her to cry.

It was Graham's words that did it.

Graham asked Alito if he was a closet bigot. That is when she broke down in tears. Check the video.

[I checked the video and you are wrong and/or a liar. Either way the rest of your comment has been removed since you have no concept of reality. (silly me worrying about reality) When you get your facts right you're welcome to comment again. -ED]

Ask Mrs. Alito if she would... (Below threshold)

Ask Mrs. Alito if she would rather slap Lindsey Graham in the face, or Ted Kennedy.

There is your answer.

[When you have something to... (Below threshold)
Look What We Have Become:

[When you have something to say about Alito please feel free to comment. Till then if you would like your own blog, I suggest blogger. -ED]

So now the "debate" is over... (Below threshold)

So now the "debate" is over when and how Mrs. Alito cried. Profound. Moonbats...try this, ***Alito will be confirmed***.

Shove that and see how it fits.

DV , Could it be that she ... (Below threshold)

DV , Could it be that she that she just had to sit and listen to a drubbing of the person she has spent the last 20 years with and knows him better than anyone, and then finally lost it when Graham spoke?
How in the hell can you mak the distinction over which phrase or word will reduce a person to tears.
I find it odd that you apparently don't care that the lady was made to cry, your only concern is that you pin it on a republican....Mook

When Katie Couric (the ulti... (Below threshold)

When Katie Couric (the ultimate cheerleader for the Left) has to ask Biden if Alito's wife crying shows the Democrats have finally gone too far, then you know it's pretty bad for the Dems.

BTW, Alito's wife has already told Graham that she cried because all of her emotions finally came to the surface after 3 days. I think anyone with a brain can figure out who and what made her cry.

Nice try though lefties.

This is a joke, and I have ... (Below threshold)

This is a joke, and I have to believe most of you know it and are just trying to take advantage of something that you think gives the Republicans an edge. The Senators weren't talking to Mrs. Alito, so they don't owe her an apology. The way this keeps getting replayed, you make it sound as though the guy was being tortured. I'd like someone to qoute the most vile thing any Senator has said to Alito in the last three days. And I don't mean a characterization of what they said, I mean a quote.

I'm sorry she got upset. Perhaps she should stay home. If he wants to use her for a prop, that's his business. The Senators shouldn't have to change the way they do business because someone's wife might cry. That's ridiculous.

I'd really like an answer to a question I posted previously. What other tough grilling should be avoided because someone's wife might cry? Should Rumsfeld's wife sit behind him while McCain accuses him of supporting torture, and when she runs from the room in tears suddenly McCain has to apologize? How about if Brownie's wife had been sitting behind him? That was a pretty rough one. Or is it only when you know your guy's right and the Dems are wrong that these new rules apply?

And by the way, you can't diss Katie Couric until she says something you like, then suddenly hold her up as a voice of wisdom.

I agree that the Democrats ... (Below threshold)

I agree that the Democrats should continue to do just what they are doing. And the media continue to report every bit of it.

Poor old "Chris--e" can't s... (Below threshold)

Poor old "Chris--e" can't stand it because his beloved Democrats are making complete ass's out of themselves. (snicker snicker)

01-13-06Subject: ... (Below threshold)
Tony Valeri:


Subject: Senatorial CLOWNS--America’s Embarrassment

Kennedy, Schumer, Biden, Leahy, Feinstein, Feingold, Kohl, Durban, the BEASTS of the Beltway, whose behavior as Democrats reached a new low of the Liberal, PC, America Hating, Self-Serving Hypocrites and Political Perverts by their bashing, belittling and defaming of Judge Alito’s foreshadowed climb into his Justiceship on the Supreme Court and has, hopefully, showed those of us loving America the long time darkside of the Liberal/Progressive establishment..

This behavior is by no means the first time the Democrats have engaged in this incredulously infantile game of GOTCHA. It has been played time and again against all Conservative Judges recommended by Conservative Administrations for both Circuit Court of Appeal appointments, as well as for the Supreme Court. It just has reached a level never attained before because of the hatred of the BUSH Administration by the Democrat Loser Party, who never heard of the age old sayings, obviously not told to them by their mothers, of Never be a POOR loser, and Always put your country FIRST in times of political turmoil.

These acts of desperation by the Democrats have had worldwide negative implications on America and has given our terrorist enemies the ammunition they need to continue their fight to de-stable America’s political, economical and social structures so as to bring America down to the level of the 3rd world countries that promote government by tyrants and religion by torture and murder.

The Girlie Men and Hate Mongering Feminists that have long proliferated in the current Democrat Party have had their day and America is waking up to a renewal of its traditional values and world respect by taking the PCs Sissy Bull by the horns and corralling it, so it can no longer contaminate America the Beautiful.

Tony Valeri, Eugene, OR Tel: 541 607-6305 [email protected]

Perhaps she should stay ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps she should stay home. If he wants to use her for a prop, that's his business. The Senators shouldn't have to change the way they do business because someone's wife might cry.

Let's add Chris' comments to the fun being perpetuated by Koskiddies

This cry, in my opinion, is staged. Yes, I believe it is planned.
After listening to hours of testimony, she was forced to admit to herself what a sleazebag weazel she had married. She was previously totally unaware that her husband belonged to a group that tried to keep females out of Princeton, and she suddently realized it was HIS handwriting on the death threats she received when she applied there in the 60's.
or this one
I'm GLAD she was reduced to tears. These hyper-pampered Stepford wives have never endured anything more stressful than making it to Saks Fifth Avenue before it closes. If seeing her poor widdle hubby getting caught in an avalanche of lies about his not-exactly-concealed racism triggers the weeping-willow response, I'd venture to say Martha needs to get out a little more. Maybe visit a black neighborhood or two and get acquainted with a few strong women who DON'T burst into tears while DAILY dealing with hardships that Martha's fragile, feeble mind could not even conceive of. What a phony, fraudulent, sheltered twit.
and then there's this reasoned analysis from "feminist" Jane
...a bigoted, sexist, entitled, slavering chickenhawk like Alito ... and oh the poor frumpy sobbing wife.
Ah, yes...from the party that disavows classism and sexism....from the Party of Tolerance™

I love the smell of irony in the morning!

Chis needs a nice long vaca... (Below threshold)

Chis needs a nice long vacation and some drugs! Maybe he can go live with Sean Penn for a bit!

So, other than the personal... (Below threshold)

So, other than the personal attacks, and attaching my name to Kos comments with which I have no connection, it's apparent that no one here has anything of substance to say. So I'll ask again: What exactly did Kennedy or any other Democrat say when accusing Alito of being a bigot, and how should we react if another person's wife starts crying while her husband is being questioned by a Senator?

Hey, Alito's wife crying worked great for the Republicans, and I'm sure the public sympathized with her. But it's a little ironic to see all of the tearing of hair and rending of garments over the incredible torture she had to endure, then accuse the Democrats of playing "gotcha" politics.

liberal lunacy: what irony ... (Below threshold)
fair and balanced:

liberal lunacy: what irony is there in "mrs. alito" breaking down like any loving spouse who would deplore the ridiculous accusations of kennedy and his cohorts? the "moral equivalency" trademark of liberal lunatics has evolved into no morality at all. liberals are, from their inception cowards, not patriots, who have no ability to compete in our society and/or have no concept of what it takes or would take to preserve our society, the most free and prosperous that has ever existed. how can one be so venomous and disingenuous toward a society that permits you to be the idiot that you chose, and still allow you to prosper within it?

ginsburg was approved by 90+ senators. not because conservatives believed in the social policy of the aclu's grand wizard but because conservatives believe in our system of government, for better or worse. does that particular reality resonate in your angry, loathing mind, chris? or do you still hate conservatives. say it chris; i like abortion! because if you are endorsing the democratic party, that is all you stand for!

"only the most patently dis... (Below threshold)

"only the most patently dishonest person on the planet would claim that Mrs. Alito left after a Democratic attack. She left after REPUBLICAN Sen. Lindsey Graham was basically praising Alito"



So, what exactly did Kenned... (Below threshold)

So, what exactly did Kennedy say? Still waiting...

"DO YOU LIBS' SEE HOW FAR O... (Below threshold)


LOL. "Honesty", do you see how out of your mind you are? You just called John Cole a liberal. HAHA. Now that is truly hilarious.

Oh wait, I forgot. "You're either with us, or against us". I guess Cole is now a Liberal. LOL.

Mrs Alito stated to cry when Graham asked if her husband was a closet bigot. End of story.

I honestly don't see what t... (Below threshold)

I honestly don't see what the big deal is.

One, we all knew Dems were over the edge and unhinged a loooooong time ago. The effect their behavior did or didn't have on Mrs. Alito doesn't prove anything.

But two, why on earth is it so significant that Alito's wife started crying at the hearings? I mean, she's a woman. Being a woman myself, I know for a fact that women cry all the time--sometimes for the silliest and most irrational reasons. I mean, I cried this morning because I asked my husband to get me a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit from McDonald's and he got me a bacon, egg and cheese bagel instead. (Okay, not really, but I almost did). Seems pretty normal that a woman would shed a few tears over her husband coming under such intense political scrutiny.

But the fact of the matter is, the woman's husband is likely about to become one of the most powerful men in the country. That's a road that you simply don't travel down without shedding a few tears, public or not, so I just don't feel a great deal of sympathy for her.

ClobberGirlIt's ni... (Below threshold)


It's nice to see you have a perspective on this. The only thing I would add is that when I see the reaction of the right-wingers to Mrs Alito crying (I mean c'mon, I have been to a funeral. Most funerals don't end with your husband on the Supreme Court) it's clear that when it comes to being unhinged, the right wing has retired the trophy.






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