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Divine Talk Radio

On most work days I eat my lunch at my desk. I often like to tune into some talk radio while I'm eating for entertainment. On most days I go to the KFI AM 640 website out of Burbank, CA which offers a live stream of the Rush Limbaugh show which airs during my lunch break.

Today as I was listening my eyes wandered down the list of other hosts who air their programs on the station. Pretty typical talk radio fare: Rush, Dr. Laura, Dr. Dean Edell, Matt Drudge and....Jesus?

That's right. Jesus, apparently, has a talk radio show.

THE JESUS CHRIST SHOW 2000 years ago He walked this earth.... teaching.... guiding.... loving and preparing to make the ultimate sacrifice... What if... today, you could talk to Him, laugh with Him...cry with Him? Not just through prayer, but through the radio... Tune in this Sunday morning to find out why the young and old from all over the world listen (via the internet & radio waves) for the answers to life's toughest questions. Hosted by Jesus Christ And Produced by Neil Saavedra

I'm not Christian so I'm not entirely familiar with the conventions of that religion, but wouldn't pretending to be God or Jesus be considered blasphemy? Regardless, the idea of getting advice from some radio show host pretending to be Jesus reminds me of telling the department store Santa Claus what I want for Christmas...only without the innocent childhood fantasy.

You can read more from Rob Port at SayAnythingBlog.com


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Comments (26)

I'm a frequent listener of ... (Below threshold)

I'm a frequent listener of the Jesus Christ show. After you get over the initial "this-has-to-be-blasphemous" reaction, it's actually quite interesting (especially for Sunday morning radio!).

"Jesus" knows his stuff, and his commentary, while I might quibble with this clearly Protestant version of Jesus, is often thought- provoking. "Producer" Neil Saavedra clearly preps Jesus well.

After you hear the show, you realize that it's intent is not to mock Christianity. I take this Jesus to be no more or less blasphemous than His portrayal in a film.

Make that "its intent".... (Below threshold)

Make that "its intent".

Oh apostrophe, how you mock me!

Not so much blasphemous, bu... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Not so much blasphemous, but someone who is certainly filled with delusions of grandeur.

Besides, ya gotta really wonder if Jesus would be resurrected as a as radio talk show host. I mean, who would believe or listen to him? ("I've come to save you, sons and daughters of Rush Limbaugh." Or, "John the Baptist, calling from Nashville. What sayth you?" Come on...)

Nah, he'd probably be on a bus somewhere, looking rather disheveled and working among the homeless and poor.

I'm 100% sure there is no s... (Below threshold)

I'm 100% sure there is no such thing as God and I abhor religion but when I'm in the car on Sunday I will listen to the Jesus show becuase it is entertaining. And when it comes to Jesus stuff the guy seems pretty well informed.

The presentation of Christi... (Below threshold)

The presentation of Christianity is getting a bit funny. I received a "prayer rug" in the mail last week from some church in OK trying to corral donations with the promise of prayers answered. And mostly financial at that.

Seeing that I reside in Kucinichville, it was pretty obvious the church's marketing team was targeting the poorer folks.

Anyway, the "prayer rug" was a bifold, heavy grade paper with a 'Magic Eye' visage of Jesus. Jesus' eyes were said to open and look into yours if you placed "the rug" on the floor with knees touching the corners, with the ultimate hope of prompting pleas of pecuniary paradise when in rapture with Jesus.

I was always blind to the magic eye.I wonder if I should kneel in a Sooner fashion.

The presentation o... (Below threshold)
The presentation of Christianity is getting a bit funny. I received a "prayer rug" in the mail last week from some church in OK trying to corral donations with the promise of prayers answered. And mostly financial at that.

Yes there are plenty of hucksters who claim to be Christian preachers. If the country were mostly Jewish or mostly Muslim, then these hucksters would call themselves Rabbis or Imams. Please do not confuse these money-grubbers with sincere Christians.

I haven't heard the JC Show... (Below threshold)

I haven't heard the JC Show since I moved from CA. Since I am not a Christian the issue of blasphemy had no meaning to me.

The man doing the show certainly was doing a great job. He handled religous questions with great skill and actually made the show worthwhile even for the nonreligous.

But what products would Jes... (Below threshold)

But what products would Jesus endorse?

The show is great. I used ... (Below threshold)

The show is great. I used to tune in early Sunday morning just to hear Jesus....he has such a calming voice. :)

LMAO, Rob, where ya been?</... (Below threshold)

LMAO, Rob, where ya been?

The Jesus show has been a popular, thought provoking, staple on KFI for some time now. ;-D

The show that asks "WWJLT?"... (Below threshold)

The show that asks "WWJLT?"
What Would Jesus Listen To?

Actually, didn't Rice & webber cover this in the early 70s with
"If you'a come today, you coulda reached a whole nation
Israel in 4 BC had no mass communication..."

RobFar be it from ... (Below threshold)


Far be it from me to divert you from your luncheon listening pleasure, I listen to KFI for Bill Handel and John and Ken...

but when I have the time, I'll take city rival KRLA870 for Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt.

::::sigh::::: I'm getting old. I remember when KRLA was one of the top AM Rock stations of the area....

It's about as blasphemous a... (Below threshold)

It's about as blasphemous as my Faith+1 handle... ;-)

Nothing is funnier than the... (Below threshold)

Nothing is funnier than the brilliance of Phil Hendrie and his cast of characters.

I wonder what Jesus would d... (Below threshold)

I wonder what Jesus would do about Governor Schwarzenegger driving a motorcycle without a license. And what would He do about all this mobbing and gangstalking explained in the website www.stop-predatory-gangstalking.net/ and about all the millions of vehicles all over California with no front license plate. And how would He like to call the police to report a gang like we did one day and be asked "How many of them are there? How old are they? How tall are they? What are they wearing? Do they have any tatoos? What kind of car do they have? What color is it? What is the make? What is the model? What year is it? What's the license plate number? Then when we said it was all happening in the WalMart parking lot, they asked what the address is. This town is two miles in any direction with only one WalMart so why did they need the address in order to find it?

I appreciate those of you w... (Below threshold)
Jesus Christ:

I appreciate those of you who had kind words about the show. For those of you yet to hear the show, it airs Sunday mornings 6-9 on KFI AM 640 or stream it and download archives at kfi640.com...


I like the Jesus Christ sho... (Below threshold)

I like the Jesus Christ show, too. He does have a very soothing voice. I saw some Jehova Witnesses in front of the store and told them about the mobbing and gangstalking that is going on and they just said to live a good life and follow the Bible and these things won't happen to you---but I tried to explain to them that the website explains they deliberately single out the people who are honest and living a good, honest life and they didn't want to hear it. I think the Jehova Witness is a cult anyway--at least that is what the other churches say--and they are on a chart at the church listed as being a cult.

Don't worry, kbiel. Discer... (Below threshold)

Don't worry, kbiel. Discernment and differentiation are fortes of mine.

By the way, I heard Jesus C... (Below threshold)

By the way, I heard Jesus Christ through a filling once. Don't tell the authorities.

So Jesus,Do you st... (Below threshold)

So Jesus,

Do you still have the TV gig in South Park?

My home church, Grace Luthe... (Below threshold)

My home church, Grace Lutheran in Huntington Beach, actually promotes this controversial show on our website. You can download an MP3 of the show at www.gracehb.org/markahrens.htm.

Made a mental mistake.... (Below threshold)

Made a mental mistake.

You can download an MP3 of the show at www.gracehb.org/media.htm at the Grace Lutheran Church in Huntington Beach website. We fully support "The Jesus Christ Show" for its unique form of outreach and biblical accuracy.

i thought the jesus christ ... (Below threshold)
jim rich:

i thought the jesus christ show was very good. jesus sounded intelligent, gentle, informed and offered what i thought was sound, useful and kind feedback - much better than what one usually gets from radio 'shrinks', in my opinion. i'll be listening to jesus again so long as it's useful and not that preachy or dogmatic christian stupidity. go jesus!


I downloaded that link to t... (Below threshold)

I downloaded that link to the show. Cool stuff. I'll definitely have to try and get up that early on Sunday mornings for the show on KFI. Surprising, but great answer to the caller asking about Katrina. The show was clearly not targeting only Christians.

I accidentally found this s... (Below threshold)

I accidentally found this show when I was driving to Mexico early one Sunday morning about a year ago. At first, I thought it was blasphemous too, until I listened intently trying to catch the Host in some kind of theological heresy. To my surprise, his doctrine was right on and his representation of Jesus Christ was better than I've heard in any church or by any Christian leader.

As one who loves Jesus Christ (the REAL one) but has had it "up to here" with Churchianity and so many mis-representations of Jesus Christ, I found this show very refreshing and thought provoking. The Host really makes me think, exhorts, and yet encourages me to walk the walk. He isn't stuffy or self-righteous. He convincingly portrays Jesus Christ in the world of "radio theater."

I haven't missed a show since! I even listen to the show when I'm out of town on the internet. I love the podcasts too. I have every one of them.

Great job, Neil. God bless you. Don't listen to your detractors. Stay obedient.

I went to the largest Semin... (Below threshold)

I went to the largest Seminary in the US for two years. I also agree that "The Jesus Christ Show" is not blaphemous. As a matter of fact, this radio Jesus has me waking up at 6:00 PST every Sunday morning (which is a miracle in itself). This radio Jesus is freely giving me my third year in the Seminary minus the Greek, Hebrew and written tests. May all of you be as blessed by "The Jesus Christ Show" as I am...






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