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Milblog of the week

This week's milblog is The Officer's Club. Run by three officers from across the country, The Officer's Club has garnered plenty of praise since they started last October, having benefited from Instalanches, Malkinamis, Little Green Punts, Tips of the Martini Glass, and countless other links from big-name bloggers.

And it's well-deserved. Charlie, John, and Chris do a great job. They've shredded the despicable, loathsome, vile Code Pink. They've pointed out China as a "dog that doesn't bark" in the war on terror. And their scourging of that great thinker, Barbra Streisand, must've left marks.

But they also do upbeat stuff, too. They post great pictures of the day, but unfortunately they often link to very temporary images. They also point out other great pictures.

Overall, it's a hell of a great site for some inside perspective on the military world, presented by three guys who know how to put it in terms even civilians can understand. Head on over and enjoy it.

A thank-you goes out to Ken Vafier, who e-mailed me nominating Charlie, John, and Chris for MilBlog of The Week. I appreciate the heads-up, Ken.

I am always accepting nominations for MilBlog Of The Week. Just e-mail them to jaytea (at) wizbangblog.com, or TempoMan49 (at) yahoo.com.

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Excellent choice! I've been... (Below threshold)

Excellent choice! I've been reading the OC for a few months and stop by every day or two. Well worth the time for anyone interested in matters military.

awesome pick! I started rea... (Below threshold)

awesome pick! I started reading the officers' club in november and it is a daily read.

these guys are new, but are already making huge waves. they're like a military malkin, will definitely be the next blackfive or greyhawk.






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