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The Quiet Man

Austin Bay notes that Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) might be in for a primary challenge from a fellow Democrat in his re-election bid, and that Lieberman says he WILL be on the ballot this November, regardless of the results of that primary. Bay suggests that the Republicans might want to court Lieberman into switching parties, especially in light of his current villification by large forces within the Democratic party.

Ever since I've first heard of him, I've liked Joe Lieberman. I loved the whole "Joe-mentum" thing, as it seemed a wonderful bit of self-deprecating humor that highlighted his low-key approach and personality. Hell, I remember back in 2000 (this was pre-9/11, recall) speculating that the country might be best served if we jettisoned the top of both tickets and let the vice-presidential nominees (Cheney and Lieberman) run things for a few years.

The only problem I see in Lieberman running as a Republican is logistics. He's already on the ballot as a Democrat, and the Republicans are holding their primary on the same day. If Lieberman loses the primary, they can't just unceremoniously dump whatever Republican wins the right to be on the ballot in November. If they run no one, then they are essentially conceding the seat to the Democrats -- and, besides, they can't just refuse to list anyone.

It's a shame that Lieberman isn't the firebrand Zell Miller is. He is in a great position to bring about desperately-needed changes in the Democratic party, but he's just not the right guy to do it. On the other hand, he definitely has a lot to bring to the Republicans if he does let the whacko element push him out of his party.

I disagree with him on a lot of issues, but I've always respected him as a decent, thoughtful, honorable man. Pity those qualities are anathema to the folks who made Howard Dean as Democratic National Chairman.


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Comments (15)

I'm sure he can get listed ... (Below threshold)

I'm sure he can get listed on the ballot as an independent, and I'm willing to bet that he'd get a lot more votes than his primary challenger on a general election day. Lieberman has a solid record to run on, and he doesn't need to join a particular party to win.

Most Republicans appear to ... (Below threshold)

Most Republicans appear to be more impressed with Joe than I. I remember back around 2000 when the MSM dubbed him the "conscience of the Senate." I always wondered why Lieberman's well-developed conscience always had him vote for whatever it was the Democratic Party was pushing at the time. on all the important issues, Lieberman has been pretty much a down-the-line Democrat, except for the WOT. I predict he will vote against Ailto unless enough Democrats vote in favor and provide cover.

Lieberman is a dangerous ma... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Lieberman is a dangerous man. He's one of the few Democrats that could have beaten Bush in 2004. We are just lucky the loony left controls the Democratic party.

I would vote for Lieberman over many republicans for any office. Joe is a rare politician who puts honesty over party politics--no wonder the Democrats need to get rid of him.

Lieberman is a very strong ... (Below threshold)

Lieberman is a very strong representative of both the insurance and defense industries which employ a great number in CT. Employing many more so than record stores and drug paraphenalia outlets.

Be thankful you don't live ... (Below threshold)

Be thankful you don't live in CT. When I lived there the papers were all-joe-all-the-time. Annoying to say the least. That said, he's become a bit more palatable since I left the state (for a state with much worse Senators than those in CT...what a bunch of losers I've had to put up with...first MA, then CT, then VA which was slightly better, now *gasp* NY and the bottom of the barrel (sorry, CA, it's true)) and don't have to put up with 24-hr joe coverage.

However, before anyone gets too pleased with joe, he should be forced to answer for the way he tossed his priciples away in a heartbeat to run with algore and toe the party line...specifically, two things joe was always known for were standing up to hollywood and not campaigning on the Sabbath...both went out the window as soon as algore tapped him on the shoulder, forget the Sabbath and suck up to hollywood for their green.

Wait, we like Loserman?... (Below threshold)

Wait, we like Loserman?

Did I miss a memo?

Lieberman should actually s... (Below threshold)

Lieberman should actually split from his Party.

The Democrats are a lost cost.

And I'm tired of 'moderate' being defined as the half-way point between the republicans and an extreme left Democrat Party. The fact people can look at Hillary and say 'moderate' even in a tongue in cheek sense let alone some with a straight face is just wrong. The fact that the Democrats are still moving Left will eventually get us calling Lenin a moderate one day.

I think a new Party which would attract mostly traditional Democrats and some RINOs would be a McCain/Lieberman ticker. With the current fanfare those two have, you could build a Party around that ticket. It would be considered moderate, but eventually be the old Democrat party. Meanwhile the current democrats will become the new Green Party.

And actually, remember how ... (Below threshold)

And actually, remember how we got Lieberman in the first place. CT used to have this awful Republican senator named Lowell Weicker who was so far left he made Christie Todd Whitman look like Pat Buchanan. Weicker's antics eventually irritated what is arguably CT's most famous resident, William F. Buckley, Jr., who organized a political action committee (BUCPAC), the primary purpose of which was to remove Weicker from office. BUCPAC supported a Democratic candidate named Joseph Lieberman and was successful.

Hmmm.Lieberman is ... (Below threshold)


Lieberman is a loser. Period. Frankly if the GOP were willing to throw a Republican candidate under the bus in order to court Lieberman, then that GOP is worthless.

The problem with Lieberman is that he is McCain without the charm, and McCain doesn't have enough charm to fill a thimble.

How about a trade? We get ... (Below threshold)

How about a trade? We get Lieberman and the DemocRats can have Olympia Snowe.

soreloserman06 hit the nail... (Below threshold)

soreloserman06 hit the nail right on the head. What is it with Lieberman-puffing-addiction among conservative(?) pundits? The guy is the king of finger-in-the-air politics. Each sentence he speaks is its own trial balloon, balloons within balloons if the issue is the environment or big oil. The heart can't lie though ,and wherever the Power Is, there he will Be.

Lieberman voted against the... (Below threshold)

Lieberman voted against the Patriot Act. He is a lost cause in my book.

A: his dumping his own 'val... (Below threshold)

A: his dumping his own 'values' when offered the VP spot
B: his opposition to citazens owning arms(is there a gun ban, restriction or licensing scheme he hasn't voted for?)
C: His affection for raising taxes
D: that speech at the impeachment hearings: "He's a dirtbag who did terrible things, but remove him from office? Naaaah."

His 'conscience' has been malleable enough that, unless being trashed by his own party had changed his mind on some things, I couldn't vote for him.

Lieberman, left to his own ... (Below threshold)

Lieberman, left to his own devices, is better than the rest of the Democrats in the Senate -- but his ambition to become vice-president (of all things) caused him to jettison everything he believed in so he could "me too" all the bravo-sierra that Howlin' Al Gore was spouting in 2000.

While it may be true Lieberman has returned to his core values since that campaign, the fact remains that, having dicthed them once, he can't exactly be trusted not to do so again.

Joe Lieberman has one of th... (Below threshold)

Joe Lieberman has one of the rare commodities left in national elective office -- intellectual honesty.

I don't think he fits in the Republican Party, but just like with Pat Moynihan, I'm glad he's around.






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