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Alito Nomination Goes To Full Senate

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Judiciary Committee favorably recommended Samuel Alito's Supreme Court nomination to the full Senate on a party-line vote Tuesday, moving the conservative jurist one step closer to joining the high court.

All 10 Republicans voted for Alito, while all eight Democrats voted against him. The partisan vote was almost preordained, with 15 of the 18 senators announcing their votes even before the committee's session began.

The full Senate expects to take a final vote on Alito's nomination before the end of the week. That vote is also expected to follow along party lines, with only one Democrat - Ben Nelson of Nebraska - coming out so far in support of Alito. Republicans hold the balance of power in the Senate 55-44, with one independent.

In the coming days Democrats are going to say a lot of things about Sam Alito along the lines of "He's a right-wing radical" and "He'll set individual rights back decades" etc., etc. One thing to keep in mind as you're listening to all that is that Sam Alito has previously been appointed to the federal bench by a vote in the Senate.

In 1990 George H. Bush nominated Sam Alito for the 3rd U.S. Judicial District and he was appointed by a unanimous voice vote in the Senate. Now ask yourself: If Senate Democrats really think Sam Alito is far-right partisan who will "set American rights back," why did every single Senator in Congress vote for him in 1990? Many among them the same people who are speaking out against him today (I'm looking at you, Ted Kennedy, among others)?

Are we really to believe that, in the estimation of these Democrats, far-right, rights-denying partisans are ok to interpret the law for the people living in America's third judicial district but not ok to interpret the law for America as a whole?

I don't believe that for one minute.

You can read more from Rob Port at SayAnythingBlog.com


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Comments (12)

"if Senate Democrats really... (Below threshold)

"if Senate Democrats really think Sam Alito is far-right partisan who will "set American rights back," why did every single Senator in Congress vote for him in 1990?"

If I'm doing the math right, that was 15 years ago. I think you'll find most of his controversial decisions (strip searching, black people/being left handed, abortion) came during this period. Feel free to correct if that's not the case. Regardless, 15 years is a lifetime in politics/law.

This one's a no-brainer, bu... (Below threshold)

This one's a no-brainer, but wait for it. OK, here it comes: "I voted for Judge Alito before I voted against Judge Alito."

If I'm doing the math ri... (Below threshold)

If I'm doing the math right, that was 15 years ago. I think you'll find most of his controversial decisions (strip searching, black people/being left handed, abortion) came during this period.

Then why did Kennedy and Leaky even bother going into his pre-judgeship activities?

Scooped by McGehee again. ... (Below threshold)

Scooped by McGehee again. Gotta quit my day job.

The point about 15 years of... (Below threshold)

The point about 15 years of performance between the unanimous confirmation and the current confirmation situation is logically valid generically. However, if there were obviously objectionable performance to justify the opposition, then there should be a portfolio of "outrageous decisions" to form the foundation of that opposition.

As we've seen, there are no "good" cases to put into such a portfolio, and instead we see futile flailing efforts to manufacture controversy out of distorted representations of various cases. These distortions are easily batted away, and only serve to show how meritless the opposition position is.

Senators who "buy into" the opposition only erode their own credibility with thoughtful constituents. It appears, however, that there is no concern for credibility, just a desire to "win" for their side using whatever tactics are required, calculating that they retain enough political supporters on that basis, making credibility an unnecessary consideration.

It really boils down to the fact that generally the opposition doesn't care about the quality and fidelity to the Constitution and laws of Alito's previous service. They just want the Supreme Court to give the desired result on certain cases, regardless of what the Constitution says or does not say.

Concerning those who think that the recent usurpations of the various federal courts really are consistent with the Constitution, we must ask: what has happened to their knowledge about our history and the situations that led to the provisions in the Constitution? Or do they really have the knowledge, and are just cynical about the process and just want their way?

I think the answers to these questions relate to Alexis de Toqueville's belief that as soon as the people discover they can vote themselves benefits from the public treasury, our system will not sustain itself. I think it is imperative that we instill in each generation the discipline that even if we don't get our way, if a political decision is made using due process in accordance with correct operation of our system, then we all have a duty to accept that decision, or try to change it using good faith methods consistent with the Constitution and laws of our system of government. If the majority of us don't have that self discipline, then our system will be (is) in trouble.

There's going to be intense... (Below threshold)

There's going to be intense pressure on the Senate Dems from their moonbat moveon.org/Kos fever swamps to filibuster. The GOP is ready to rumble with the normally flaccid Lindsey Graham saying "we'll clean their clocks." This should be fun.

Do I have this about right?... (Below threshold)

Do I have this about right? Once it became obvious that people would no longer buy the lies spread by liberals about conservative nominees (not to mention the 'cry wolf' factor when it never comes true), they continued to character assassinate and lie, figuring that, even if not all the muck stuck, at least they would make their life so hellish (see Thomas, Clarence) that no 'decent' person would agree to be nominated. Isn't that the conventional wisdom?

But now we've entered a new realm...Roberts and Alito both appear to be decent guys based on what everybody that actually knows them has been saying (versus Senators), ex-law clerks, associates, etc. And they both went into that committee room and sat and smiled at the muck flinging their way because they know that, increasingly, it is the flinger that looks bad, and not the flingee...am I right? So the question becomes...what will the left do next? They don't have the votes, they don't have the public backing (polls favored both Alito and Roberts), and now their biggest weapon, the smear ("they'll turn back the clock!!!") appears to have been nullified. Where do they go next? Teddy "you can swim, right?" Kennedy and Chuckie "yes, I vote by litmus test, why shouldn't I?" Schumer seem to be shooting blanks nowadays.

Maybe I'm getting ahead of ... (Below threshold)

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'm no longer worried about the possibilty of a filibuster. What now disturbs me is the Dems promise to use Alito's debate time to talk about wire tapping. For weeks the Dems have been screaming to get a chance to debate his qualifications...but, now they realize how qualified he is (there is nothing to debate) they have to turn their attention elsewhere.

Because the Senate approved... (Below threshold)

Because the Senate approved Alito 15 years ago as a federal judge, they should automatically approve him for a seat on the Supreme Court now without argument.

Informational question: How... (Below threshold)

Informational question: How many senators have to be present to have a unanimous voice vote, and how many were present for the Alito vote?

The floor is open for debat... (Below threshold)

The floor is open for debate today, with a vote expected tomorrow and the most recent tally I saw was 49-23 in favor. I can't see how the Dems can draw this out any longer. What can they say on the floor today that has any legitmacy. Shame to those who voted for Justice Ginsburg but now are trying to obstruct a much more open-minded Judge Alito.

I agree with lawfan. I don... (Below threshold)

I agree with lawfan. I don't think the Dems can draw this out any longer! They just don't have the public support. It's nice to see it looks like there won't be a filibuster! Thanks to some of the members of the "Gang." My hope now is that some of these Dems from the red states will listen to their constituents and vote to confirm Altio.






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