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Three words that I never thought I'd see together in a headline...

Obscene Yogurt Conviction.


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the court said the perfo... (Below threshold)

the court said the performance "was obscene as the event's main purpose was commercial and it went beyond the point necessary to promote the product."

Did the court give guidelines on how far they could go with future yogurt promotions at art galleries?

What a great name for a ban... (Below threshold)
Eric from Denver:

What a great name for a band...

"Meanwhile, police continue... (Below threshold)
No One of Consequence:

"Meanwhile, police continue their search for Lonestar and his half-man, half-dog companion."

Just Lurking...... (Below threshold)

Just Lurking...

It wasn't me!Yogs</p... (Below threshold)

It wasn't me!

That was different. I never... (Below threshold)

That was different. I never realized yogurt could be so...kinky.

I refuse to believe this ar... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

I refuse to believe this article!...

Errr... unless,like, there are pictures or video or something... ;)

An intriguing attempt to su... (Below threshold)

An intriguing attempt to supplant jello wrestling, but they'll need to work out the, er, kinks.

"Officials at the Supreme C... (Below threshold)

"Officials at the Supreme Court could not be reached after hours" - they convicted themselves
eating yocourt obscenely...Jeremy






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