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New Feature - Guest Columns

As you hopefully noticed previously one of our guest bloggers, Pennywit, was posting weekly columns - usually on Saturdays. Due to circumstances beyond his control he will not be able to continue his weekly columns. That experiment worked so well though that we will be adding a diverse roster of columnists to cover every day of the week.

The first of the new columnists starts today. Jeff Harrell (The Shape Of Days) will begin regular Monday columns today. More columnists will be announced soon.

In the redesigned Wizbang site (finally in progress!) the guest columnist entries, podcasts, and other new content sources will be easier to keep tabs on as they will cycle through the front page in predictable spots as they're updated.

Comments (2)

Thanks Kevin for keeping Wi... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Thanks Kevin for keeping WizBang at the forefront of the bloging universe.

One question.Very ... (Below threshold)

One question.

Very important.

Do guest columnists get a free Wizbang! coffee mug?

Not that plastic crap either.

Sorry. It had to be asked.






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