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Tagging Out For Now

As you may have noticed I've asked Rob Port to do some guest blogging for me for the next few weeks. I'm taking time off to finish the redesign of Wizbang. The new look and feel Wizbang ought to launch at the beginning of February and there's so much behind the scenes work to do I just can't concentrate on blogging and design.

There's a ton of new content coming via expanded sections, related sub-sites, and news feeds with a twist. Plus you're all invited to participate via the new Wizbang community features. Want to blog at Wizbang? You'll be able to register and and start posting. I'm sure it all sounds like chaos, but the whole concept been thought through for many months and the design has been created to work with the new model. One thing is won't be is cluttered.

I'll have much more to say about the Wizbang® brand in the coming months, but within the next two months you'll see how all the site changes mesh with the behind the scenes branding work that I've been doing.

One of the other exciting features in the possibilities for collaborative efforts. If you've got a great blogging idea and are looking for a host platform I've got the foundation built and the joint business model to make it worth your while. While I won't promise that I'll want to pursue a given idea, I can assure you that I'll consider your request.

Oh yeah, some of the occasionally requested features (i,e, Author RSS feeds) will rollout in the same time frame.

I'll be dropping in to show hints of the new look and perhaps solicit feedback. Since I'm not actually leaving I'll be doing the stuff like the Weekend Caption Contest, the Carnival of the Trackbacks, and the Bonfire of the Vanities.

And in case you're wondering...


Note: The final layout and logo may look nothing like the tiny snippet shown above...

Comments (5)

I love these ideas. This i... (Below threshold)

I love these ideas. This is the right move at the right time...I predict this will be a success for you, Kevin.

I like it Kevin, looks good... (Below threshold)

I like it Kevin, looks good.

Yeah, yeah, you've been tea... (Below threshold)

Yeah, yeah, you've been teasing us about this for months. I'll believe it when I see it ~_^

Very clean look - can't wai... (Below threshold)

Very clean look - can't wait to see it.

I hope your getting guest c... (Below threshold)

I hope your getting guest columnist Jeff Harrell to help out - that guy has some amazing design skills.






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