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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) (background) the ranking democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, takes a picture at the start of the testimony of witnesses on Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito's Senate confirmation hearings as Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) listens on Capitol Hill in Washington January 12, 2006. Alito completed his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday after frustrated Democrats took a final crack at getting more definitive answers from the 55-year-old conservative. REUTERS/Jim Young

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (111)

Trying to answer a question... (Below threshold)

Trying to answer a question thru pictures, What in the world is in this guys head?

Finally! A picture of Kenne... (Below threshold)

Finally! A picture of Kennedy without a drink in his hand! Now if he will just stop smelling his finger...

(This is bad form I know bu... (Below threshold)
retired military:

(This is bad form I know but I had to do it after Kennedy's debacle of this week).

The man from behind the grassy knoll checks the line up of his next shot.

Dick Cheney snaps a quick p... (Below threshold)

Dick Cheney snaps a quick pic of Alito cleaning the floor using Schumer as a mop.

Cheney Takes a Sapshot.... (Below threshold)

Cheney Takes a Sapshot.

First it was wiretaps, now ... (Below threshold)

First it was wiretaps, now its snapshots, will the Bush administration will stop at nothing?

DRUDGEBREAKING: Unidentifie... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

DRUDGEBREAKING: Unidentified Photographer hopes to capture BIG political payback from Alito Photo Op.

Forget about it, you cant c... (Below threshold)

Forget about it, you cant capture ego on film

Where has that finger be... (Below threshold)

Where has that finger been Kyl... er, Teddy?!?

Oh, I gotta get a picture o... (Below threshold)

Oh, I gotta get a picture of this! Senator Kennedy's mooning Judge Alito! ...What? That's his head?

Finally, the mystery photog... (Below threshold)

Finally, the mystery photographer behind the "pee memo" snapshot is revealed.

Eeera, you should never tak... (Below threshold)

Eeera, you should never take my photograph without first ahhsking me. Ahh, um, Mary Jo took my photograph without first ahhsking me once......ONCE!

Ted Kennedy, a man so habit... (Below threshold)

Ted Kennedy, a man so habitually drunk that even his photograph is blurred.

finally, A clear headed Ted... (Below threshold)

finally, A clear headed Ted Kennedy!

Photographer hopes to captu... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Photographer hopes to capture what
M'achusetts is missing.

"I hope no one catches me s... (Below threshold)

"I hope no one catches me smelling my finger..."

Avian photographer gets the... (Below threshold)

Avian photographer gets the pic of the most bloated moonbat ever to be photographed.

"That's no moon."<... (Below threshold)

"That's no moon."

"Bob, I thought the boss told you to stop using the zoom lens on Ted Kennedy's head."

"I didn't. His head really is that big."

Wow, I didn't know the craz... (Below threshold)

Wow, I didn't know the crazy guy who keeps asking people to "smell my finger" is a US Senator!

Photographer (thinking): "C... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Photographer (thinking): "C'mon, Eat the booger, eat the booger!"

Gees, I'm gonna need a wide... (Below threshold)
Old Soldier:

Gees, I'm gonna need a wide-angle lens for this shot.

Pssst, Senator Kennedy, cou... (Below threshold)

Pssst, Senator Kennedy, could you move a little more to the right so I could get a picture of the nominee? OK, OK, if you don't do that then move more to the left already!!!!

CheneyCam... (Below threshold)


Our intrepid photographer s... (Below threshold)
Brian the Adequate:

Our intrepid photographer stalks the rare red nosed bulbuos nincompoop

Damnit, Ted, move your head... (Below threshold)

Damnit, Ted, move your head, you're blocking my upskirts pics.

Kennedy thinks, "Damn it! W... (Below threshold)

Kennedy thinks, "Damn it! When I ordered a shot, I meant the kind that comes in a glass."

Vice President Dick Cheney ... (Below threshold)

Vice President Dick Cheney keeps a close eye on America's enemies from an undisclosed location.

"And now I hunt the great d... (Below threshold)

"And now I hunt the great drunk beast. Call me Ishmael."

Yeah - where were the camer... (Below threshold)

Yeah - where were the cameras when Mary Jo was in the car??

After waiting for hours in ... (Below threshold)

After waiting for hours in his blind, the photographer finally gets a shot of the great white bloviating whale

The photographer went on to... (Below threshold)

The photographer went on to collect millions for proving the existence of the once-thought-mythical Bighead.

The bet is $50 that after h... (Below threshold)

The bet is $50 that after he picks it he eats it. But I want proof.

"The tube running through m... (Below threshold)

"The tube running through my sleeve to the flask in my pocket was great idea."

Zapruder's son getting the ... (Below threshold)

Zapruder's son getting the historical footage of triangulating bloviation. There was no "single shooter" off of the mouth. Shumer was in the grassy knoll, Leahy in the book repository, and Biden was at Jack Ruby's strip club getting a lap dance and talking the poor dancer to death.

"I can't wait to photoshop ... (Below threshold)

"I can't wait to photoshop Britney's head onto Ted's manly, walrus-like body," thought Pat Leahy as he clicked the shutter.

Nikon introduces the new 9m... (Below threshold)

Nikon introduces the new 9mm single shot.

In a last desparate attempt... (Below threshold)

In a last desparate attempt to derail the Alito nomination Senator Leahy and Moveon.org get a picture of Alito during the confirmation to photoshop, there plan to add a earpiece and say the Carl Rove was scripting the judges answers, but alas they were caught by a blogger thus exposing there utter irrelivence. HAh!

A stealthy photographer cap... (Below threshold)

A stealthy photographer captures the infamous "wicked witch of Massachusetts" just before he melts away into total irrelevance.

"I'm melting, melting!"

When the TV cameras weren't... (Below threshold)

When the TV cameras weren't on him, Sen. Kennady appeared to lose focus.

Sen. Leahy adds to his coll... (Below threshold)

Sen. Leahy adds to his collection of upskirt photos of Senate spectators.

Sen. Leahy patiently waits ... (Below threshold)

Sen. Leahy patiently waits for Claire Shipman to uncross her legs for the, "money shot."

dick just knew he finally h... (Below threshold)

dick just knew he finally had a winning entry in the "catch a drunk contest"

hmmmm...Make note! The sena... (Below threshold)
Jerry D:

hmmmm...Make note! The senate needs to go back to the 2 ply tissue!

NSA Operative Cheney, with ... (Below threshold)

NSA Operative Cheney, with Presidential Waiver in hand was all set to begin the surveillience of America's No 1 threat, when he decided to snap pics of the MILF in the third row of the audience instead.

"Looks like I picked the wr... (Below threshold)

"Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing poo..."

Damn, Ted, your drinking ... (Below threshold)
B's Freak:

Damn, Ted, your drinking is blurring MY vision.

Dick, incognito as a dick, ... (Below threshold)

Dick, incognito as a dick, takes his best shot.

Acting on a tip from Pat Ro... (Below threshold)

Acting on a tip from Pat Robertson, Dick Cheney performs reconnaissance in search of the “mark” that will end all doubt that Ted Kennedy is a spawn of the devil.

...okay now get the squirtg... (Below threshold)

...okay now get the squirtgun full of Jergins and get him right in the face when the Chairman bitch-slaps him again.

Senator Leahy uses a specia... (Below threshold)

Senator Leahy uses a special rose colored lens provided by the Democrat party to capture the proceedings.After some additional Photoshopping,the official Democrat record of the hearings will be produced and used for future fundraising.

As Mr. Kennedy sniffed his ... (Below threshold)

As Mr. Kennedy sniffed his finger, he thought fondly of his time with Barney Frank, thinking, "I'll never was this finger again...."

"Damn! the only time I reme... (Below threshold)

"Damn! the only time I remember to take the lens cover off and have a fresh battery;that idiot Kennedy and his monstrous head are in the way.

Whale watching!... (Below threshold)

Whale watching!

Senator Leahy practices for... (Below threshold)

Senator Leahy practices for his new career as a paparazzi.

Cheney: "C'mon Ted look thi... (Below threshold)

Cheney: "C'mon Ted look this way!"
Keenedy: "No."
Cheney?: "Pleeease??"
Kennedy: "Go fuck yourself, Dick."

Senator Leahy takes a first... (Below threshold)

Senator Leahy takes a first-of-the-morning photo before Kennedy has his 9 am bourbon and the resulting glow off his nose screws with the lighting.

Senator Leahy, in a miracle... (Below threshold)

Senator Leahy, in a miracle of digital photography, records Ted Kennedy's self-image.

KENNEDY SHOT!!!... (Below threshold)


There once was a man from C... (Below threshold)

There once was a man from Chappaquiddik,
whose actions that day will makeyousick.
And his part of the hearing,
was so less than endearing,
it proved again that he isadick.

"Okay Judge, just one more ... (Below threshold)

"Okay Judge, just one more request from the commitee; the American people need you to make love to the camera. That's it. (click) Oh yeah. (click) Fantastic. (click) Now get mad, think Roe v. Wade, America has a right to see that pouty look (click). Good. (click) Great. (click) Now turn, sneer and say "stare decisis". (click) Fabulous. You're on fire Judge! (click). Whew! Now, how's about you slipping out of the robe for a few more?

"Smile for the Leahy... tha... (Below threshold)

"Smile for the Leahy... that's right. Now arch your back and then... and then look back at me, mean. Like a... Like a dragon."

[With apologies to the remake of Starsky & Hutch]

"Focus, focus--the camera j... (Below threshold)

"Focus, focus--the camera just won't focus on Kennedy--and look, now the lens is cracked...."

Mmmmmmm.....Pelosi!... (Below threshold)


Dang...I can't get a wide e... (Below threshold)

Dang...I can't get a wide enough lens to fit that enormous head in the frame...

You're gonna need a wider l... (Below threshold)

You're gonna need a wider lens

This isn't an entry, but ki... (Below threshold)

This isn't an entry, but kind of on topic:

I've made four whole pages of Alito Hearings photo funnies! Start here on page one and keep reading!

Nigel was unsure is the gra... (Below threshold)

Nigel was unsure is the gray topped specimen was a rare Bostonian Hippocritamous or if it was the fabled Alcoholic Land Whale, either way he knew he knew the cover of National Geographic. was in the bag.

Senator Leahy relies on Nik... (Below threshold)

Senator Leahy relies on Nikon cameras and lenses for all his blackmailing needs. Shouldn't you?

Photographers catch Edward ... (Below threshold)

Photographers catch Edward Kennedy (D-Drunk) doing his best imitation of John Bolton during senate confirmation hearings for Samuel Alito.

Yes! The New York Times wil... (Below threshold)

Yes! The New York Times will love my expose of how,once again, the Bush administration is abusing enemy combatants!

Carl Rove is captured using... (Below threshold)

Carl Rove is captured using his secret mind ray (camouflaged as a camera) implanting single syllable thoughts into Ted Kennedy’s mind: CAP, CAP, CAP, CAP, keep asking him about CAP!

Kennedy suddenly remembers:... (Below threshold)

Kennedy suddenly remembers: "I have to tell someone that we need toilet paper in the men's room."


Kennedy thought bubble: "I knew it, my shit don't stink!"

Carl Rove is seen here as h... (Below threshold)

Carl Rove is seen here as he captures a rare “Hemiptera Pentatomidae”, commonly known as a Massachusetts Stink Bug.

Amazing! You can take his p... (Below threshold)
a. moral:

Amazing! You can take his picture from any angle and all you see is an ass.

Hah! There it is, right abo... (Below threshold)

Hah! There it is, right above the collar: "666".

"Hmmm. Well,threatening did... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

"Hmmm. Well,threatening didn''t work...maybe if I pretend that I'm Hitler...

The hearings had gone on wa... (Below threshold)

The hearings had gone on way too long. They were desperate to do anything to make Kennedy f('in)/stop!

...And finally in todays ne... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

...And finally in todays news we've included a Candid shot of Ted Kennedy contemplating Barbara Feinstein's navel. (photo courtesy of Wylie J. Coyote of Acme Photo Labs)

"Shhh, look! I've spotted t... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"Shhh, look! I've spotted the Bloated Liberal Windbag, the official state bird of Massachusetts. Notice the liver spotting on the hands, the slurred speech tinged by the annoying accent and it's amazing proclivity to insert both feet into its mouth with ease! Wait til Lynne sees this!"

A photographer from the Oce... (Below threshold)

A photographer from the Oceanic Biologic Conservancy simply can't believe his luck at sighting a Massachusetts land whale.

Oops,make that Diane Feinst... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

Oops,make that Diane Feinstein.

Can't seem to get him into ... (Below threshold)

Can't seem to get him into focus - and all this time, I thought that alocohol only effetced the individual who was actually doing the drinking.

Okay, I agree. Perhaps the ... (Below threshold)

Okay, I agree. Perhaps the NSA is taking this domestic spying thing to far. I recognize that probable cause may exist, but lets get a warrant first.

The NY Times has learned Vi... (Below threshold)

The NY Times has learned Vice President Cheney is behind Bush's illegal bald-spot spying program.

Dick Cheney continues spyin... (Below threshold)

Dick Cheney continues spying on domestic terrorists

Knowing paparazzi drive Lem... (Below threshold)

Knowing paparazzi drive Lemmingcrats crazy, Cheney pops off a shot at "Deadwood" Kennedy in an effort to start a stampede off a cliff.

(I like squiller's even better . . .)

Unable to find any of his a... (Below threshold)

Unable to find any of his aides willing to take a group picture,Senator Leahy attempts to "center" the picture without blowhard Kennedy in the shot.He hasn't realized yet that he doesn't know how to set the timer to be able to run into the shot.

Zoom, zoom, keep zooming, t... (Below threshold)

Zoom, zoom, keep zooming, there has to be a shred of dignity around here somewhere.

Dr. Leakey, er Senator Leah... (Below threshold)

Dr. Leakey, er Senator Leahy tries to hastily gather photographic proof of the long sought after "missing link".

Senator Leahy, hoping to ca... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

Senator Leahy, hoping to capture the twinkle in Senator Kennedy's eye when he talks about strip-searching 10-year-old girls.

Fred tried to covertly find... (Below threshold)

Fred tried to covertly find out if it was true that Kennedy has a small 666 engraved in his skull behind his left ear.

Senator Feinstein didn't kn... (Below threshold)

Senator Feinstein didn't know she was going to be in the Gramma's Gone Wild layout...and she certainly didn't know how much she'd be showing once Teddy got done playing with Photoshop.

Say APPEASE!... (Below threshold)


CIA surveillance of Ted Ken... (Below threshold)

CIA surveillance of Ted Kennedy's head comes up empty.

I remembuh the phoioto . . ... (Below threshold)

I remembuh the phoioto . . .

TK thinking... "Dirty Sanch... (Below threshold)

TK thinking... "Dirty Sanchez? Man, I was doing that long before him and he gets ALL the credit. Coulda shoulda been called Dirty Teddy!"

(Whispering)here in ... (Below threshold)

here in the outback of the senate we stalk out on of the most obsolete types of senators of all, the old-rich-white-male-democrat who thinks he stands for the regular man, there he is looking inquisitively at the new face of power in the jungle, young conservatives, he tells the public that they will turn back the clock to a time when old-rich-white-males ran the show in Washington and the little people were oppressed, all the while forgetting that the old-white-rich-democrats were in charge back then....

Like a spectator at a train... (Below threshold)

Like a spectator at a train wreck, Pat Leahy could not turn his camera away as Samuel Alito -- conductor's baton in hand -- led the panel of 3rd Circuit Judges in a rousing chorus of "Les Marseillaise" forcing Ted Kennedy and his fellow Democrats to march out of the hearing room in humiliation and defeat.

An avant-garde photographer... (Below threshold)

An avant-garde photographer who specializes in taking pictures of salt licks makes an understandable mistake.

Ah, yes! There's that lobo... (Below threshold)

Ah, yes! There's that lobotomy scar!

Leahy had finally found the... (Below threshold)

Leahy had finally found the perfect subject for a photo spread.

I thought I was making an a... (Below threshold)

I thought I was making an ass of myself? This guy is over the top. I need a picture of this!

An unidentified operative, ... (Below threshold)

An unidentified operative, seen testing the new TOP SECRET Stupifier X100. Observers speculate that it explains the incoherent thought processes demonstrated by Senator Kennedy last week, causing him to lose focus and spew invective that dissipated harmlessly.

Patrick Leahy's spirit came... (Below threshold)

Patrick Leahy's spirit camera captures an image of Mary Jo Kopechne's ghost hovering over Ted Kennedy with a beatific smile and a set of sharpened pruning shears.

"Hair Club For Men, Before ... (Below threshold)

"Hair Club For Men, Before And After, Throw Your CAP Collection away!!!!"

Dick Cheney snaps a photo f... (Below threshold)

Dick Cheney snaps a photo for his scrapbook project: "Marginalization of the Democractic Party, Sweet Memories."

"Damn, I'm all blurry again... (Below threshold)

"Damn, I'm all blurry again," slurred Kennedy as he looked in the mirror.

"I knew Jack Kennedy's fing... (Below threshold)

"I knew Jack Kennedy's finger. I've smelled Jack Kennedy's finger. You sir, are not Jack Kennedy's finger!"

What is it with all these g... (Below threshold)

What is it with all these guys and back and to the left?

Later Senator Leahy could o... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Later Senator Leahy could only recall this about Senator Kennedy's questioning prowess: "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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