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Um, I think I meant to take a left here...

Here's a little tip for would-be car thieves who might be reading Wizbang: know the area you'll be driving in very carefully. That way, if you end up getting spotted and chased by the police, you won't take a wrong turn and end up not only caught, but humiliated, like this 16-year-old alleged thief was...

Although a smart lawyer might argue he was merely trying to turn himself in...

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And seeing as this is Massa... (Below threshold)

And seeing as this is Massachusetts, I have to ask....

How long until this kid is elected to some office? ;-P

Brant, no way he'll get ele... (Below threshold)

Brant, no way he'll get elected. He didn't drive into the water.

OT, but damn, sounds like x... (Below threshold)

OT, but damn, sounds like xoverboard struck a nerve with his kitten-smashing question. Nice little hissy fit you threw there. Look, Tea, the question's simple enough: If the President smashes a kitten with a hammer, just because he said he had to, would you support him? All you had to write was "yes, I'd still support him" or "no, I wouldn't."

But here's the deal. It's this simple: you can support George W. Bush or you can protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. You can't do both.

Me, I choose the Constitution.

Ha ha ha! Few things are m... (Below threshold)

Ha ha ha! Few things are more amusing than stupid criminals.

How convenient. Th... (Below threshold)

How convenient.

The only thing that would have made this story better would have been to see this young man make a mad dash into the nearest retail store - a handcuff shop.






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