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Milblog of the week

Note to self: whinig helps. I put out a plea for nominations, and it worked wonderfully. I'm now set for the next couple of weeks.

This week's Milblog is One Marine's View, the writings of "Capt. B" from Iraq.

The good captain is one hell of a writer, as well as one hell of a Marine. (But that last part might be a bit redundant.) Normally at this point I single out a couple of postings for praise, saying why I think they deserve attention. Capt. B won't let me do that. They're all great.

Go on over there and start reading, then don't stop until you get bored. Well, that won't happen. Don't stop until nature calls, or the power goes out, or your house catches on fire. And don't blame me if you miss meals, work, sleep, family, or other lesser concerns while you're reading on just what on very extraordinary American is doing in our name.

While you're at it, leave him a comment or two. You might have a bit of a wait in line, though -- a lot of others have beaten you to it.

This week's nomination was courtesy Wonder Woman, a fine blogger in her own right who is a smidgen too much in tune with me for my comfort -- why are all the good ones married?

I am always accepting nominations for MilBlog Of The Week. Just e-mail them to jaytea (at) wizbangblog.com, or TempoMan49 (at) yahoo.com.

Comments (3)

Aw...Shucks, Jay...... (Below threshold)

Aw...Shucks, Jay...

Jay, there is also an inter... (Below threshold)

Jay, there is also an interview with him over on another one of the best milblogs going, if not THE best...Blackfive.net


Killing innocent Iraqis, he... (Below threshold)

Killing innocent Iraqis, helping to destroy a nation, helping to steal the wealth of nation..billiant job he is doing in our name






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