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Al Gore Vs. History

Byron York looks at Al Gore's MLK Day speech (transcript) in Washington at National Review Online, summing it up thusly, "Unilateral presidential action is illegal and it's legal. Leaks are bad and they're good. Previous generations curtailed our rights and they didn't."

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This is a surprise to anyon... (Below threshold)

This is a surprise to anyone? Al "No Controlling Legal Authority" Gore? I wonder what Al's opinion of Ecehelon and the Clipper Chip are?

Add together one part truth... (Below threshold)

Add together one part truth economists, like Kerry and Gore, one part narcissistic embarassments, like Kennedy and Biden, and one part of maniacally focused liberals like Schumer and Feinstein, and you get Republican rule for generations.

York seriously mischaracter... (Below threshold)

York seriously mischaracterizes part of that speech. He argues (and I agree) that it was certainly as dangerous a time when we had the Soviet Union with nuclear missiles aimed at our major cities as it is now. COINTELPRO was a Viet Nam era program aimed at anti-war protestors. York disingenuously tries to make it seem as though the COINTELPRO operation was somehow in response to the nuclear threat Gore referred to. It was a secret operation, and not widely known about or supported by the public. There's no inconsistency in what Gore said.

Likewise, his point about Fitzgerald was that he has shown that an independent counsel can conduct an effective investigation. Although I'm sure Gore is in favor of Fitzpatrick bringing indictments against Administration figures, his point was clearly about how a counsel does his job, not about the specific nature of Fizgerald's investigation.

Gore is on a fast track to ... (Below threshold)

Gore is on a fast track to assume the mantle currently held by Ted Kennedy as "Party Buffoon"...hand him a script and he will read anything. Kerry is a close second.

From my(shamless plug) blog... (Below threshold)

From my(shamless plug) blog: http://tarheelcon.blogspot.com

On a side note I found two lines by Gore to be absolute screamers in light of the Clinton Impeachment:

"A president who breaks the law is a threat to the very structure of our government"

If that is the case, then why on earth did Gore not support convicting Clinton for lying to the grand jury over the Monica Lewinsky affair? Oh wait, never mind.

"Third, both Houses of Congress should hold comprehensive-and not just superficial-hearings into these serious allegations of criminal behavior on the part of the President. And, they should follow the evidence wherever it leads."

Is that how that works? It seems to me when Ken Starr and the Republicans did this it was derided as a "vast right-wing conspiracy", the politics of personal destruction, and partisan wrangling at its worst. There must be different rules I am not aware of then.

Hmmm.Frankly I see... (Below threshold)


Frankly I see Al Gore and I stand amazed. And all I could think of was ...

Does this blowhard have a blowhole?

What the heck did this guy eat? Fudgy the Whale?

I think there should be hea... (Below threshold)

I think there should be hearings in Congress about this. Let's air this thing out. If the Bush administration was doing something to protect the country, then that should shine right through in such a hearing - thus undermining whatever the Democrats think they are doing.

What's really fun is to ... (Below threshold)

What's really fun is to listen to Gore deliver that speech... he GROWLS in places, sounds like Mr. Ed in others, lowers his voice to a conspiratoral whisper...

Look Al Gore morphs into Elmer Gantry... it's

Almer Gorntry!

Another example of the MSM ... (Below threshold)

Another example of the MSM torturing its audience by showing highlights of al bore talking down to a group nigras on mlk day.

"That's why I HATE the left"






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