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When danger nears, there's always one place a hypocritical liberal can turn to...

Massachusetts State Senator Dianne Wilkerson is easily one of the most liberal politicians in the Bay State. I don't think she's ever seen a tax bill she hasn't liked and voted for. She is one of the Boston Globe's darlings, and they can always be counted upon to lavish her with laudations and acclaim whenever she finds herself in trouble.

Which makes me suspect that she might be in some trouble right now, judging by this piece they published today.

It's wonderfully illustrative of just how the Glob will chuck anything resembling journalistic ethics -- or even standards -- when they have one of their own to defend. After all, Wilkerson hits the grand slam on their scale -- liberal, black, female, and gay. She simply can not do anything wrong.

For example, they gloss over her "tax issues," merely stating that she had pleaded guilty to four misdemeanors in 1997. The full story is that this champion of ever-higher taxes simply didn't bother to file her own state and federal taxes for four years, plea-bargained it down to house arrest, and even violated that -- and was serving in the state Senate during two of the years she didn't file, as well as every year since.

They mention her having had a condo foreclosed on her, saying that her check "had fallen behind a dresser." I've never owned property, but I have a very hard time imagining any mortgage company foreclosing over a single missed payment. One would think that such a predatory company, making a victim of such a high-profile customer, would have been buried in bad ink, but I don't recall any such accounts.

Wilkerson is the ideal face of the Democratic party in Massachusetts. She votes consistently for higher taxes, but can't be bothered to actually pay her own. She refers to opponents of new taxes as "stingy," but doesn't pay her own bills. She sticks taxpayers with the bills for all her ideals and dreams and beliefs, but can't be troubled to pay her own mortgage. And now she thinks that as a candidate, she was entitled to spend contributors' money however she saw fit -- including giving herself over $18,000 in undocumented "reimbursements," buying herself undergarments, and hiring her two sons as "consultants."

Senator Wilkerson is expected to run for her seventh term this November. I predict she will win handily.

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And if your prediction fail... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

And if your prediction fails, she can bring her resume here to Northern California and win elective office without much trouble.

We could use someone as bri... (Below threshold)

We could use someone as bright as her down here in the Garden state - want to trade?

Seems such behavior is easi... (Below threshold)

Seems such behavior is easily overlooked in Mass. At least she hasn't drowned anyone.

Blame Bush, every one else ... (Below threshold)

Blame Bush, every one else does!! ;)

This just shows the whole c... (Below threshold)

This just shows the whole country is run like a plantation, and you know what I'm talking about!

And if your prediction f... (Below threshold)

And if your prediction fails, she can bring her resume here to Northern California and win elective office without much trouble.

Or if she's afraid of earthquakes, there's always DeKalb County, Georgia -- home of the McKinneys.

I'm just relieved to know t... (Below threshold)

I'm just relieved to know that the "enlightened democrats" are watching out for me, aren't you? Also, seeing as I am unemployed right now, do you think I could cite her example as the reason I "get creative" when doing my taxes this year? Somehow I feel I'll still go to jail, so I'll probably just pay what I owe.

taxes are for the little pe... (Below threshold)

taxes are for the little people and for Republicans.
what the people of Massachusetts need to do is pass a state constitutional amendment eliminating the state income tax, capping property taxes and limiting the vote to citizens in full possession of their civil rights ( take the vote from convicted felons and capping property taxes like California).
while by no means a perfect solution, here in Florida it does tend to curb a great deal of left-wing nonsense.

I have no use for Diane Wil... (Below threshold)

I have no use for Diane Wilkerson, but I am constantly amazed at how you misrepresent Globe articles because it fits your agenda. That article was not in supopport of Wilkerson in any way. They described everything she's ever been charged with, and the penalties she incurred. No, they didn't go back and revisit each case and detail how they worked their way through the system, because that's not what the article was about.

"They mention her having had a condo foreclosed on her, saying that her check "had fallen behind a dresser." How misleading. The Globe didn't say her check fell behind a dresser; they said that was the excuse she used. And it was reported without comment, but it's generally accepted that it was a bullshiut excuse. You're so worried about media bias; were they supposed to say "this is what she said but we know it's bullshit?" Again, the purpose of the article wasn't to revisit all her old problems, it was to talk about her new ones. It's funny that you claim they're covering up for her in article on her new problems.

What's particularly dishonest is when a paper runs a quote from someone, and you report it as the paper itself saying it. Very Ann Coulter-like, and very dishonest.

I'd have to agree with Chri... (Below threshold)

I'd have to agree with Chris on this one, this is not a puff piece on Wilkerson. In fact, considering that this is the Glob, it is a remarkably neutral piece. I was struck by this bit:

Melvin B. Miller, editor and publisher of The Boston-Bay State Banner, a black-run weekly newspaper, downplayed the importance of Wilkerson's legal woes.

"I understand that she has problems with financial records and that sort of thing. A lot of people do," Miller said. "When's the last time you checked your bank balances when your statement came in?"

This is incredible. Wilkerson is in deep doodoo financially, and this guy, a newspaper editor, blows it off as if it is nothing more than an unbalanced checkbook. The problem is not the Glob. The problem is Wilkerson's supporters and constituents who will not hold her to account.

I read this yesterday and t... (Below threshold)

I read this yesterday and thought I was going to hurl.

'In Wilkerson's defenses over the years, some see denial of responsibility. '

Go figure.

'The litany of Wilkerson's problems is long, including the convictions for failing to file federal income taxes; the resulting confinement to a halfway house; two state campaign-finance complaints; the foreclosure proceedings, which she halted; and failing to pay dozens of parking tickets.'

Undue scrutiny no doubt.

Some kids my son goes to school with play in the Diane Wilkerson Soccer League. It's great because they wear striped shirts.






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