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Poll: Iraqis, Afghans Most Optimistic People In The World

The BBC is surprised at this, but I'm not.

Iraqis and Afghans are the among most optimistic people in the world when it comes to their economic future, a new survey for the BBC suggests. . . .

In Afghanistan, 70% say their own circumstances are improving, and 57% believe that the country overall is on the way up.

In Iraq, 65% believe their personal life is getting better, and 56% are upbeat about the country's economy.

Just a poll, of course, but I don't find the results out of the ordinary at all. Think about it for a moment. Partisan demagogery and overwhelmingly negative media reporting aside, who in the world has had more change for them in the last few years - for the better - than the citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq?

The citizens of both those nations have enjoyed seeing oppressive former regimes cast down and a democratic form of government by the people replace them. And while things haven't gone perfectly over the last couple of years it is safe to say that the people of Iraq and Afghanistan are enjoying more personal freedoms and economic liberties now then they have in generations.

So the real question is this: Why wouldn't they be optimistic?

(via Pajamas Media)

You can read more from Rob Port at SayAnythingBlog.com


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Comments (6)

Wait, you mean that people ... (Below threshold)

Wait, you mean that people who have lived on two of the most repressive regimes on Earth are freed and they are actually, gasp, optimistic?
That's only a surprise to people who get their news from the MSM, and to the MSM of course.

That doesn't mean there's n... (Below threshold)

That doesn't mean there's nothing left to worry about:


We need to remember that patriotism isn't about saying everything our country does is good, it's about making sure that we are good at everything we set out to do. When we aren't, we must be critical.

That's not liberal, that's reasonable.

As Per a <a href="http://6... (Below threshold)

As Per a PIPA study, also cherry-picked by the Pajamas....

"Afghans do not, however, feel positively about Pakistan in general and specifically believe that, contrary to its claims, it is not pursuing the Taliban. Asked, “Do you think the Pakistan government is allowing the Taliban to operate in Pakistan, or is seriously trying to stop the Taliban from operating in Pakistan?” only 21% said they thought that Pakistan is seriously trying to stop the Taliban from operating in Pakistan, while two out of three (66%) said they believe the government is allowing the Taliban to operate in Pakistan.”

Not that Afghanistan knows something we don’t..

"Afghans express remarkably positive attitudes about how things are going in their country. It should, of course, be noted that over the last several decades, Afghanistan has suffered a tremendous amount of conflict, instability and repression such that their evaluations are likely influenced by comparisons to past conditions. “

So the conditions ARE improving for Afghanistan..
..Compared to a year prior to the invasion ..
and Here..

The BBC article also cites:

"Perhaps surprisingly, the war-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo has similar numbers of pessimists to prosperous Italy and South Korea, where nearly 80% worryabout their nation's economy and between 53 and 63% believe their own financial future will be difficult."

Italy? On par with the Congolese? Wasn't Berlusconi a conservative antidote to "Old Europe"?

And hey, why even bring up the Congo? nothing goes on there that would ever elicit any allied sabre rattling...

Emile, it is a true sign of... (Below threshold)

Emile, it is a true sign of moonbat-ism, to take a positive story and attempt linking it to a larger problem still looming (that is G.W.'s fault).

The story you linked is very representative of those on the left who still don't get it. For example:
'Al-Quada has little problem letting people around the world be whatever they are, just not in their Holy Land'
So I guess extermination of the Israelis is no problem with you then?

Another moonbat idea: As peace-loving people, we should be able to look for the GOOD in our ENEMY, and figure out what WE DID to make them so mad. Personally, I don't give a crap what Bin Laden thinks or feels (unless it is a long, slow and painful death).

As it would appear from the BBC story, Iraqis and Afghanis don't seem to feel as strongly about the recent setbacks to OBL's crusade (courtesy of the U.S.) as they do about their own prosperity.

One reason they're so optim... (Below threshold)

One reason they're so optimistic is that the Democratic Party hasn't established a foothold there yet.

"And hey, why even brin... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

"And hey, why even bring up the Congo?"

Uh, you are the one that brought it up. When you get through arguing with yourself about it, can you explain why the UN hasn't done anything about Africa yet?






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