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Where am I going, and how did I get into this handbasket?

I'm sure I'm going to burn in hell for this one, but I just had to share it:

Did anyone else see this story and immediately think of "StampEid?"


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Comments (9)

Bring some weenies and mars... (Below threshold)

Bring some weenies and marshmellows!

Your Resevation is confirme... (Below threshold)

Your Resevation is confirmed, Please remeber to forsake all chance in hell references, because down here.. There is no chance, it is all FATE

According to the crown prin... (Below threshold)

According to the crown prince, it's not "fate" it's "divine decree." Rest easy, Jay - your thoughts are not your own.

For the record, though - I did laugh at your post. Out loud. For quite some time. Move over and make room in the handbasket.

You do know that "Eid" is j... (Below threshold)
iPod QA Guy:

You do know that "Eid" is just an anagram of "Die", right? I think they're just dyslexic.

In fact, "Eid" is "Die" spe... (Below threshold)

In fact, "Eid" is "Die" spelled backwards. Unless your language reads right to left, in which case...

I wonder if those that drop... (Below threshold)
mark m:

I wonder if those that dropped the luggage had their return address on the bags?????.

Well, I don't know if you'r... (Below threshold)

Well, I don't know if you're going to hell, but you are certainly not getting 72 virgins!

Don't worry, my reservation... (Below threshold)

Don't worry, my reservation has been confirmed for YEARS, so I'll save you a seat, and remember, bring lots of beef for the BAR-B-Q!

OH, WAIT, that's TX not hel... (Below threshold)

OH, WAIT, that's TX not hell for the Bar-B-Q, and I'm hear already!






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