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New Featured Columns

Last week in describing the redesigned Wizbang I mentioned that new featured weekly columnists were coming aboard. Welcome the first three: Michele Catalano, Venomous Kate, and Jeff Harrell.

Michele's first piece will run tomorrow and every Saturday. I'm not exactly sure what she'll be writing about, it could be the suckitude of Fred Durst, David Lee Roth vs. Sammy Hagar, or just plain 'ol ranting. Whatever the topic it's a lock to be entertaining.

Kate will be doing an column called "Dear VK" on Thursdays, and advice column she describes here.

Jeff's Monday column (which began this week) was already a huge hit.

More announcements will be coming soon...

Update" Due to unforseen circumstances Michele's column will not start until next Saturday.

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Kevin, At the risk... (Below threshold)


At the risk of telling you something you already know, can I make a suggestion?

Whip up a "Dear VK" link up along the top (side?) of WizBang! that will shoot Kate the requests for her selection. This, to me at least, seems less complicated than us having to remember to skip on over to her site, plus it keeps your Brand-image higher...

And no, I don't read her site, for no other reason than I never have. Perhaps everyone else here already reads her and the link is not required.

Just a thought.

Bringing Michelle on is cer... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Bringing Michelle on is certainly a big victory, not a small one.


WHOOOO, Michelle is coming ... (Below threshold)

WHOOOO, Michelle is coming back to blogging...GREAT!!!!

Besides Wizbang, <a href="h... (Below threshold)

Besides Wizbang, Jeff Harrell's blog is the only reason I still own a computer and pay a monthly Internet access bill.

I'm completely serious.

Well, Tom & Chris, I look f... (Below threshold)

Well, Tom & Chris, I look forward to broadening your horizons. Or wasting more of your time. However you'd prefer to look at it.

Congrats on landing the new... (Below threshold)

Congrats on landing the new blood.

(Hey, Michele? Is this some kinda warmup for the coming insanity we'll be dishing at The Darkside?

I am excited about all the ... (Below threshold)

I am excited about all the guests and the new design, new features etc., but hearing that Michele will be dropping in once a week is very, very very welcome news. A big victory indeed. :)

Ha! I predicted Michele wo... (Below threshold)

Ha! I predicted Michele would be back within the first quarter of the year. Looks like I win, and my prize will be something good to read every Saturday.






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