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Cronkite Says Cut And Run

What a difference 38 years makes...

In 1968 Walter Cronkite's abandonment of journalistic neutrality in proclaiming the Vietnam War "unwinnable" was hailed as a landmark moment by war protesters and the media. His comments on Iraq this weekend show him to be the tottering old fool that he is; and there's no one lining up to heap praise on a bitter old lefty...


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Comments (5)

i think u mean 38 years...B... (Below threshold)

i think u mean 38 years...But I'm sure in Walter's mind it's just like yesterday.

[Corrected. Thanks for the catch on that!]

Barry Gray, one of the best... (Below threshold)

Barry Gray, one of the best radio talk show hosts ever, used to call Walter Cronkite "Uncle Fudd" way back in the 70's. Cronkite likes to hear the sound of his own voice.

Dah! Walter who?... (Below threshold)

Dah! Walter who?

After the military failure ... (Below threshold)

After the military failure of the Tet offensive in 1968 and the bombing of the north, the NVA realized they couldn't win and were considering making peace. Then along comes Uncle Walter and the antiwar left (including John Kerry) and the NVA realize they don't have to defeat us militarily, but only have to keep killing enough Americans that the Ameican public turns against the war. For a little summary try this:
Walter Cronkite, John Kerry, and others like them caused that war to drag on and are directly responsible for many of the names on that black granite wall in Washington and now they want to do it again. Now is not the time for this. Protest before, protest after, but while American lives are on the line, SHUT THE HELL UP.

Maybe Cronkite should bolst... (Below threshold)

Maybe Cronkite should bolster his credibility by telling a co-worker where he would like to jam some Falafel.....






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