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New Hampshire: putting the "White" in the White Mountains.

As much as I love New Hampshire, I have to admit that we are easily one of the most homogenic states in the union. I'd call us the WASPiest, but we happen to have a rather sizable Catholic population --- largely thanks to our many people who claim French Canadian or Irish ancestry.

For the most part, it doesn't really matter. We tend to have a very accepting manner, based on the old-fashioned Yankee "ain't nobody's business what you do as long as you ain't hurting nobody" attitude. We've got a rapidly-growing Somali population, for one, and several Catholic churches in the southern part of the state have found it useful to add at least one Mass a week in Spanish, for another.

But this lack of diversity does occasionally crop up in some odd ways, with some rather unusual cultural "blind spots" that can get exploited in some amusing fashion.

Which is a rather long-winded explanation for why, on the highway the other day, I spotted car with New Hampshire license plates that read "USHMUK" proudly emblazoned on them.

I have absolutely no idea if the person driving it was one of New Hampshire's relatively few Jews, but I feel I can safely bet that none of the people in our DMV who reviewed that vanity plate request was...

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er--please translate for th... (Below threshold)

er--please translate for this WASP...

I'll translate. The string ... (Below threshold)

I'll translate. The string of letters could be read as "you schmuck."

Submitted for your consider... (Below threshold)

Submitted for your consideration, a licence plate that has two lines, One set as a registration ID and the second as a LCD screen with text that can be shifted as needed ( adjustable buppersticker maybe substituted) but would allow you 7 letters or numbers to print out for personal expression. Where that simple term could be used after someone cuts you off, or jaywalking, or a warning "gscapof" gas cap off. Just an idea

Imagine the infomercial

I am continually surprised ... (Below threshold)

I am continually surprised at the lack of knowledge of Yiddish in our population. What with cultural diversity, Spanglish and Eubonics, you'd think we'd have moonbat schmucks forcing it down our poor mensch throats in public schools. Oi!

I am continually surpris... (Below threshold)

I am continually surprised at the lack of knowledge of Yiddish in our population. What with cultural diversity, Spanglish and Eubonics, you'd think we'd have moonbat schmucks forcing it down our poor mensch throats in public schools. Oi!

Oy, gevalt, a misspelt "oy" >:)

While I'm sad to report that there's some notorious Jewish moonbats, for the rest of the anti-Semitic left, Yiddish is just another symbol of the Vast Jewish Conspiracy. If it was more connected with the Phillistines (and less of a real language), then it'd be right up there with those two other things.

NH also has a pretty sizeab... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

NH also has a pretty sizeable Bosnian population. The majority of the ESL students in our district are Bosnians.

Hmmm.*shrug* Growi... (Below threshold)


*shrug* Growing up in a pretty rural area of New Hampshire I think I was the only "minority" kid in my county. And as a South Korean kid I hardly qualified.

I will also admit that it w... (Below threshold)
just me:

I will also admit that it was really weird to go to public places up here after moving from the South, and not see any minority people. I am used to it now, but it was odd for a while.

Fun little Fact. New Hampsh... (Below threshold)

Fun little Fact. New Hampshire has , for some time, had the largest per-capita population of KKK members of any state in the union.

Larry, I know we got a few ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Larry, I know we got a few of the Kluckheads around, but that many? Care to share your source of that statistic?


Don't mistake winter camo f... (Below threshold)

Don't mistake winter camo for a Klan uniform.

Is there any truth to the "... (Below threshold)
E. Haroldson:

Is there any truth to the "rumor", that Conway, N.H. has a new K.K.K. "Kleagle/Organizer" in town from the National Knights ?

Yes its true, I am here in ... (Below threshold)

Yes its true, I am here in Conway, N.H. The Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is forming a new Klavern! Membership will be as (Secret) as possible, and no members under 21 will be admitted... without an adult Member present! Thanks for your interest, watch the conway rag - the daily sun, for further info.... it will be printed in Klan code. Eric Haroldson, Kleagle, CNK, Konway, N.H. /..\

I am moving to Gilmanton NH... (Below threshold)

I am moving to Gilmanton NH from Syracuse Utah at the end of sep with my family, is there any Klavern down in the erea? If so can i get some info?

Hello,I can't unde... (Below threshold)


I can't understand why in school they study French , but bet none of them ever heard about the French Protestants who had to flee France the same as did the jews of Germany. Both were as I understand it were victims of the Catholics..

So apparently they have a lot in common like back then "be Catholic " or be dead??






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