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High Concept Piracy

I think of myself as an original thinker. Of course, what I often pass off as "thought" is usually finding ways to connect seemingly-disparate observations or finding a new perspective to an event, but since I'm defining myself, I can choose whatever terms i like.

But I've never been ashamed to see another's thought and use it myself. As long as I give full credit to my source, I don't believe I have violated any ethical standards.

That's a rather long-winded way of saying that a commenter over at Willisms brought up what appears to be a truly brilliant point. CharlieDontSurf, consider yourself acknowledged for this idea:

Jack Abramoff and George Soros: compare and contrast.

Abramoff: convicted felon and big political money guy that everyone, especially the right, is trying to distance themselves from.

George Soros: convicted felon and big political money guy that the left lines up to take money from.

Perhaps Abramoff should have set up some professional shills like Media Matters and some 528 groups like Soros did, if he wanted to avoid getting into his current troubles...


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Comments (9)

How many elected official... (Below threshold)

How many elected officials did Soros directly contribute to in exchange for political favors for himself or his associates?

Quick Jay! Comapre These:
To These!!

So... Dud's point is that S... (Below threshold)

So... Dud's point is that Soros does a much better job of keeping the money laundered than Abramoff.
And of course, Abramoff was like a bagman, where Soros is like a Columbian kingpin.

I question the timing.... (Below threshold)

I question the timing.

You know dudack, if you wor... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

You know dudack, if you wore earmuffs it might keep those bees from nesting in your head.

Hey hey, lets cut Dud here ... (Below threshold)

Hey hey, lets cut Dud here some slack. Let us compare them. The are both fruit. They both have seeds. They both rot. There are quite a bit of similiarties. Don't you hate it, Dud, when people start using logic against you?

Ya know...I grew u... (Below threshold)

Ya know...

I grew up in Chicago and I've lived in Hawaii. For Democrats to say anything about payoffs and corruption by Republicans is just absolutely amazing to me.

I'm not saying two wrongs make a right, both parties have very little concern for us any more, but for the Dems to get all high and mighty and trying to act offended? Who do they think is buying this?

Soros's conviction (in Fran... (Below threshold)

Soros's conviction (in France) was unrelated to his political contributions. Abramoff is in trouble with the US legal system, because of his political contributions. I'm no fan of Soros, but these differences aren't exactly subtle.

<a href="http://img211.imag... (Below threshold)
I read that thread over at ... (Below threshold)

I read that thread over at Willisms and to give credit where credit is due, that truly brilliant connection was first brought up by JohnJ. Read more here.






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