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Hillary on the hoof

Everyone's all in a dither about Hillary Clinton comparing the Republican-led congress to a plantation, saying that only a liberal could get away with such an insensitive remark. I've got my own theory, though, that I haven't seen floating around.

As a lifelong New Hampshirite, I consider myself a bit of an expert on presidential campaigns. And Hillary's remark is perfectly in line with her ambitions to return to the White House -- this time with top billing.

One of the hallmarks of any presidential campaign involves the candidate pandering to all sorts of groups. One of the biggest photo-ops of a candidate at a farm, talking to farmers, and basically trying to convince that if the candidate had their druthers, they'd chuck all the politics and pull an Oliver Wendell Douglas.

It's been a long, long time since Hillary demonstrated her mastery of the cattle market. In 1978, she managed to parley $1,000 into $100,000 in ten short months, with just a little help from some rather hefty contributors to her husband's political campaigns. But that was almost 30 years ago -- several generations, in political terms.

So now she needs to re-establish her affinity for farmers. Why not demonstrate how much she identifies with cotton growers, by likening the lot of congressional Democrats to cotton-pickers and sharecroppers of yore?

Mark my words, this was a very cunning, very canny move by Ms. Clinton. She now has the plantation owners firmly in her pocket for 2008 -- and those votes could be the key to her success.


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Was it just me or did anyon... (Below threshold)

Was it just me or did anyone else notice that during Ray Nagin's address his speech patterns devolved into ghetto speak? I've heard Ray Nagin speak enough (haven't we all?) to know this was not normal. He got into a mode of dropping his consonants, using double negatives and drawing out his voice with far more inflection than usual. Hillary did it too. Not as profoundly, but noticably. Some would see this as pandering, others might even be insulted. I don't think it was such a smart move. And she's used the "plantation" analogy before on CNN.

More evidence of the Dems i... (Below threshold)

More evidence of the Dems intent to keep the 'bruthas' on the plantation. Otherwise, they would have no cross to bear. Shame to the Republican party with their educated, well-speaking, free-minded Uncle Toms.

Jay do you mean plantation ... (Below threshold)

Jay do you mean plantation owners or do you mean the descendents of folks who were once owned by plantation owners? Or do you just have your tongue buried deep in your cheek?

"Hillary on the Hoof"-- I'... (Below threshold)

"Hillary on the Hoof"-- I'm with you on this one. I am expecting to see some hooves at the end of hillary's ham-hocked, cankly legs.


Calculating and cunning. W... (Below threshold)

Calculating and cunning. Watch as the lioness creeps across the Political Plain. Suddenly, as if no one saw it coming, she pounces on her Republican prey as they gather at the White House watering hole (plantation).
Over the course of the next few years, watch as this masterful woman systematically dismantles the house of cards that the Bush Admininstration has built.
Jay Tea, being from New Hampshire, has to remember when Nobody Clinton strolled through town. He took something like second to last in the N.H. primaries during his first bid for the Presidency.
Then, something happened. Nobody's wife kicked the campaign in the ass and the steam-rolled for the next eight years.
Watch it happen again.

Wait! But didn't she just ... (Below threshold)

Wait! But didn't she just insult plantation owners by suggesting they run their plantations as poorly as congress is run? They won't like her for that!

permanentceasefire (LOL) w... (Below threshold)

permanentceasefire (LOL) wake up and wipe off your chin, you're drooling on your sleeve...

Reminds me of Gary Hart goi... (Below threshold)

Reminds me of Gary Hart going for the adulterer vote back in '88.






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