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A little movie trivia for a Monday morning

OK, it's time for another movie trivia question, just to keep folks on their toes.

What unusual achievement do Hugo Weaving, Sir Ian McKellen, and Patrick Stewart all have in common?

Update: While the "comic book" connection might be true, I had something far more exclusive in mind. Let me add that Hugh Jackman, Christopher Reeve, and Michael Keaton do NOT fit into this category, but Harrison Ford arguably might.

Update 2: My intended answer was that all had played in two sci-fi or fantasy series of movies, of at least three parts. I started thinking about this when I realized at one point that Harrison Ford had played in six of the top ten grossing movies in history (a distinction he has since lost), and started thinking about other actors who'd been in more than one successful trilogies.


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They're all in movies based... (Below threshold)

They're all in movies based on comic books (Weaving, "V for Vendetta"; Stewart and McKellen are in the X-Men movies.

damn. so close.... (Below threshold)

damn. so close.

I was going to suggest that... (Below threshold)

I was going to suggest that they've all played gay characters at some point in their careers, although that's not particularly unusual nor an accomplisment, per se. However, excluding Hugh Jackman does shoot that down.

They all starred in two dif... (Below threshold)

They all starred in two different trilogies.

Hugo Weaving in The Matrix and LOTR.
Sir Ian McKellan in LOTR and X-Men.
Patrick Stewart in Star Trek and X-Men.
Harrison Ford in Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

They've appeared in more mo... (Below threshold)

They've appeared in more movies ending in a number (that is, sequels) than original movies.

Hugo Weaving (Matrix, Lord of the Rings) made this observation some time ago.

All Shakespearian thespians... (Below threshold)

All Shakespearian thespians. McKellen was recently a capital R3, Stewart defines Lear, and I know Weaving had played Benedick once upon a time...


They talk funny.... (Below threshold)

They talk funny.

... which everyone knows is... (Below threshold)

... which everyone knows is redneck for having English accents. But I just realized Harrison Ford doesn't fit, so nevermind.

They are all not starring i... (Below threshold)

They are all not starring in 2001 Maniacs

My guess is much as the fir... (Below threshold)

My guess is much as the first, they have all had starring roles in "series movies"

Weaving - Matrix and LOTR
McKellan - LOTR and X-Men
Stewart - X-Men
Ford - Jack Ryan Movies (and Star Wars)

Until you threw Ford out there I would have also said Shakespeare had a tie but Ford didn't do stage acting (at least not Shakespeare) that I know of.

I'm at a loss.... They all ... (Below threshold)

I'm at a loss.... They all plyed Henry II?

So, are you going to tell u... (Below threshold)

So, are you going to tell us if we are correct or not, Jay?






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