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Closing the book on a horrific tale

Last November, I discussed the story of Haleigh Poutre, an 11-year-old girl who was clinging to life after a severe beating -- allegedly at the hands of her stepfather and adoptive mother. Doctors said she was brain dead and they wanted to end her life support. Her stepfather's attorney fought it like hell. Officially, he was hoping for her recovery. The far more likely conclusion was that he didn't want his assault charge upgraded to murder.

They fought it all the way to the state's Supreme Court -- and the court finally ruled against him.

The state now has the authority to remove Haleigh's feeding and respirator tubes, and I sincerely hope the little girl will finally find the peace she was denied in her too-short life.

And I hope Jason Strickland burns in hell.


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No kidding, Jay Tea. As a ... (Below threshold)

No kidding, Jay Tea. As a physical therapist, I worked with a young, married man who was on a ventilator because his brain didn't function after being run over by his fine wife during a "dispute".

He was dead, except for the machines running the show. The wife insisted that he be kept in this state, with legal matters placed in the foremost of her base, frontal cortex.

Terrible and disgusting trash.

Where is Bill Frist diagnos... (Below threshold)

Where is Bill Frist diagnosing the girl via a VHS tape ?

JT, for being an agnostic y... (Below threshold)

JT, for being an agnostic you sure do believe in Hell an awful lot.

And I hope Jason Strickl... (Below threshold)

And I hope Jason Strickland burns in hell.

You forgot to add "slo-o-o-owly".

Hmmmm.liberals.</p... (Below threshold)



Can't live with them, can't live without them.

Well actually the latter wouldn't be much of an imposition.

Hopefully her adoptive moth... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Hopefully her adoptive mother is already cooking in the bowels of Hell.

And some people believe there is no true evil in the world...

So, why isn't the act of re... (Below threshold)

So, why isn't the act of rendering someone braindead punished in precisely the same way as rendering that same victim completely dead?






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