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Illegal alien roundup

Both Boston papers had a bit on illegal aliens today.

In the Boston Globe, we had the story of a lawsuit being filed to keep the United States from deporting Haitians back to their home. Because things are such a mess there, the lawyers say, we shouldn't send them home. They tried to get the Department of Homeland Security to make such a ruling, but they refused, so they're going to the courts now.

On the other hand, in the Boston Herald, we got a bunch of Brazilians who just can't wait to get back home. In fact, they're so eager, they went on a hunger strike to protest their being kept in the United States.

I scoured the story, but I didn't see any way I could send 'em some money to buy them boat tickets back home...

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maybe we could send the Hai... (Below threshold)

maybe we could send the Haitians to Brazil instead, have each Brazilian sponsor a Haitian in return for a coach class ticket back to Rio.

"You want first-class inste... (Below threshold)

"You want first-class instead? Okay, sponsor five Haitians and we'll get you upgraded."

Here's an idea; every time... (Below threshold)

Here's an idea; every time a bunch of liberals are in a public place spouting off about how terrible America is, bring in a busload of people who'd be willing to do ANYTHING in order to be allowed to stay here, and let them debate the liberals on the value of America. Bonus if the illegals are all non-white, because any time the liberals try to argue with them they can all scream "RACISM"!! lol

(slightly to the right of Genghis Khan)

The Brazilians on the hunge... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

The Brazilians on the hunger strike in jail know the gig is up (for the time being)...A decreasing value of the American dollar vs the Brazilian real may stem some illegal immigration, but not much. Latin Americans have always had ambivalent feelings about the USA.. They may be best summarized as Yankee go home! but take me with you.

Damn good point, Steve.... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Damn good point, Steve.

We also get accused of "cultural imperialism" when we suggest that if they did a few things our way at home, their home country would be as wealthy a place to live as here.

We're only the second "empire" ever to intentionally set up competition.






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