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A radical thought: applying common sense to the law

A few laws are working their way through the New Hampshire legislature right now, and they ought to warm the cockles of anyone's heart, if that person's heart is inclined towards celebrating and protecting individual rights and liberties.

The first is a measure that would deny all but emergency health services to illegal aliens. Some folks oppose this measure, but I point out that it doesn't say they can't get these services, only that they can't get them on the state's dime. There's an old saying that "if you take the King's gold, you play the King's tune," and that applies here -- if you want state money, then you live by state rules. In this case, the folks who provide the money -- the taxpayers -- are putting strings on what the recipients can do with it. If they don't like it, there's absolutely no reason why they can't refuse it.

The second two are related to guns -- more specifically, the spirit behind the 2nd Amendment. One addresses the tendency -- brought to the forefront in New Orleans -- of governments to react to emergencies by seizing guns. If this bill passes, confiscating legally owned guns will be a felony, punishable by fine, letter of reprimand, and up to 30 days in jail. And the measure only applies to police and other government officials. No gun-grabbing here, folks.

The other addresses the "duty to retreat" that is imposed in such places as Massachusetts. In those states, if someone is being threatened, they are obligated to flee if that is an option. Which means that if a guy with a knife or a club breaks into your home, you HAVE to run out the back door -- even if you have a gun with you. Self-defense is completely abrogated as a defense, unless it is provable that you had no other choice available.

Currently in New Hampshire, using deadly force in self-defense when a way of retreating is available is only legal in one's own home. One lawmaker wants to expand that to "anywhere the defending person has a right to be."

We have a pretty good respect for nature up here in New Hampshire, but there's one critter we want to put on the endangered species list -- if not rendered extinct. And that's "victims." With these laws, those that prey on the innocent might find their plans a smidgen curtailed in the Granite State, and those would-be predator's targets will be a little better prepared to keep from becoming victims.

(Thanks to Nyarlathotep of Chaos In Motion for reminding me of a couple of these.)


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The changes to the duty to ... (Below threshold)

The changes to the duty to retreat law sound very good. It is about time people are able to fight back against those who mean us harm. It is long over due.

Do you suppose Europe will ... (Below threshold)
Old Soldier:

Do you suppose Europe will warn tourists not to look cross at a Granite State resident, else they might be shot?

Well, the U.S. gun control ... (Below threshold)

Well, the U.S. gun control lobby tried to scare British tourists away from Florida after that state enacted a similar change to its self-defense law.

I have no info on how effective the campaignhas been, but that in itself might be informative. You just know the control freaks would trumpet any slight dip in British tourism to Florida, even if it were caused more by hurricane-o-phobia than fear of violent death.

I may have to look into mov... (Below threshold)

I may have to look into moving to New Hampshire!

There is no duty to retreat... (Below threshold)

There is no duty to retreat from ones residence in Massachusetts.






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